How to clean the carpet without vacuum (top 6 ways)

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When it comes to cleaning the carpet, a vacuum is pretty standard.

But some cases make vacuuming impractical – the kids take a nap, the vacuum is broken, or you just don’t feel like pulling it out of the cleaning closet.

Whether you have found yourself vacuum-free or just cannot use it at the moment, there are creative ways to keep your rug clean.

How to clean the carpet without vacuum (top 6 ways)

Can you clean the carpet without a vacuum cleaner?

Yes, if you have found yourself with a big mess and no vacuum, you can still clean your carpet. Start by using a broom and a dustpan to sweep large clutter. You can then use masking or packing tape to collect the small pieces of dirt that the broom missed.Carpets need regular cleaning to maintain freshness in the room. Cleaning also removes trapped dust, grime and grime that makes your room uncomfortable. However, using a vacuum to clean carpets at home is becoming an increasing challenge due to the cost of owning a vacuum and its frequent breakdowns. In addition, a vacuum cleaner can be more expensive to run as they use a lot of power.

Vacuum cleaners are prone to breakage and they seem to do so when they are so much needed. Therefore, it would be much better to find a cheaper and more reliable alternative to keeping your rug clean. Although the vacuum cleaner is the most effective way to clean carpets, there are other effective ways to clean carpets without a vacuum cleaner at home.

Cleaning of dirt

Large dirt is difficult to clean, even when using a vacuum. It is always important to collect the garbage in the first round before using other methods to keep the carpets clean without vacuum. Use a carpet sweeper to clean other medium to small dirt and grime. Carefully sweep the carpet to avoid blowing dust out to other parts of the room. You can also use a hard broom with hard brushes as the brushes penetrate deep into the carpet fiber and remove the dust.

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You can also clean your carpet without vacuum by rolling up your carpet and taking it out into your lawn or driveway. Then use a blanket to ensure that the embedded dust is loosened and poured out. Care must be taken during this process not to soak yourself with the soil. Check the wind direction and make sure that the dust drift is not on your side. This is one of the best techniques for cleaning carpets at home without vacuum. It was primarily in use in the old days before the advent of vacuum cleaners.

Alternatively, you can shake your rug thoroughly, but the method works well for small rugs and carpets in the area. After waving the rug, dust and dirt are loosened, leaving it clean. However, you must be careful during the activity to protect yourself from inhaling dust. The method is also not plausible for the carpets that are attached with adhesives.

How to remove hair and pet skins at home without vacuum

The exercise can be done using packaging tape to gather loose fur, hair or dirt. You roll out a new ribbon and cut it a few inches. Press the ribbon against the blanket to retrieve the intended hair and coat. When the stickiness of the tape wears off, cut another piece and continue with the task. However, the method is tedious and time consuming, but it is an effective way to clean the hair from the carpet without vacuum.

Alternatively, lint rollers can be used to clean hair from the carpet without vacuum. Before starting the activity, you can divide your floor into sections to make the work less intimidating.

Deep blanket cleaning without a vacuum cleaner

The first step in this process is to check the manufacturer’s label on your rug to be sure how to clean the rug at home, as you cannot treat all materials in the same way. Check if your carpet has any noticeable stains, and stain, and clean them first before using cleaning the entire carpet.

Just the stains instead of rubbing them. However, you will want to cut down long fibers with resistant stains. You can use hydrogen peroxide to get out of urine and other body fluids and stains. Alternatively, you can use other commercial stain removers. You can also use dishwashing liquid to wash grease and other greasy stains from the carpet. Scrape off sticky gums using a scraper.

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Then get a bucket full of water with dish soap. Alternatively, you can use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to clean the rug at home without a vacuum cleaner. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet sections and spray enough to make it frothy and scrub gently from side to side using scrub brushes. Also change water to avoid getting dirty water back to your clean carpet.

Use a bucket of fresh water and repeat the scrubbing process to ensure you remove all dirt. Block the cleaned area, and spread your blanket to dry. To speed up the drying process, you can turn on your fans. It is advisable to clean your carpets during the dry season.

♥Top 6 ways to clean the carpet without a vacuum cleaner

As long as you do not mind looking a little unconventional, there are many ways to get your rug clean. Here are six ideas to try.

1. Use a broom and dust pan

If you do not have a vacuum, it is best way to clean your carpet is with a broom and vacuum cleaner.

This requires a lot more elbow grease than a vacuum, but as long as your diet has firm brushes, you need to be able to remove a large majority of dirt from your floor. This works exceptionally well on rugs with low piles.

2. Pick up dirt with tape

If you have small pieces of dirt or debris in your rug and your broom does not remove it, try using tape.

Take masking or packing tape and cut off a large strip. Then connect the two ends so that the strip piece forms a circle. Use the adhesive part of the tape to push it into the carpet to catch dirt. Once one side has been thoroughly soiled with attached dirt, turn your piece of tape over and repeat the process.

3. Try a carpet sweeper

Carpet sweepers similar to mini vacuum cleaners but the do not need electricity. To use one, simply push it over your rug and it collects large pieces of dirt or debris.

These sweepers do not work as well as vacuum cleaners as they do not have heavy suction. However, they are a good everyday solution for keeping the rug clean.

4. Use a lint roller

Lint Rollers work just like tape does, picks up small pieces of dirt.

 Best to use a line roller after using the carpet sweeper or broom. However, if a lint roller is all you have, it takes some time, but you can get your rug completely clean by using it.

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5. Deep cleanse with a shampoo

If your vacuum is broken, however you have a shampoo when lying around, you can use it to deeply clean your carpet. A shampoo deposits some water in your carpet and then sucks up the water plus the dirt it mixes with again.

It is best to use the broom and dust chamber or sweeper before using the shampoo to remove as much dirt as possible.

6. Shake dirt out of carpets

If your house is full of carpets that you need to clean, take them out and shake them out. You can even put them over a railing and beat them with a broom like you see in so many old movies.

Frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions about how to clean the carpet without vacuum

 How do I remove hair from the rug without a vacuum cleaner?

The best way to remove hair from the rug without the use of a vacuum is by using tape or a lint roller. One of these options can pick up hair from the rug and works even better than a vacuum.

How can I get ash out of the carpet without a vacuum cleaner?

It is difficult to get ash out of the carpet without vacuum and without stains. Your best choice is to gently tap the ashes with a lint roller or tape until you have most of it picked up.

Once you have removed the ashes, you must treat the rug with a stain remover.

How can I clean carpets without vacuum?

The easiest way to clean carpets  without vacuum is by first sweeping the stairs with a hard-brushed broom. After sweeping the floor, run a lint roller over the stairs to pick up the remaining dirt.


It is entirely possible to clean your carpet without vacuum and there are many ways to do it. No matter why you find yourself vacuum free, these six methods can help you keep your rug well and tide until you secure a vacuum.

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