how to clean slow cookers or crock pots easy tips for you

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 crock pots cleaning tips

How to clean crock pots

To keep a kitchen utensil in good condition, you must pay special attention to its daily cleaning. We don’t want our slow cooker to end up like those pans that are acquiring a suspicious appearance and that no one in their opinion would use, except that grunge host that you cannot avoid.

Hosts aside, we want our slow cooker to last us many years, and also to be beautiful and fresh, which is why it is the star of our kitchen, so we are going to see some practical points on how to clean the slow cooker or crock pot.

    Before cleaning the crock pot, let it cool completely. Here the rush is not worth it. If we talk about slow cooking, we have to be used to it and be good little grasshoppers. Even if two hours pass, even if three hours pass, you have to wait. Becoming a yogi of kitchen patience has its payoff: this way your pot will never break when exposed to sudden variations in temperature during cleaning.

    Some manufacturers show that their pots are dishwasher safe, but what does it cost you to do it by hand? Yes, Mr. Crock says you can, but have you seen how the glass glasses that you clean every day in the dishwasher have ended up? Are you sure you can fully control the process? Who is going to get your beloved pot out of there? 

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    If you want to keep your pot in excellent condition, without exposing yourself to changes in appearance, loss of shine, etc. Please wash it by hand, dry it immediately and put it back in the case.

How to clean slow cookers

    Sometimes there are remains stuck to the inside of the pot that are difficult to remove. Before using it again, make sure its entire surface is clean and free of residue, otherwise you will end up acquiring an archaeological layer worth studying.

    First try soaking it in boiling water and a little dish soap (I said a little!) For an hour. After that time, pass a sponge, wash it completely and dry it. If there are still stickers, use blue scouring pad (which does not scratch), go carefully passing it over the area and check with your fingers that they come out.

How to clean a Crock pots

The Earthenware or Crock-Pot is a slow cooker. The Manual Slow Cooker has two or three heat settings while the programmable model offers many settings for temperature and time. Avoid messing up many dishes by combining all your favorite ingredients in your Crock-Pot. Most slow cookers feature removable, dishwasher-safe stoneware. To clean clay by hand, Crock-Pot recommends using a soft cloth or sponge to avoid scrubbing the crockery.

 element to need 

1. slow cooker or crock pot

2. warm water

3. white vinegar

4. baking soda

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best slow cookers

1 Turn off the Crock-Pot using the manual or digital controls. Advantage the power plug out of the electric outlet . Let the stoneware cool as the ceramic heats, it cannot withstand contact with cold water.

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2 Remove the lid from the slow cooker. Squirt some soap onto the sponge and moisten it with warm water. Scrub the lid with the sponge and soap to remove water stains and food residue.

3 Remove the cooled ceramic dish from the warming base of the crock pot. Scrub the inside of the crock pot with the soapy sponge to clean up any food residue. Dampen a cotton cloth with warm water.

4. Rub the fabric around the outside of the warming base. Clean the dry cleaning base with another cotton cloth. Avoid immersing the warming base in water as this could damage the Crock-Pot.

Tips and Warnings

    When cleaning the crackpot in the dishwasher, use a non-abrasive cleaning compound.

    Never try to clean your crock pot while it’s plugged in.

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