How to Arrange a Kitchen without Cabinets

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A well-planned kitchen where everything is in place makes cooking a breeze. Most kitchen designers use cabinets to organize appliances and utensils, but what if you want to go with the look without the cabinet? Here are some ideas that can help you create a seriously stylish space without the use of closets.

Look for organizers that save space

This practical mug holder right next to the sink saves space and keeps your cups right where you want them. Since they are not hidden away in closed shelves, your mugs can also act as decorative pieces on this stand. That’s right, keep that ‘world’s best mom’ mug open so you can enjoy seeing it every day. An extra bonus? They can drip water directly onto the drain board so you can skip drying them.

how to arrange kitchen without cabinets

Use open shelves for storage

Open shelves are smart and stylish and utilize the best possible space on the wall without adding cabinets. Since they are largely just wooden planks supported by brackets, they cost only a fraction of closed cabinets. You can look around for fittings that suit your kitchen and your taste – all wood or metal. You can choose complicated or simple. Whatever type of fittings and shelves you choose, make sure it fits in well with the aesthetics of the rest of the kitchen. What a great place to showcase your collection of beautiful pottery, cookbooks, colored glasses and more, right?

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how to organize kitchen without almirah

Old-World Charm

We love the charming aesthetics created in this old-fashioned kitchen, where an entire wall is creatively designed to hold open storage. The padded wall pattern continues down into the shutters under the counter. Adorable, right?

kitchen without cabinets

Practical meets functional

This swim-worthy kitchen follows a bare-bones theme, where even the storage under the counter is without a cabinet. A unique spin on the modular style of kitchen design, this design allows you to know where everything and what is without having to search. This homeowner has even used a large glass wall by adding shelves in front of it. This way, the light is not blocked from that side and you do not compromise on storage. It’s a win-win. Sounds like something you can do in your kitchen? Of course, if you are the messy kind, this style is not for you.

organized kitchen without cabinets

Vintage Collection

Do you have a vintage collection of copper and brass pots and pans that have been lovingly composed through generations? This is the perfect way to show them off! Not to mention the availability. No more crawling into the end of your bottom closet and rummaging through heavy pots to find the perfect one.

shutterstock 1162127 2

Country Chic

A rough-hewn table and pine shelves with metal shelves show minimalist chic in this beautiful kitchen. Enjoy sunshine, hearty meals made with love! Now that it’s the perfect blend of farmer’s and industrial chic would you not agree?

Country chic kitchen

Beautiful porcelain ware

Here is another inexpensive art idea for kitchen wall or even dining wall. Take some hooks and nails. This lovely idea uses wall hooks and narrow wooden shelves for mugs so you can create a kind of wall art with just your existing mugs. Arrange them by color, size or any other way you want.

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wooden shelves in the kitchen

If you have a small kitchen and a small budget, a kitchen without cabinets can be a good starting point. Plan to add the shutters later if you wish, or just enjoy the minimalist look! Do you like what you see? Contact HomeLane for more innovative ideas that are in trend and save you a big buck!

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