Full Tang Vs Half Tang Knives: Which Choice is

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Before we go in depth with how full seaweed differs from half seaweed knives, it is crucial to understand what it all means.

A pair of pliers is the steel part that runs from the tip through to the handle. Kitchen leaves are made in three different ways; partial, half and full seaweed.

Full pliers knives

full tang vs half tang knives

In a full pliers blade, the steel runs as a single piece from the tip to the handle. These wings are considered the strongest wings. This is because this design allows you to apply maximum force and gives you gearing that the knife does not break.

As it extends through the entire length and width of the handle, it is closed between two grip material parts held together by rivets and epoxy.

It is also possible to see the metal edge of the blade closed between the two handle parts. As such, it is usually the same shape and width as the grip.

How is it made?

They are made of a solid metal in one piece that starts at the tip of the cutting edge for the handle. This kind of design is machined in a unique shape so that it fits perfectly in the two-piece grip.


It goes without saying that they are without a doubt the market’s strongest and most durable type of knives. As such, they are ideal for performing heavy cutting tasks and should always be used immediately.

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Due to their extreme strength, full pliers are perfect for use in hunting procedures and for survival conditions such as in the jungle. These knives are useful in cases where you need excessive force, especially when cutting through hard foods.


The main advantage of these is seen in the fact that these knives are robust and thus can withstand excessive force and load without breaking.

In addition, they are well-balanced as they have more metal in the blade and handle. Since these knives are mostly used for hunting, they boast a unique grip and a perfect balance between length and weight.

The extra mass in these knives due to the construction moves the balance point of the knife towards the hand and thus creates better balance, leverage and versatility.


The only disadvantage of them is that they are relatively heavy due to the extra metal used in the construction. As such, beginners may find the leaves heavy to hold for a long time.

Half pliers knives

half tang knives

A half pliers blade is the exact opposite. In this design, only a part runs into the handle. In this type of blade, the handle is attached to the blade using rivets or glue in some cases.

Due to their construction, they are susceptible to breakage when excessive force is applied. However, they are ideally difficult to identify, as even manufacturers do not advertise these magazines as such.

These knives come in different designs and shapes depending on the type of construction as well as the intended use. Folding knives are considered as they, as the metal shaft only extends to the pivot point of the handle blade.

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How it is made

The construction of them varies depending on the type and purpose. In some leaves it is pushed into finished handles. For example, some are secured in place with rivets or epoxy. In other blades, the handle is skillfully molded around the pliers.

In some blades it has a bolt thread that is held well in place with screws. It is necessary to note that half-tongues are usually a price factor. As such, you will mostly find them in the cheaper and lighter weight categories that are mainly designed for decorative purposes.


These knives are mostly designed for light cutting tasks. Mostly these knives, especially pocket knives, are used for light cutting and slicing tasks when hunting.

Decorative swords and knives are not intended for actual cutting and carving. This is because they are not designed to withstand large external forces.


The main advantage here is that it weighs significantly less compared to full seaweed.

These knives are also ideal for knives that come with replaceable knives. Without it, a folding blade will not work.


Although perfectly ideal for light applications, these knives are not capable of utilizing as much force as when using a full pliers blade.

In addition, they tend to break faster.

Identification of the type

It is advisable that you first identify the type of pliers so that you can recognize its abilities and strengths.

The easiest way is to check how far the blade extends into the handle. There are also some manufacturers that specify the type of pliers on the packaging.

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Once you have identified the type, the next thing to pay attention to are strengths and weaknesses. This goes a long way in ensuring that you only use the knife for the recommended and appropriate use. Therefore, this improves the service life and durability.


Yes, full seaweed knives differ from half seaweed in several ways. As such, they are a better choice compared to those, especially if you are shopping for versatile wings that are multifunctional. However, half-tongs knives are also an excellent choice, especially for people looking for secondary knives for easy cutting and slicing tasks. No matter what type of knife you are content with, it is recommended that you only choose knives of superior quality.

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