Door color combinations you will love

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Before you enter your home, the door is the first aspect of your home that guests will see. More importantly, what you want to see every single day – what welcomes you home. You certainly do not want it to be a plain, dull color. It should reflect your personality and give your guests a taste of what awaits when they enter. This is also why it should match your home decor.

Ready for our new door colors that you should consider in your home? Here they are:

The door to heaven

A sky blue colored door with black handles paired with white walls gives a traditional, colonial touch to your home. Other colors that compliment your blue door are gray and pink. You can also pair it with green for a tropical look. If you think of a neutral palette, a gray-blue door color is easy on the eyes and has a calming effect. A light blue, like the door in the picture below, goes beautifully with white trimmers and slate gray walls.

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Rustic red

For a warm, retro look right at the entrance to your home, go for a rustic red door. Combine it with a muted tone for the walls and the white handles. You can also try burgundy for a similar feeling. A deep, bold red can be a real stunning at your entrance. Colors like burgundy combined with black look amazing in almost any home.

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Whimsical white

White is classic. Period. You just can not go wrong with white. But to give it a twist, you can go for tinted whites or textured whites. Different white shades can add a dimension to your home decor that it wants. What colors can you combine your white door with? It really should be what colors white does not suit because it is such a versatile color. Install silver handles on your white door to create a beautiful combination. Yellow or even pink are good choices to pair with white. Choose a sophisticated look brown furniture for your white door and off-white walls.

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Emerald green

For those who love nature, green is a natural choice for interiors. There are various beautiful shades of green that will bring life to any home. From emerald green to muted greens, picking green for your doors gives a sense of serenity. Subdued shades of green look great on kitchen doors and give a vibrant and fresh look. They also blend nicely with blues and grays. Combine this natural beauty with white or fawn for the perfect finish.

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Coral mix

Do you want an unexpected shade for your front door? What about corals? When the pair is right, corals give a fun and playful touch. Black hardware is a great choice to pair with your coral door. Complement it with a pale cream wall. This pink-orange shade will animate and experience the surroundings.

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Earth yellow

Yellow is a versatile color that goes well with almost any other color. A ground yellow can go well with light as well as dark undertones of green or clay. Sunny yellow door color can be your dose of energy and offer lots of style. This cheerful tone goes well with white to give a relaxing and spacious feeling.

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Dark chocolate

High-contrast exteriors need a high-contrast color palette. The beauty of a white exterior with a chocolate brown door is unsurpassed. You can use such an accent shade for furniture and other objects in the home. Experiment with dark and light brown door color combinations for a royal look. Chocolate brown adds a very sophisticated and full-bodied look to the surroundings. It brings a pinch of drama as well as a touch of coziness. It is an excellent option for small spaces. Neutral shades like off white & beige paired with dark chocolate brown give an aesthetic look. It’s a fun idea to experiment with warm and cool tones together to create balance.

Traditional door

Black ink

A black door adds visual excitement and drama that is rare and unusual to your eyes. A white door is usually expected. A black lifts the room as it is bold and stylish. Combine black with silver and white for a monochrome door – a perfect door design that adds a mysterious touch to your home. A glossy black door is elegant and regal. With the right decorations and walls, it’s a style statement. A semi-gloss black door has a momentary look of luxury. You can have a black door and do not have to match the rest of the doors.

black and white door

Get creative without burning a hole in your pocket. The HomeLane team has many colorful ideas for your inviting doors. Connect with us before you get started.

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