why I Need a Rug Pad on Hardwood Floors? best answer

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Why do you need carpeting in  hardwood floor?

Many people spend weeks or months trying to find the perfect area rug – the right color, texture, pattern and size, but then the area pillow comes only after the thought. Assuming you care about wood floors and your new area rug, make a smart choice for cushioning and don’t skimp.

After all, hardwood floors are a big investment. Choosing (or buying at all) a low-cost rug mat can lead to scratched floors, worn surfaces, and leaks through the rug. Believe me, I’ve seen all sorts of clutter simply because I didn’t choose the right area rug, or worse, I didn’t even buy it.

And unfortunately, in today’s price-sensitive world, there are MUCH inexpensive but INFERIOR area rugs that can seriously damage the floor.

The most important thing with cheap ones (especially if they are imported) is that they are coated with adhesives that improve adhesion. BUT, these often have toxic chemicals that can remove gas (not healthy for you, family members, or pets). In addition, they can stain the floors and wear the surface (as well as stick to them).

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All this is completely avoided by choosing a high quality area rug. It’s a small investment that will make your home safer and save you money in the long run in terms of keeping both the floors and the area rug. So after all, it’s cheaper and healthier.

If you have an area rug or are currently shopping for one, you may be wondering if you also need a rug backing. The answer is yes.

why I Need a Rug Pad on Hardwood Floors? best answer

What are the best materials for area rugs if you have a hardwood floor?

First of all, I just want to say that you better use pads that are specifically designed for the area (not the type that is designed for wall to wall). Each is designed and optimized for their own use. A carpet cushion from wall to carpet does not have all the right features for area rugs, and can actually damage your floor.

For example, many carpet cushions are made of PVC (polyvinyl coloride), which is likely to cause discoloration on a wide variety of floor types. They also lack a rubber mat that holds the area rug in place to prevent slipping


Carpets are not only very practical, so your carpets stay seated and feel more stable, but they also protect your wooden floors. However, not all carpet pillows are created equal and some can even cause damage.Here’s what you need to know about choosing the ideal rug cushion to protect your hardwood.

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Need a hardwood rug?

Yes, you need a carpet cushion on hardwood floors. The back of the rug is often rough and can eventually scratch up your wood floors, cause discoloration or be chipped away at the protective finish. A carpet pillow prevents this.

A carpet pillow can also prevent stains on the floor caused by spills on the carpet.

What are the best rugs for hardwood floors?

The best carpet cushions for wooden floors are those that are made especially for wooden floors. The two most common materials in wood-safe rugs are felt and natural rubber. You can find a lot of carpet pillow options with these materials.

For small rugs, use a non-slip rug pillow. For more oversized area rugs, choose a rug pillow that offers a pillow.

Your rug pillow should be slightly smaller than your rug so that it does not appear. For example, if you have an 8 × 10 rug, you will want a rug pillow that is approx. 7’10 “x 9’10”.

Which carpet cushions should I avoid for wooden floors?

Not all carpet pillows are created equal. While some carpet cushions protect your hardwood floors, others will ruin them.

Avoid putting carpet cushions made of the following materials on your hardwood:

  • PVC
  • Plastic
  • Foam supported
  • Latex

These materials can have a bad reaction on your floors and cause prominent discoloration. Sometimes these materials can even attach to your hardwood and leave a permanent stain.

Frequently asked questions

faq carpet cushion on wooden floor

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Are Gorilla Grip carpet cushions safe for wooden floors?

Some of Gorilla Grip carpet cushions are safe for hardwood floors. Be sure to read the label carefully and only buy them specifically meant should be used on hardwood and not just on hard surfaces.

What thickness of carpet blanket should I get?

You need to base the thickness of your rug pillow on your personal preferences and the thickness of your rug. For thin rugs, you can go up to ¼ inches thick on the rug pillow. For thick, sumptuous rugs, consider going up to an inch in thickness.

Generally, for smaller rugs, choose a thinner non-slip rug pillow, and for larger rugs, choose a pillow that offers that pillow.

What steps should I take before choosing a carpet pillow to place on my hardwood floors?

Before buying a carpet pillow, make sure that it is a safe material to use on hardwood. Two safe options are felt and natural rubber.

You should also read reviews to make sure no one has had a bad experience with the rug you are interested in.


If you are getting a new rug and want to protect your hardwood floors, buy a rug pillow. A carpet pillow protects your floors from discoloration and scratches.

Be sure to choose a rug cushion that is made specifically for hardwood floors and not just hard surfaces like tile or vinyl.

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