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Every day we find amazing products that incorporate technology in an effort to make our lives easier. While some people claim that technology has taken over our lives, everyone loves the idea of ​​having a phone that can take great pictures and record family memories, refrigerators that can cool down and store food for days, or information that is available for free at our fingertips.

Sobro Smart Coffee Table Design

But have you ever heard of a smart coffee table? You are certainly wondering what this type of product is and what it can do, why we should talk more about it Sobro smart coffee table and what makes it so special.

About Sobro

You may have heard of Sobro coffee table or their end table, but if you did not, prepare to be amazed. Founded in 2017, this is a relatively new company, but one that understood what it means to use a coffee and an end table comfortably.

Sobro Smart Side Table indiegogo

They started with an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, which meant that people from the very beginning showed interest in owning the products, even before they were launched. What’s even more interesting is that these two concepts received more than $ 2 million in funding from people who never even got the chance to test the tables or read reviews about them from previous customers. They just believed in the usefulness of the products and spent money on them.

The company’s goal was to provide a solution to a modern lifestyle by integrating technology into furniture that would normally serve a purpose alone. By fine-tuning their products and releasing only two tables, they got the chance to focus on customer feedback and understand more about the market they served.

Sobro shipping information

You can currently order Sobro’s products if you live in the continental United States (if you order from Wayfair or a selection of other authorized dealers), in Canada (available from Leon’s and Best Buy) and Mexico (available from Liverpool).

When you purchase the Sobro side table directly from the company website, you have the option of choosing between UPS door delivery service (which can take between seven and 14 days to deliver) or FragilePak home delivery. For Sobro smart coffee table, you can only choose the delivery method FragilePal, as it can take about 30 or 40 days to reach its destination.

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Please note that for products shipped with FragilePak, you must be able to receive the package yourself, as you will be asked to inspect the product to see if it has been damaged during shipment before the courier leaves (if there are signs on damage, so do not accept the product). For UPS-delivered products, document the damage and contact Sobro’s customer service.

Featured Sobro products

Now that we know more about the company itself, we wanted to show you the two products they currently have available, as they are truly revolutionary and will change the way you view tables as a whole.

White Sobro Smart coffee table with storage

White Sobro Smart coffee table with storageLook in the gallery

The first of the two products we wanted to show you is a smart coffee table with lots of technical and intelligent features that create a very versatile product that is very different from all the coffee tables you might be used to. That Sobro coffee table is a product that is literally designed to give you everything you might need to enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold drink without having to get up.

This cooler coffee table is equipped with a refrigerator drawer that allows you to store small bottles and beverage cans that offer you cold water or a beer while sitting in the comfort of your living room sofa. This coffee table refrigerator design is definitely an innovation that is welcome in our home, for let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a small cooler hidden somewhere in their living room furniture? This refrigerator drawer can carry up to 55 pounds in weight, which is pretty decent. You can adjust the temperature range between 37 and 54 degrees Fahrenheit, which is another good feature to have.

Cooler coffee table

But the cool features do not stop here. The table is equipped with two USB charging ports for devices that are compatible with this type of port. The device also has four sockets with 110V each, which means you can keep your laptop and your phone connected at the same time.

It has two integrated Bluetooth speakers located on both sides of the coffee table. What’s interesting is that these speakers have a lot of bass compared to what you would expect to get from an unconventionally smart coffee table. The included Bluetooth dongle allows you to connect the sound of the TV to the table and further enhance the multimedia features of this product.

The underside of the table hides a lot of LED lights that look absolutely stunning in the dark, making this table not only practical but also beautiful. The table is constructed of aluminum and has a tempered glass top that holds the touch-sensitive control. These provide control over volume and light setting, so pretty much anything you want to fire with can be done from these controls.

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coffee table refrigerator

The plug-and-play design on the Sobro smart coffee table is one of the things we loved the most because there is no need for external apps. This delivers a product that is suitable even for those who are less technologically savvy, as the intuitive user interface allows you to quickly learn how to use this coffee table.

Another thing that is important to mention is the fact that this product arrives almost completely assembled, eliminating the need for additional tools. All you have to do is screw your legs on the table and you’re ready to go. The table measures 17.7 ”H x 43.5” L x 43.3 ”W and can support a total weight of 176 pounds.

Sobro 2-drawer end table

Sobro 2 Drawer End TableLook in the gallery

Our second suggestion for the day is an intelligent end table that can serve more than one purpose, to be a versatile product that incorporates lots of technology for those who welcome smart furniture into their lives. Labeled as “next generation bedside table”, this is a product that you can easily use in almost any room in the house, so do not assume that it only fits your bedroom.

As you can imagine, this does not deliver and does not disappoint when it comes to the technical features that allow this to be a product for people who want to live more comfortably and embrace technology that is accessible and within reach of an arm.

This end table comes with a wireless charging plate, which eliminates the need for charging cables and cables in devices that are compatible with this type of wireless technology. It can charge up to two phones at a time, and you do not have to worry if your devices are not compatible with wireless charging: the end table also has 120 V sockets, USB and USB-C port compatibility. It comes with a set of integrated Bluetooth speakers that are compatible with all kinds of external or large devices, from smartphones to TVs.

Sobro 2-drawer end table

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It comes with integrated headlights and taillights, which are not only useful in local lighting conditions, but they also look pretty cool! The LEDs located on the front are motion sensitive, which means they turn on as soon as they see you move in front of them. It’s a really cool feature to have when you get out of bed at night and want to go to the toilet without having to turn on extra lights, but it can be a nuisance when you have a feist cat jumping in and out of bed all night. The lights on the back work in an RGB spectrum, so you can create pretty much the atmosphere you want by choosing a particular color.

As with the previous one cooler coffee table, this end table is also equipped with a thermoelectric cooling drawer so if you feel like sipping cold water in the middle of the night, all you have to do is reach out to the drawer. The drawer can hold beverages to a limit of 20 degrees below room temperature, which is still very decent considering this is not a full size refrigerator.

Sobro Smart side table

It has a cable management system that is really important from an aesthetic point of view, and especially since no one likes the danger of having cables lying around that one can accidentally get on.

Unlike the Sobro smart coffee table, this end table is compatible with the Sobro app, which can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS compatible devices. The app provides access to features such as speaker volume, refrigerator temperature, back lights and even the intelligent sleep mode, which allows you to set an alarm when needed.


There are lots of conclusions that we can draw from this article, but one of the most important is that people are so invested in buying products that improve their lifestyle up to a point where they are willing to support a company by paying in advance for a product that has not yet been released.

That Sobro smart coffee table and end table are the perfect examples of how these small improvements can make our lives much more enjoyable. The question that bothers many people is: how comfortable is it too comfortable?

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