Flooring Stores Near Me: Online And Brick-And-Mortar

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Floor shops is all over the world. But today, most floors are purchased online and delivered to the construction site. Therefore, it is more relevant to find online floor stores than physical stores.

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While you can get some of the best deals by shopping in stores, it is not always possible to do so. You can still reach some great sales by shopping online anyway, especially in the spring and fall, as well as on holidays.

The best flooring stores

The best flooring store for one person may not be the best flooring store for another person. Therefore, we have decided to put together a list of the best flooring stores that offer online shopping. Buy them all at the best prices.

Note: local flooring stores near you were not included as these are not chain stores. Therefore, they are floor stores in your area and they are not available to everyone. Each of these floor stores has a website.

1. Home Depot

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Home Depot is one of the best flooring stores in general. They sort by category and by trend. So you can look for cottagecore floors or look at all the laminate they have in stock. There are no floors you can not buy here.

In terms of prices, Home Depot has a selection of floors as cheap as 40 cents per square foot up to over $ 10 per square foot. So they can work with any price range and any floor style you want.

2. Lowes

Lowes Look in the gallery

You will find it Lowe’s has similar prices and options as Home Depot. But they do not have the same brands. So if you can not find exactly what you want at Lowe’s, then Home Depot should probably have it.

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The same can be said the other way around. If you can not find what you are looking for at Home Depot, check out Lowe’s. They can work with any price range and have the best sales that happen several times a year.

3. Wayfair

Wayfair is a wonderful place to shop for almost anything related to home. Flooring is no exception. While they may not be the standard store for flooring, they serve everyone and their shipping is reasonable.

At Wayfair you will find that there is always something on sale, including their underfloor heating, just in time for winter. Since they are an online store, all of their sales are cyber sales that are always worth it.

4. Timber liquidators

Timber LiquidatorsLook in the gallery

Lumber Liquidators are special because it is a flooring store and not a home store or furniture store that sells floors. So they will have a large selection of floors that will outshine a standard flooring store.

If you can not find Lumber Liquidators, remember that it is often called LL Flooring. LL Flooring and Lumber Liquidators are not two separate stores, but the same store that goes by two different names.

5. Costco

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Costco is not going to have the largest selection of floors or the highest end. But if you’re in the store or shopping online anyway, it’s worth taking a look at what they have. While their rubber tiles are popular, this is not their only option.

They also have legit vinyl, laminate, engineered hardwood and more at Costco. If this comes as a surprise, you are not alone and you should check it out as soon as possible to catch their latest sale.

6. Menards

MenardsLook in the gallery

Menards is a home business with over 300 stores. So more than likely there is a Menards store near you. In terms of flooring, you will be able to find floors that are not found elsewhere at Menards.

Menards even have real hardwood floors for less than $ 3 per square foot, and it’s not even when it’s on sale. If you’ve never heard of Menards, it’s a must visit when you’re looking for flooring.

7. Carpet One

Carpet One specializes in carpets, but it also sells other flooring. If you do not know what you want, their sampler offers are the best. Get a cute little box with your best choices sent straight to your home.

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If you know what you want, you can easily browse their store to find it as they sort in many different ways. You can browse by color, brand, tree species, texture, patterns and more.

8. The construction club

Build Club does not sell a large selection of floor coverings, but they do sell everything else you need to lay flooring. From substrates to moisture barriers, you have everything you need to build a house.

Build Club even offers same day delivery whenever possible. So when you want your floor delivered, you can have it delivered the same day. You do not hear this happen too often, so seize the day.

9. Walmart

WalmartLook in the gallery

Walmart will always be one of the best places to buy something. Although they are not in the category of floor stores, they sell floors online. Their best selling floors are laminate with vinyl close up.

But that does not mean that they do not also have carpets, ceramic tiles and hardwood. Although not all of their floors are sold by Walmart, they are sold at Walmart by third-party sellers. Walmart protects every purchase.

10. Sams Club

Sam's clubLook in the gallery

Sam’s Club is one retail store similar to Costco where to be a member to shop there. All Sam’s Club stores are owned and operated by Walmart. So Sam’s club is in a way a branch of Walmart.

They sell everything you would find in any other department store, including flooring. Their prices are great if you’re a member of Sam’s Club, with flooring starting at under $ 1 per person. square feet, making it easy to complete your entire house.

11. Cali Bambus

Cali Bamboo is a unique flooring store that offers more than just bamboo flooring. The store has many different types of flooring options and all of them are sophisticated. However, their bamboo flooring is iconic.

To truly believe in how remarkable their flooring is, you have to see it. Some are layered over limestone, while others are 100% solid bamboo. This is unheard of in most other flooring stores, so it’s worth a visit.

12. Craigslist

If you want cheap loose weight floors, then Craigslist is your best bet. Craigslist has people selling their floors that have recently been removed from their homes. Then they have people who have bought too much flooring.

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Either way, you can easily get quality flooring for a fraction of the price you would pay in standard flooring stores. Never be afraid to buy used if it comes from a safe home that you are comfortable buying from.

Frequently asked questions about floor stores

Floor stores are not all created equal. But if you ask yourself a few questions before deciding where to buy from, you can narrow it down to the best flooring stores for you. Here are some of the questions.

How do I find flooring stores near me?

You can find floor stores near you by searching on Google Maps. You can also try asking the neighbors where they bought their floors. If you can not find something you like, you can consider placing an online order and having it delivered.

Are there cheap floor stores near me?

Finding floor stores is one thing, but trying to find cheap floor stores is another. You need to search specifically for them and use words like “wholesale” and “salvaged” to get the best deals.

Should all floors in the house be the same?

It’s all up to you. Some people find it too busy to have different floors in each room, while others find it overwhelming to have the same floor in each room. So find out what looks best for you.

How do I know which floor stores have in stock?

The best way to find out which floors a flooring store has in stock is to check online. Filter the search results by store and you can find out which floor is available for collection on a given day near you.

How do I know if flooring stores use sustainable materials?

Floor stores that use sustainable materials usually advertise it, but not always. If you really want to know, you should ask the company. If they walk around the question, then the answer is probably no.

How do I get a job in floor stores?

The best way to get a job in a floor shop is by submitting your application. Be as honest and confident as possible during your conversation if you were to get this far. Learn the store setup and everything you can about their items.

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