Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Review [After Meticulous Use]

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Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Brera is a relatively new addition to Gaggia’s range of automatic coffee machines. A coffee machine from beans to cup produces espresso for you with a minimum of hassle. All you have to do is put coffee beans and water in the machine, which does the rest for you. That’s the theory anyway. But does it work in practice? The reviews from those who have bought and used the machine are pretty unanimous – yes it does. Gaggia coffee machines make you look like a professional in your own home.

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Choose Gaggia Brera for its five paint options so the coffee lover can brew according to personal preference. Use the LED display to retrieve settings and program functions such as descaling. Enjoy the water quality from this filter function plus a stainless steel kettle. These also reduce the damage to the scale to extend the life of the coffee machine. Gaggia Brera comes in silver or black.

With Syncrony Logic, you can use ground coffee to make a cup of decaffeinated brew. Set the wash cycle to reduce hand cleaning. Brew two cups at the same time for coffee time and conversation with a friend. Make tea or hot chocolate instead of the hot water tank for a small party on a cold day.

The Titanium series has an LCD display so that there is no more dirt in the buttons or controls that wear down or fall off. Use fast steam supply and dosing of grinding for fast performance. Set Espresso to the intensity you like. Remove your water tank to be filled at the tap instead of pouring into the jug of the machine, ensuring greater safety around this electrical appliance and less risk of a mess cleaning up.

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Platinum Vision comes from a range of Platinum products from Gaggia. Most have room to allow storage of a separate milk container as well as the other features you expect. The touch screen gives the consumer access to a function menu without the buttons from a previous generation that are so difficult to clean and prone to wear and tear. Adjust the tray height depending on the function you choose: higher for a small cup of espresso; lower for large cups of Americano.

Make a wide variety of coffees with Gaggia Brera. Choose from espresso, caffe latte, espresso macchiato and others on this day in the specialty brew. Eight paint sizes, milk quantity and foam programs, and coffee volume and temperature allow for these details. Clean thoroughly by removing both brew group and tray for coffee grounds.

Weaknesses that some customers have pointed out:

The tank is only 1.2 liters, so it needs to be refilled regularly. And you can not see the water level – so you have to remove the tank to check.
There is quite too much plastic for an expensive machine, even though the front panel and drip tray are stainless steel.
Cleaning and descaling is a bit dizzying, but it is the case with any automatic machine.

Overall, the criticism of Gaggia Brera is relatively small. Other than that, the quality of the coffee (which is the only thing that matters) is extraordinary. Although it is expensive, there are great deals available, which brings it within reach for most good coffee lovers.

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