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Hire a professional to take care of the final cleaning. Here’s why!

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It is estimated that almost a quarter of all households in the UK by the end of 2021 will be rented privately. In the United States, there are nearly 45 million leased properties, a number that has been rising steadily since 1975. This means that there are billions of dollars in property deposits owned by owners at any given time at any given time. The problem with this is at the conclusion of a rental agreement, which can sometimes be an argument about how much of the deposit needs to be returned. Many landlords have refused to hand over deposits because they believe the property has been damaged or is not suitable to be rented out immediately.

While you may be unlucky enough to rent from an unscrupulous landlord, there are some ways you can protect yourself and reduce the risk of your deposit being withheld. One of these is to hire a professional service to restore your temporary home to the standard it was when you rented.

How do rental properties work?

When you rent a property, it usually lasts for a certain period of time. It can usually be 6 months or 12 months, but you may have a contract drawn up for another period. When you first sign the contract, you are generally required to pay a deposit, this will typically be a month or 6 weeks rent paid as a security deposit for the landlord. The reason for this is to ensure that all rent and bills are paid up to date and that if there was damage to the property – say broken windows – then the landlord would have some protection. At the end of the rental there will be an inspection and all in all well, the landlord will return your deposit in full. This depends on the condition of the property including how clean it is.

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What is a termination of a lease?

In short, when your rental period ends, you will need to clean your property. There may be issues where you feel the property is clean enough and the landlord disagrees and then hires a cleaning service to bring the standard up. These services may include inflated rates and be deducted from your security deposit. But by hiring your own final cleaning service you have control over how much you spend and you can be sure that the property is as clean as the day you moved in and possibly cleaner.

Who could use a final cleaning service?

Anyone who rents any type of property, including apartments, flats, condominiums, studios and houses. However, there is no reason why a property owner could not use this service to perform a deep cleaning of their home as well. For a private landlord living in another region or even abroad, this service can be hired by them to ensure that their property is level and makes it easier to rent again. This can bring peace of mind to someone who lives hundreds or thousands of miles away, knowing that their property is in safe hands.

Why do you need this service?

Everyone can clean, but there is many benefits of professional house cleaning that you may not be able to match yourself. Consider cleaning a two-bedroom apartment alone or with your partner. You will have to buy all the cleaning products and then scrub the place from top to bottom all the time while you need your daily routines including work or other activities. A professional service will send a dedicated team with many years of experience who will perform all the awful jobs of degreasing the stove that you are likely to avoid and they will provide everything needed to complete the job to the agency’s standards. Your life can be made much easier by hiring a company to clean the property and they will do this for hours that suit you. This means they can clean while you are at work or visiting family. You can carry out your plans for the day and know that while you are away, the cleaning team is doing their job and making your rental home shine.

Benefits of hiring a final cleaning service

There are several reasons to hire a professional cleaning team, and here are some of them:

  • They work with agency approved checklists
  • You can add other services to discount rates
  • They are insured
  • All workers are researched and experienced
  • They work at a fixed price not every hour
  • They are guaranteed
  • They clean while you are out
  • They may save all your deposit

These services operate according to standards approved by rental agencies, which means that they know what is expected in the property control. If you feel the carpet needs to be cleaned or outside the windows, you can add these services and usually at a reduced price. If something is damaged during the cleaning, compensation is paid, as the cleaning service is insured against this, so there will be no problem with the landlord. The price is set so you know exactly what you are paying and also the service is guaranteed so if you see something that is not clean they will come back and fix the problem. Often this warranty lasts for up to 72 hours.

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What areas will this type of service clean?

They clean the following areas of your home, if applicable:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Entrance, hallway and stairs
  • Living room
  • dinning room

While you may know many tips for cleaning your home a professional team will know even more and they dust, dry, vacuum, polish, degrease, remove mold, limescale and sweat food from countertops and stoves. Simply put, they will clean inside, outside, under, behind and all over your home.

Are there any disadvantages to using this service?

If you lived in a property with very low rent with a small deposit, you may consider it unnecessary to use one of these services. Financially, it might not make sense if your deposit was only a few weeks rent. And especially if you lived in London, in an area that would incur the congestion charge and parking fees on top of the cleaning price. However, most deposits are much higher than a few weeks rent and most renters would like to get their money back for their next home. So there are very few disadvantages to using this service unless you want to put hours and hours into yourself to save money on cleaning.


In the UK there is one Scheme for taxation of public rent deposits where a tenant’s deposit is kept until both landlord and tenant agree on how much deposit to return. Although this scheme is designed to protect the tenant, it still leads to many disputes and the use of a professional cleaning service can greatly increase your chances of the full deposit being returned.

By hiring a professional service, you save yourself time, get your home cleaned with a warranty and feel confident when it comes time for your home inspection.

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