Five unique home design ideas

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First and foremost, your home must be functional. It is super important to ensure that your home works well for your lifestyle. But it must also appeal to your aesthetics. It is an extension of you and should reflect your personality. Therefore, try to incorporate your style and uniqueness – at least in small ways, if not in the grand architectural design. You do not need to create a cool stair slide or indoor pool to make your home look unique. You can do it in simple ways that do not cost you a kidney. Here are five ways you can make your home go from ‘ordinary’ to ‘original’.

Find a unique rug

A rug or a rug is a piece of decor that justifies a place. A rug may not be the first thing you think of while picking up a souvenir on your travels, but if you come across one that you love, do not hesitate to pick it up. A beautiful rug reflects the culture and art of a place. For example, an antique rug or Persian rug like the one pictured below goes well in any room of your home. Just make sure the colors match well with the rest of your decor. If geometric, modern rugs are more your style, tilt it in your home! Just make sure you choose either an upholstery with a similar print, a print that fits well with it, or a solid color one. If the print is very high, it may be better to stick to one neutral / leather finish, or you end up with an uncoordinated look. One way to downplay a busy design is to cover part of it with a large non-glass coffee table.

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Make your center table the center of attention

For a completely original and beautiful center table that can be the right conversation starter in your living room, print an old painting or a movie poster and mount it on your table. You can also make it look a little weathered for an authentic look. Just make sure you protect it with enamel or plain glass.

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“Go big or go home”

Choose a vase or figure that has a unique shape and an unusual size – on the oversized side. This show stop will not be ignored even if it is kept in the corner and half hidden behind some greens. In fact, we suggest you do not give it a central stage to really add to the mystery.

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Add a touch of traditional lighting

Mixing styles can really make your home look unique. But if you are not sure about mixing styles completely, you can stick to a modern interior and add one or two traditional pieces as an iconic traditional lighting to make the room brighter. A chandelier like the one in the picture below will help you achieve the look. You can also go to “zero-watt bulbs ”route for a romantic look. All you need for this look is a bunch of zero-watt bulbs, a Venetian mirror that reflects your bulbs, a dark wall as a backdrop and watching the magic happen.

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Accent Chair

A dramatic chair is all you need to take your room look to the next level. A peacock chair, like the one below, is a good example. It is available in different sizes and colors from neutral to pink. Choose one depending on the color palette and size of your room. If your room is slightly larger, choose a slightly larger size that occupies an entire corner. You can keep it simple or add some colorful pillows or a throw to make it match the rest of your decor.

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Inspired yet? For more ideas to make your home look spectacular and unique, talk to our team of experts at HomeLane today.

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