Hampton Forge Tomodachi Titanium 5-Piece Knife Set

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The Hampton Forge Tomodachi Titanium 5-piece cutlery set is a colorful piece that will help you unleash your skills in the kitchen. As the name suggests, this knife set is your companion when cooking any kind of meal. The leaves and handles are covered in different colors, making them inviting and attractive to use. Below is a detailed account of all the main functions of the knife set. Read on!

Hampton Forge Tomodachi Titanium 5-Piece Knife Set Review 2

5-piece set

The Tomodachi knife set includes a 7 “santoku knife, 6” multifunction knife, 3.5 “cutting knife; 5” serrated tool knife and a 3-inch santoku. All of these knives have different colored handles, making the set even more magical. They are so colorful, that they make your kitchen come alive.The beauty of this knife set is that it has all the main special types of knives, you have to make a chef’s meal.

Robust titanium blades

The blades of the five knives are made of 100% titanium, to make them suitable for powerful performance. They are strong enough to cut through steak with ease and chop vegetables, with top precision. They are made to last throughout the use of the knife. Unlike other blades, the titanium material does not form pits or shavings. It remains intact over the years and retains its shiny appearance.

Forged blade edges

The forged blade edges increase the durability of the knives. It also makes them more accurate when cut, chopped, diced or chopped. The edges remain sharp for a long time before you need to sand again.

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Colored knives for easy identification

The most striking thing about the Hampton Forge Tomodachi Titanium 5-piece cutlery set with blade protectors HMC01E550S are the dazzling handles. Each of the knives carries a different knife. This makes it easy to identify the knives. You can easily choose the peeling knife or the chef’s knife without having to go through the whole set. In addition, color coding helps you when preparing different ingredients. This prevents you from mixing the knives.

Leaf protectors for optimal safety

Right at the edge of the blade, a blade guard rests on each of the blades. The protector helps hold your fingers on the handle. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will injure yourself when using the knife.

Padded handles

All the handles on each knife are padded, not only to feel good on your hands, but also to protect you from bruises, after using the tool for a long time. As previously mentioned, the handles have paint splashes.

Hampton Forge Tomodachi Titanium 5-piece cutlery set with leaf protectors HMC01E550S is a collection you will love to be a part of your kitchen. With the five knives you can prepare and prepare meals like a professional. There is a knife for almost everything you want to make in the kitchen, from cutting to cutting. While most knife blades are made of stainless steel, this set is made of titanium, which makes it stand out. It is also colorful, another reason you should consider it.

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