How to design your coffee table

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If you thought your coffee table was just a piece to put your empty coffee cup down, revise that idea! It is just one of the many, many features of this versatile piece of furniture. Yes, it’s a place to put cups, magazines and remote controls. But it is also a decorative element that breathes personality into your room and can lift your decor to the next level. How yes, you ask? Read on for pro-tips that turn your coffee table into a statement!

Light up with candles

Candles are a value addition to any room, but look especially beautiful on a coffee table. We love the way this designer has played with shades of yellow and white to tie the look together.

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Go Vintage

This innovative designer has transformed a vintage leather suitcase into a coffee table. A great idea that scores high on the sustainability quotient! Do you not want to agree?

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Double up when storing

It is always a good idea to double storage, and with this lovely table you can do just that. A drawer under the tabletop can be used to store items out of sight, while the rest of the lower level can be used for magazines and knick-knacks.

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Metallic accents

This fantastic center table is clad in shiny silver and is a complete conversation starter! An easy-to-make DIY project, all that is required is a silver acrylic paint that is sprayed evenly on all sides of a circular wooden drum.

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Group high and low

To create an interesting grouping on your coffee table, use decor items in different heights and materials. If all the elements are neatly stacked, you will find that it looks flat and dull.

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Rustic centerpiece

Raised from tree trunks left behind naturally, this small three-legged coffee table is the epitome of perfection and fits right into this modern farmhouse vibe.

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Upholstered coffee table

Here’s a coffee table that can serve as an extra bench when you need more seating! Upholstered in a lovely yellow fabric that selects the best of the colors in the room, this table is a look for all eyes.

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Upcycling Done right!

This lovely coffee table uses pallets of recycled wood, composed to create a table on wheels. Sustainability meets functionality!

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Glass table

A glass coffee table does not visually cut into your space, creating the illusion of a space that appears to be larger than it really is.

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Go Retro

This retro coffee table dates back to the sixties, ‘everything goes’ style of decor. Hold this table together with some vintage chairs and some paisley wallpaper for an interesting living room!

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Embedded tables

Short space? These embedded tables can be pulled out when guests arrive. Use the smaller tables as functional side units for parking snacks and drinks.

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Plays with levels

This table is really three units in one as it uses three circular countertops grouped together to create an interesting composition.

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A table that tells time!

Here’s an interesting twist on keeping time! This coffee table uses a large clock as the table top. You’ll never be late for anything ever again.

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An eye for sustainability

If you are in harmony with natural and organic decor styles, this lovely little table made of bamboo and sugar cane will be right up your alley. Imperfections in the finish add charm.

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Tips and tricks to get it right!

Remember these tips from our designers so you can not go wrong!

  • When displaying objects on the coffee table, remember to keep them balanced. Add a tall element like a flower arrangement in a vase next to horizontal elements such as coffee table books. Try to create interest through the way you group the elements and vary the height and scale of your screen.
  • Use contrasting colors, textures or materials for extra interest. Of interest, a metal vase and a bunch of soft flowers would go well together, or a light wood table top would look great against a set of blue and green ceramic glasses.
  • Do not mess up on top of the table. Let at least one half be bare so that what you show is not lost in the mess.
  • Plants in small pots or cut flowers in beautiful vases are a lovely addition to your coffee table and breathe life into any room.
  • If you want to group small decorative items together, align them on a basket tray or a low basket. This also makes it easier to clear the countertop if you serve snacks and beverages to your guests.
  • While many people like to display pictures on a coffee table, it does not always work as some of your guests end up looking at the back of the frame!
  • Choose intensely personal items to display on your coffee table that tell a story and spark conversation. If you choose to view some books, you may even want to leave a book open for a favorite page.

We hope our styling tips have helped you reconsider your coffee table decoration! For more home decor and design ideas, the HomeLane team is always on hand.

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