Does coffee take an intermittent fasting break?

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by Chris B.


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Hey coffee detective

My girlfriend made me do intermittent fasting. Not a question of weight loss, but rather a question of health.

I really feel the benefits and generally have no problem with not eating for the times we have set.

But one of the rules is that I should only stick to water during fasting hours.

The point is, I really, really, really miss my morning coffee!

Do you know if it’s okay to drink coffee as part of intermittent fasting?

Hoping you will say yes …

Chris B.


Chris, hi

Funny, you should ask. A friend and I were just talking about it this morning.

He recently started intermittent fasting and asked me for the exact same thing.

So… there are all kinds of intermittent fasting routines. Most of them are pretty consistent when it comes to food, but not so much when it comes to liquids.

But I would say unless your diet specifically excludes coffee, you’re good to go.

Provided you stick to black coffee only.

From a dietary standpoint, this is all good news.

Calories – In a full cup of coffee, there are maybe 4 or 5 calories. Almost nothing.

Carbohydrates – Coffee is carbohydrate free. Nothing. Nada.

Large – Zero fat.

So … no worries from a fasting point of view.

And there is more to the good news front. Drinking coffee can really help you with your fast! Coffee acts as an appetite suppressant.

So… you can enjoy your coffee without the guilt, and even take comfort in knowing that it is helping you stick to your diet.

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Enjoy your coffee … and your fast!

Best wishes,


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