How to clean a steam mop: The ultimate guide 2021

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Many people are not afraid to know how to properly use and clean a steam mop. You need to spend a lot of your time doing your dreaded work tasks, one of which is mopping your home. If you want to make it easier for yourself to clean everything in a short amount of time, be sure to add a steam mop to your cleaning supplies collection.

Once you have purchased the steam mop and you start using it, you also need to learn how to clean it. In my guide I will teach you the best and easiest ways to clean a steam mop and its separate parts. I also want to tell you more about the things you can use to clean your mop successfully.

Once you and I have gone through all these things, you know how to better use and clean your steam mop. This saves you a lot of time and energy as you will be able to use things you love instead of housework. So without further ado, let’s get right to it!

Immaculate cleaning has never been easier than with a steam mop!
Immaculate cleaning has never been easier than with a steam mop!

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How to clean a steam mop?

Learning to clean a steam mop is just as important as learning how to use one. The mop has several components – the head, which is covered by a pillow, there are cloths, a nozzle and a water tank.

Depending on the manufacturer and the mop itself, other parts may be included in the original packaging.

Usually the cheaper steam mops have fewer parts, while the mops that come at a higher price have additional parts and more cleaning options.

The thing with these parts is that they all need to be cleaned properly and separately if you want to remove all the dirt from the mop.

Today I will teach you how to clean a steam mop and all the separate parts. This is what you should know!

The steam mop must be disconnected

Never start cleaning with the steam mop connected! Due to the cleaning supplies and the water, an accident can occur if the mop is still connected. To avoid accidents, remove the mop before doing anything else.

It only takes approx. 15 minutes for the mop to cool down. When it is cool and you can keep it comfortable, you can start the cleaning process.

It may be a good idea to start by cleaning the water tank. Then go to the separate parts. Next, I will talk about how to clean the separate parts of the steam mop.

Cleaning the water tank

When cleaning with your steam mop, I advise you to always clean the water tank when you are done. While it is not a good idea to spill clean water, it is also not a good idea to store it in the water tank.

Leaving water in the tank can shorten the life of the mop and cause corrosion of the separate parts. You can also find mold growing in the water tank. If you want to prevent any of this from happening to your mop, be sure to throw all the water out of the water tank when you are done cleaning.

After emptying the water tank, continue to clean it. All that dirt can cling to the tank, and if you do not clean it, it will contaminate the water you put in there next time.

Use a clean cloth to remove all dirt and grime from the tank. If there is still any dirt or white mist on the tank, also clean it with some vinegar to remove the mist.

Vinegar is often used for cleaning due to its natural antimicrobial properties. You can dilute it with water so that the acid in it does not damage the tank.

After cleaning the tank with vinegar or another type of cleaning solution you have, wash the tank again and use a cloth to dry it completely.

Vinegar is the best choice for cleaning the water tank. I discourage the use of harsh chemicals because they can damage the tank itself and render it unusable.

Cleaning the nozzles

Apart from cleaning the water tank, you also need to clean the nozzle. If you use hard water during cleaning, it is necessary to clean the nozzle. Hard water can contain limestone and some minerals in it, which can eventually block the nozzle.

To prevent mineral debris from clogging your nozzle, use demineralized water when cleaning with your steam mop. This can also help extend the life of the mop.

If the nozzle is blocked, unblock it as soon as possible. Try to remove the scalp of the mop for easy access to the nozzle. Any residue will be around the nozzle itself.

Use either a cotton ball or a thin stick to clean the residue from the nozzle. Some brands include a nozzle cleaning device with the product, but some do not. However, this is not a cause for concern as a simple paper clip does the job of cleaning the nozzle.

After removing the residue, you can continue and add the mop head to the nozzle again.

Cleaning the electrodes

The mop pillows are one of the most important parts of the steam mop. If they are not clean, there is no way to clean anything else with the steam mop.

It is recommended to clean the electrodes after each cleaning. This helps to remove all dirt and bacteria from the pillow and it helps to clean better.

Some mops come with disposable pads. These are usually thrown away after each cleaning. However, there are microfiber steam mops or mops with cotton pads. These types of pillows are usually reusable and can be easily cleaned.

You can go around cleaning the electrodes in two ways – either do it manually or just put the electrodes in the washing machine and let the machine clean them for you. If you use a washing machine, do not use fabric softener or bleach as they may damage the material.

Examine the mops for instructions on how to clean them properly in the disc.

Before attaching the pillow back to the mop head, make sure it is completely dry as you will avoid growing mold on it.

Cleaning the entire mop

Last but not least, just wipe the outside of the mop before using it again. By doing this you will be able to remove all moisture and dust that may be left on it.

Do this with a clean cloth, no detergents are needed. When you have finished this step, the mop can either be used again or stored away until you need it.

Keeping the steam mop clean is the key to keeping your home clean!
Keeping the steam mop clean is the key to keeping your home clean!

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Recommended cleaning agents for steam mops

In addition to learning how to clean a steam mop, you need to learn what you can use.

With steam mops, it is recommended to use natural ingredients. You do not have to spend time or money buying cleaning solutions from the store – things like vinegar or baking soda work fine.

Another thing that you can use to clean a steam mop with is CLR, vinegar or even baking soda. Here is more information about these steam mop cleaners!


If you have never seen what vinegar can do with a steam mop, you are in for a big surprise. There are many benefits to using vinegar to clean steam mops and not only that – you can also use it to clean your carpets and tiles.

How to use vinegar for your steam mop. First, add 2 cups of vinegar solution to a quart of warm water. Then add the water to the water tank and clean it. You will definitely see all the dust and dirt removed from your floors and you will be thankful that you have tried this trick.

There are several reasons why vinegar is so beneficial for cleaning floors. Here are some of them:

1. You can use it as a disinfectant

Not only will it clean the floors of dirt, but it will also remove all kinds of germs and bacteria. You do not have to worry about your pet or your children getting infected with these bacteria, while at the same time you do not have to worry about chemicals being left on the floor.

Since vinegar is a natural disinfectant, it will not have any kind of negative impact on your home or your family.

2. You can clean anything and everything with it

I may be talking about cleaning floors here, but the fact is that vinegar can be used to clean almost anything – from toilets and bathtubs to floors and tiles. The list goes on and on.

3. You make everything smell better

Last but not least, vinegar is great because it is a natural cleanser – it removes all kinds of bad odors you may have in your house. What else would you like in a natural cleanser?


When it comes to cleaning clogging from the nozzle or mop head, there is nothing better than you can use than calcium lime and rust remover. All you have to do is pour a little of this cleaning solution into the mop head. Then remove any buildup that you see in the area using a simple cloth.

Baking soda

I have talked about removing the clog from the nozzles, now I want to teach you more about removing scale with baking soda. Baking soda works just as well as any descaling solution you can buy in the store.

What you need to do with baking soda is to add approx. 2 ounces. of it to a quarter of pure water. Add this to the water tank and turn on the steam mop. Leave it like this for about an hour or even more. Then turn it off and let it cool.

When the mop is cooler, you can remove the tank and throw the water out. Clean the tank and check if there is any scale left on it. If you had enough baking soda in the water, the tank should be completely cleaned from the scales.

Detergents to avoid when cleaning a steam mop

The first thing you need to know about cleaning a steam mop is that you should only use clean water. The clean water is converted to steam, which is then used to remove any bacteria, dirt, fungi or viruses you may have in your house.

Many people do not think that cleaning with water is as effective as cleaning with chemicals. However, using steam to clean floors and tiles will remove even the bacteria that we do not see.

If you want to use some cleaning solutions, consider some of the natural and organic products. Today, many companies create cleaning solutions with only natural ingredients that are more environmentally friendly. You should look at these cleaning solutions as an alternative to chemicals.

Steam is enough to clean all surfaces in your home!
Steam is enough to clean all surfaces in your home!

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Now you know how to clean a steam mop!

The steam mop is the best thing you can invest in and learning to clean it is one of the most important things about it. I hope this guide helped you learn what to take when cleaning a steam mop and what you can use to clean it properly.

Have you ever used a steam mop? Tell me more about your experience in the comments section and share some tips and tricks for others who use steam mops!

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