Fancy bathroom ideas for the perfect home away from home

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A bathroom is more than just a room for practical use. It can be an escape, a spa and a place to relax at the end of the day. Therefore, one has fancy bathroom may be the best thing you can do for your home.

But how to get a beautiful bathroom? There are many ways to get a beautiful bathroom and the choices are ultimately up to you. But even the most creative soul needs inspiration every now and then. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you.

Merge it into other activities

Fancy bathroomLook in the gallery

People are willing to place a gym in their bedroom and living room, but never think about putting one in the bathroom. The truth is that you can add space for activities in any room. The bathroom is no exception.

But it’s not just exercise rooms. You can add everything in a bathroom that is big enough. If there is no toilet and it’s just a large half bath, it’s even better. It could be a rec room in a way with a shower nearby!

If you are putting exercise equipment in your bathroom, consider adding more relaxing space. A foot massager can work wonders for your feet after a workout or after a long day. Find the best foot massager for your life.

Declaration vanity

Diesel and Scavolini industrial bathroom decorLook in the gallery

Thinking outside the box when it comes to vanity may be exactly what you need for a fancy bathroom. You can get a funky mirror, a solid stone sink or a beautiful table that it can all sit on. It can just become the focal point of space.

When it comes to mirrors, there are plenty of options that can make your bathroom look great. Backlit mirrors are always fun, and so are quirky geometric shapes, especially for a beautiful modern bathroom.

Many families are cutting their own mirrors now. You can create your own mirror by cutting a mirror and reassembling it in a custom shape. These are super expensive to buy so it can save you a lot of money to do it yourself.

Shower cubicle with bathtub

walk in shower with bathtub master bathroom
Via Epic Homes

You’ve heard of walk-in showers that are amazing, but have you heard of a walk-in shower with a tub? All you have to do is add space for a bathtub in the shower and there are endless options at your fingertips.

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This also keeps your bathroom much cleaner and safer. No more water drips on the floor, or puddles leave another to slip on. And cleaning is a breeze because all the water is kept in one place.

Wardrobes and storage cabinets

Scavolini ultra feminine bathroomLook in the gallery

You can actually take cabinets made for the bedroom or kitchen and add them to your bathroom. They can accommodate so much more than standard bathroom cabinets and also look much more sophisticated.

Kitchen cabinets are ideal because they often have glass doors. This can help the cabinet look like it belongs and let you see how many towels and supplies you have left at any given time. Plus, glass always works well in the bathroom.

Partition to glass wall

Bathroom with large walk in showerLook in the gallery

A glass partition can really make your bathroom feel special. You can either use it to separate your toilet from the rest of the bathroom or use it to separate a bathroom from a bedroom. This makes the bathroom and the bedroom look bigger.

Glass partitions are so versatile and are something that everyone should be aware of. Consider adding one to your bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom. If you are adding one to your bathroom, think carefully before deciding where to place it.

Walk in closet

closet with barn doors in bathroom
Via AGDesigns – modern kitchens and bathrooms

Wardrobes are no longer just for the bedroom. You can add them to any room if you want extra space. Adding them to the bathroom actually makes a lot of sense, given that this is where most people change clothes.

A good way to use a walk-in closet is to connect the closet to the bedroom and bathroom or connect the bathroom to the bedroom and closet. This makes it a Jack and Jill bathroom so couples can use it at any time.

Solid stone / marble bathtub

Spa like fancy bathroom decorLook in the gallery

A solid tub can look so perfect in any bathroom. You can get any natural color and any texture you want. It feels great to lie in and can even be purchased as a jacuzzi tub. Talk about a spa day!

It can be difficult to install a solid stone or marble bathtub because it is insanely heavy. Only one tub can weigh up to a thousand pounds! It’s not something you can get into your house without a professional team of movers / builders.

If you are good with concrete, you can actually make your own concrete bathtub. This is no easy task, but if you have the experience, you can create a bathtub worth up to $ 10,000! Now it’s a whole investment.

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Liquid vanity

Rectangular large bathroom mirrorLook in the gallery

I can not stress how popular floating furniture is these days. From shelves to tables, you can have any type of floating furniture you want. That’s the future, as it seems to be magical in the way it floats in the air.

Liquid shelves and vanities are not difficult to create yourself. Just attach the back of the cabinet to the wall and remove the legs. You may need two people to do this, so grab a friend and convert your vanity today.

If you are not the DIY type, then know that floating furniture is not that expensive. These days, it costs about the same as standard furniture, so if you need to buy a shelf anyway, make it a floating one.

Fur accents

bathroom with fur accents white
Via Lisman Studio Interior Design

It may not look like fur going in the bathroom, but as long as you are careful, it can really make your bathroom look beautiful. If you are adding fur, do not put it where you want to go on it after you have bathed or bathed.

Fur should not get wet as it is not soft or easy to clean if it is saturated. Plus, the coat will matte! Chandeliers also have the same effect, so it’s ideal to pair them together, but one can be omitted if you don’t want to break focus.

Several mirrors

Fancy round bathroom led light mirrorsLook in the gallery

Most people will add a mirror over their vanity and then forget about the rest. But you can really add as many mirrors as you want to a bathroom and not suffer any harmful effects. A full-length mirror is a great addition, but there are other options.

Using mirrors to create a work of art is ideal. Get small mirrors in shapes that you like that highlight the larger mirror. You can also illuminate them or add frames in different colors to bring your entire bathroom together.

Alternative patterns

Fancy bathroom with wood accentsLook in the gallery

Changing shelves and tables that you stick to can give a locally eclectic look to any room. It is easy to do in the corner of the bathroom where the vanity will be. One side may be for getting ready and the other side for something else.

This is perfect for a bathroom shared by more than one person because they can each have their own space a little privacy. However, the extra space can also be a reserve for folding laundry in a fusion between bathroom and laundry room.

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Rain head

raining overhead shower faucetLook in the gallery
Via Mantis Design

Ask anyone who has a rain shower head and they will tell you that they do not regret it. A master shower head is the most luxurious shower head you can find. And they are not as expensive as you might think.

A rain shower head can be the most affordable thing you can add to a beautiful bathroom. The effects are immediate and they change more than just the look. This is an addition that you can actually enjoy every day.

You can actually get shower heads that rain down all over the shower. These are feet wide in diameter and are not cheap. But they are worth every penny for those who love to get stuck in the rain.

Bedroom / bathroom combo

Bedroom with fancy bathub in the middle of the roomLook in the gallery

It may seem silly to place a bathroom in your smart bedroom, but hear me out. You do not need to add a sink or toilet to your bedroom. The point is to create an escape in one room. Take a bath and go to bed right away.

The setup is both romantic and practical, which is always a good thing. You can create a great escape with your favorite airs, sounds and lighting. Just do not add a mini fridge, otherwise you will never leave your room.

Keep it simple

Fancy bathroom decor with glass accentsLook in the gallery

Get white appliances, walls and floors to keep things as clean and simple as possible. Then add glass shelves, vanities and tables. You will either fall in love with this look or it will not be for you.

The people who love this look can not get enough of it! The look is so appealing and stress free. You really can not feel overwhelmed with a white bathroom with glass accents, it is designed to keep distractions away.

Gold, Gold, Gold

white and gold bathroomLook in the gallery
Via LA Design Build

If there is one color you need to add to your smart bathroom, it is gold. Most bathrooms have a metallic color in the hardware, so why not make that color gold? It may look dated if done wrong, but if done right, it looks as fancy as possible.

A tip to make the gold design look modern is to make sure the rest of the bathroom is clean and updated. Choose neutral colors with clean lines. Add geometric shapes and use updated showers, sinks and bathtubs.

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