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If you want to know How to clean sticky laminate floors by Laminate floors are super easy to clean and it is easy to keep the floor always clean. This is due to the material used to construct laminate flooring and its stain and chemical resistant topcoat. Yet this easy-to-clean floor sometimes proves to be your worst nightmare.

When you walk on it, there is this annoying sloppy sound, and also, the slippers are constantly stuck on the floor. Walking on the sticky surface with bare feet would be a thought not to be considered anytime soon unless you clean it thoroughly. You will be surprised when we say that cleaning the floor makes it sticky. You clean it regularly and it keeps it messy and sticky.

But here’s the catch, you’re actually cleaning your laminate floors with the wrong cleaning solution, that’s it. So if you know how to clean adhesive laminate flooring in the right way and with proper tools and the right cleaning solution, the adhesive laminate floor is executed and dusted. And we’re here to tell you the same thing.

How to clean sticky laminate floors with only 7 steps

Step # 1 – Sweep the dust

Cleaning a surface starts with dusting. The purpose is to remove the loose dust particles so that the water or moisture does not turn the otherwise dry dust into sticky dirt. When it comes to laminate flooring, we prefer dry sweeping with a stick mop after attaching dry microfiber pads to it.

It works best compared to both the standard broom and the expensive vacuum cleaner. You just need to sweep the floor properly and if you use the popular microfiber dry pads that absorb and lock dirt on them, your work will be a breeze. Yes, we’re talking about Swiffer dry pillows.

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Dust and dirt will not spread or fly around, instead of sticking to the electrodes. All you have to do is throw the dirty pillows in the trash with all the solid dirt on.

Step # 2 – Our favorite homemade cleaning solution

We need two types of solutions, better to say, two conditions. You will need a cup of vinegar in a gallon of warm water for the entire adhesive laminate floor. And to work on stains, fasteners, use the solution to be a little potent.

Then take three parts of hot water in a spray bottle and add one part of vinegar to it. Your potent stain remover is ready. We do not try to produce extra residue by adding dishwashing liquid or the like. The sticky residue is already there on the floor and the solid is not easily removed.

So we have to keep it simple. Vinegar and its acetic acid are such a good floor cleaner that it works on any floor. It also on any residue on these floors. It is acetic acid, but safer than any harsh chemicals in the cleaning solutions available in the market. These cleaning solutions actually cause sticky residue on your laminate floors.

Step # 3 – Moping the Laminate Floor

When you are ready with your cleaning solution and mop, just wipe the floor just like you are sweeping the dust from it. We use the same stick mop and attach microfiber pads to it. There is nothing better than a microfiber cloth or pillow while cleaning the floors.

They are soft but effective for cleaning dirt from the floors. Then dunk the mop in the bucket, saturate it well from all sides. Bring it out and twist it well, with all you can. No dripping of water from the mop on your laminate floor is allowed.

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Finally, mop the floor in straight lines instead of randomly moving the mop from one side to the other. Start from one end of the room, go straight sweep and reach the opposite side of that end. The sticky residue is gone and you have no weird marks and streaks across the floor either. It looks super clean and shiny.

Step # 4 – Frequent change of water in the bucket

More than the step, it is actually a tip and a must-do. Do not make the mistake of cleaning a laminate floor or any floor with dirty water. If a room requires three times water change, do not be lazy.

Change the water and add vinegar to it. Apart from the cleaning solution, dirty water is also a reason for adhesive laminate floors. If you are in regular dusting and cleaning, your rooms will not be dirty to require changing water several times. One bucket of water per. The room is more than enough.

Every time you finish mopping a room, just through the water away. Then add fresh, clean water with vinegar to start cleaning the next room. You know when the water gets dirty. That time, just throw the water away and use a cleaning solution for pure water-vinegar, even if you are still cleaning a room. Laminate flooring will never be sticky, trust us.

Step # 5 – Mop with hot water only

This is an additional step as vinegar does not leave residue badly if used in the correct proportion. Still, if you have time and want to be on the safe side, take clean water and with a clean pillow wipe the entire floor again after dipping it in that water and thoroughly twisting.

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How to clean sticky laminate floors

Step # 6 – Drying the laminate floor

Once you have wiped the floor clean with water as the last step, wipe the entire laminate floor. Turn on the fan at full speed and use the mop to sweep the floor again with a clean, dry pad.

Yes, we know, too much sweeping, but for no sticky residue and a long-lasting laminate flooring, hard work is mandatory. And you do not mop and deepen the cleaning every week. Twice a month or even once a month it is fine if you have regular cleaning and dusting.

Step # 7 – Clean up stains and spills

Like regular dusting, it is very important to clean up spills and stains. You have to do it right away. And no, just a sweep with a damp microfiber cloth does not remove the sticky spills. It requires thorough cleaning.

We talked about the potent vinegar-water solution, one-part vinegar, three-part hot water, remember. Use it when you have spilled things on the floor.

Clean things, then wipe the stain with a damp cloth, spray the potent solution, keep it there for 5-10 minutes. Then sweep it with a damp pad several times. As a final step, wipe the stain and you are done cleaning up spills and debris.

We have to come to a conclusion that cleaning a sticky laminate floor is super easy, at least when it comes to the availability of the products used to clean it. Sweeping the floor several times can be tedious, but then the long intervals compensate for deep cleaning.

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