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Kitchen cabinets with glass doors are quite difficult. You either love them or you hate them. It’s easy to dismiss the option based on something other than an affiliation with a style that you do not like but do not generalize the look. Kitchen cabinet doors in glass are more versatile and adaptable than you think plus they also have a practical side. They are a pretty good compromise between solid cabinetry and open shelves, so you can organize everything nicely inside a unit and have it on display at the same time. Of course, there are many variations based on the type of glass you choose for your cabinets.

Transparent glass is the most common and versatile of all. It suits everyone styles and all kitchen types, some better than others. Simple, transparent glass for kitchen cabinet doors is the classic and safe choice in the sense that it always looks good regardless of the latest trends. However, there are a few things to consider in this case. Although transparent glass is the most accessible, it shows smudges and fingerprints, so you need to keep the cabinet doors clean and sparkling at all times. Since the glass is transparent, it does not really hide anything, so everything inside the cabinets will be displayed for everyone to see.

Traditional style kitchen with brown upper kitchen cabinets featuring frosted cabinets doorsLook in the gallery
Glass cabinet fronts are not just for wall-mounted furniture. Your lower units may also have this feature

If you want a type of glass that at least gives the impression of hiding the contents of your kitchen cabinet, consider frosted glass. This is a type of glass that is blasted with sand or gravel and has a cool and smooth appearance that is suitable for modern decors and settings. Remember it matt does not mean opaque so maybe your guests may not be able to distinguish the little details on the boxes and other things you keep in your closets, but they may still see their silhouettes and find that your closets are a mess when in fact it is true . One cool thing about frosted glass, however, is the fact that can be etched with custom patterns and designs.

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Two tone kitchen cabinest with frosted glassLook in the gallery
A good thing about glass cabinet doors and open shelves is that they give the room an airy and spacious feeling
Upper glass doors for kitchen cabinets with built in appliances in whiteLook in the gallery
This is a nicely balanced design: a solid and compact unit with glass door fronts for the upper modules
White frosted kitchen cabinets for a large l shaped layoutLook in the gallery
You can switch between solid kitchen cabinets and modules with glass inserts
White kitchen cabinest with wine storage for bottles and upper frosted glass doorsLook in the gallery
Certain types of glass allow you to hide the contents of the cabinets, but not completely
White kitchen with black backsplash and marble top leaded glass kitchen cabinets doorsLook in the gallery
Use glass cabinet inserts to brighten your kitchen and give it an open and fresh look
White marble kitchen island with grey vines and black cabinets with clear glass doorsLook in the gallery
Transparent glass does not hide anything, so think of your kitchen cabinets as display cases
Wooden countertop for kitchen and frosted glass cabinet doors with LED lightLook in the gallery
Use accent backlighting to give your kitchen cabinets a more dramatic look and also set a comfortable atmosphere
Big kitchen layout with upper cabinets featuring glass doorsLook in the gallery
Remember to always keep your closets clean and organized if you want the glass to be a good idea
Black kitchen cabinets with subway tiles and white frosted glass doors framedLook in the gallery
It can be a good aesthetic option to use glass for the cabinet fronts on a large unit that otherwise looks heavy

Another option is structured glass molded or embossed to show all possible patterns. This technique makes the glass stand out from a visual and tactile point of view. There are many options to choose from. Rain glassis, for example, a nice option, but it is also ribbed, pebble, grooved or slanted glass. Kitchen cabinets with this kind of glass cabinet fronts usually do not show stains, marks and fingerprints. They also hide streaks really well. However, one drawback is that such designs can quickly become obsolete.

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A particularly interesting type of glass is sown glass which has a vintage charm that you simply can not ignore. This type of glass has small bubbles and has a handmade look that gives it an old-fashioned appeal that usually defined vintage and cottage decor, but which can also look good in traditional surroundings. Then there is also leaded glass which has a special type of charm. It looks elegant and it usually looks great in traditional decors with a crafty look. It can be stained and it can usually be found in salvage stores, flea markets or through specialty retailers.

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Brown kitchen cabinets with frosted glass for doorsLook in the gallery
One fun thing to do is get your glass door fronts etched or embossed with custom designs or patterns
Bubbles or textured kitchen glass cabinetsLook in the gallery
Structured glass tends to be more elastic and practical when it comes to stains or streaks
Clear glass kitchen cabinets on lineLook in the gallery
Not all of your kitchen cabinets need to have matching designs. Diversity is often a good thing
Corner kitchen cabinets with frosted doors glassLook in the gallery
Use solid doors to securely hide the contents of your kitchen cabinets and glass for the modules you do not mind exhibiting
Frosted glass doors for pantry or cabinetsLook in the gallery
Accent lighting used in combination with glass inserts can result in some amazing aesthetic designs
Frosted glass for kitchen cabinetsLook in the gallery
It is usually the upper, wall-mounted cabinets that make glass inserts look natural
Glass kitchen cabinets with a dark shadeLook in the gallery
Your dish can become a decorative element if you choose to display it in an interesting way
Gray kitchen cabinets design with frosted glass doorsLook in the gallery
Glass can be combined with a variety of other materials to create contrasts and to highlight certain design elements
Kitchen cabinets with textured glass doorsLook in the gallery
An interesting option is to have all cabinets with glass panels instead of solid doors, even the lower sections
Large full wall kitchen cabinets in grey with built in appliances and clear glass doors led lighting behindLook in the gallery
Tinted glass can look really glamorous and add a touch of color to a neutral kitchen decor
Large kitchen layout with island that feature a brown marble countertop and cabinets with clear glass doorsLook in the gallery
It is important to maintain a balanced appearance in the kitchen and not let a single function overwhelm the space
Large whtie kitchen with island and clear glass cabinets doors with some LED lighting systemsLook in the gallery
Games with different types of kitchen cabinets, e.g. Glass front, open modules and solid door boxes
Leaded glass kitchen cabinet doorsLook in the gallery
Oblique glass or stained glass can look interesting in the kitchen and be particularly suitable for traditional decors
Living room and kitchen cabinets in the same layout clear glass for doorsLook in the gallery
Some of the modules may remain open, like shelves, without doors, not even glass

Of course, there are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to glass doors in kitchen cabinets. It is important to know what you are looking for and to have a specific purpose in mind so that you can choose the best option for you and your kitchen. For example, if you want to lay things out, choose clear glass and turn your kitchen cabinets into display cabinets, but if you prefer some privacy, you may need frosted or opaque glass.

Lower cabinets with textured kitchen glass doorsLook in the gallery
This is a great duo of glass cabinet inserts and open shelves. They complement each other well
Modern kitchen design with glass kitchen doors for cabinetsLook in the gallery
Light your glass cabinets to create a comfortable and cohesive decor and atmosphere
Modern kitchen design with marble island with seating and clear glass cabinet doorsLook in the gallery
The colors, materials and style of the kitchen cabinets can dictate whether glass can be a good addition
Modern kitchen whit frosted kitchne doorsLook in the gallery
It can be nice to add an accent color to a neutral kitchen, so consider making it stand out
Stainless steel kitchen backsplash and cuntertop clear glass cabinetsLook in the gallery
Add glass to a kitchen to make it look more spacious and open, a great way to tackle lack of space
Textured kitchen glass cabinets doors upperLook in the gallery
Texture glass is both aesthetic and interesting from a tactile point of view

Let’s say you are quite invested in this type of look and you would like to adopt it for your own kitchen. You do not necessarily have to replace your old cabinets with new ones to get the look. You can just give them a makeover, or you can use solid cabinets along with glass cabinets for a contrasting look that has a great visual effect.

pattern and to create a more airy decorLook in the gallery

U-shaped kitchens, although they have plenty of table space and are good in terms of functionality, can sometimes feel a little too closed due to the layout. It is a good idea to avoid emphasizing it with closed wall cabinets. Include a few modules that have glass doors or introduce open shelves to break the pattern and create a more airy decor. This lovely design by studio Hendley & Co is quite balanced in this sense.

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Home in this beautiful kitchenLook in the gallery

These cabinets look perfect in this beautiful kitchen. They go all the way up and take advantage of the high ceiling, but they do not look too big or large. In fact, the room looks quite open and airy, and the glass cabinet door has a lot to do with it. It is also nice that the upper cabinets are white and match the walls, while the lower ones stand out more.

Kitchen cabinet glassLook in the gallery

It is understandable that do not want to expose the contents of your kitchen cabinets. At the same time, you may also recognize the benefits of glass doors, or you may like the style. Frosted glass is a good compromise in this case. It still gives you the light and open feeling in the room, but it does not expose everything inside completely. The silhouettes that can be distinguished behind the glass add a bit of mystery to the decor.

White kitchen between the open and closed storage spacesLook in the gallery

This kitchen has a really good balance between the open and closed storage spaces. It has a lower cabinet unit with solid doors and drawers followed by a set of wall-mounted cabinets with transparent glass doors and then another closed module on top of it. Together with the window placed perfectly in the middle of the wall, this gives the kitchen an asymmetrical look. {found on inhousedesigncompany}.

Black and white kitchen decor with glass door cabinetsLook in the gallery

Of course, there are many different ways to design kitchen cabinets with glass doors and different styles to control this process. This one, for example, has a rather eclectic look that combines elements of modern styles and farmhouse styles. We love the dark blue color of the lower cabinets and the clever use of space on the walls. The outdoor studio Heidi Caillier Design for more info.

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contemporary kitchen created by Woodworks DesignLook in the gallery

In the case of this modern kitchen created by Woodworks Design, the wall-mounted cabinets share certain similarities with the windows. They have glass fronts that mimic the style of the window frames, but with different proportions. This helps the kitchen look very open and give the impression that it is surrounded by windows.

Traditional kitchen with glass cabinet wallsLook in the gallery

Similarly, the kitchen designed by the studio Brian Stevenson Construction has these large wall-mounted cabinets located on either side of the windows, and they also have glass panels on the doors. This helps them look lighter and helps visually emphasize the openness of the room and the influences that the windows have on the decor.

designers used glass doorsLook in the gallery
Picture from here.

This kitchen has a really large storage unit that covers the entire wall between the door and the windows. It seems that the island is also on a large scale, which adds a lot of weight to the design. To prevent it from looking too heavy, the designers used glass doors for the entire upper part of the wall unit.

kitchen designed by Studio Geiger ArchitectureLook in the gallery

The space in this kitchen designed by Studio Geiger Architecture is used very efficiently. If we look at the furniture, the functionality is maximized by the top cabinets, which add plenty of storage space over the back without looking too heavy. They are asymmetrical to incorporate the hood, and they have transparent glass front panels that fit well with the overall style of this room. The island is designed in the same style, and it also gets the most out of the limited floor space.

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