How to handle a small house bathroom

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Just because a room is small does not mean that it should also be inefficient, cluttered, impractical or less than beautiful. When it comes to a small house, it is usually the bathroom that suffers the most, so to speak. Some are small, so small that sacrifices must be made. However, it does not spoil their charm. Here are a few examples small house bathrooms not only does it look beautiful, but it also provides some very inspiring ideas on how to organize and decorate similar spaces.

Small house bathroomLook in the gallery

Although it is really small and part of a 32 ′ foot home built by Hawk Tiny Homes Inc., this bathroom has all the basic elements like a toilet, a shower, a sink with a nice vanity, a storage cupboard and even a washer / dryer, and everything fits comfortably inside without making any of the features feel like they missing something . The walls and most of the furniture and fixtures are white, which helps make this little space seem a little bigger.

Cool tiny house on wheels with small bathroom beamsLook in the gallery

Cool tiny house on wheels with small bathroomLook in the gallery

If you are wondering, houses on wheels also have stylish bathrooms. It is true that they are always small, but that does not mean that they are incomplete or hard in any way. Take this one for example. It is part of a 36 square meter home on wheels built from Mint Small homes. It feels inviting thanks to the wooden beams up in the ceiling, and it has character thanks to the elegant light fixtures and the black and white tiles.

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Big round window tiny house bathroom vanity and showerLook in the gallery

Big round window tiny house bathroomLook in the gallery

Other cool and practical ways to maximize the space in your small bathroom are by using the corners. This is the bathroom of a custom home built on a 24 ′ trailer of Paradise Tiny Homes and as you can see, it has lots of interesting features squeezed into a small space. The sink sits on a simple corner edge, there are small floating shelves in the other corners, hooks in the walls of the shower and even a skylight.

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Bathroom pedestal sink and plantLook in the gallery

When dealing with a small space, you can create the impression of a larger space and make it feel airy by using furniture and fixtures that look sleek and lightweight. A good example of a bathroom is the plinth sink, which has a tall and slender silhouette. It does not offer any kind of storage downstairs, but you can still use the space around it in other convenient ways. For example, you can bring a plant into your bathroom. Let this design of the studio Little Byron inspire you.

30 Ft. Tiny Farm House bathroomLook in the gallery

White is a perfect color for small spaces. However, it may look a little too common if left alone, which is why it is nice to have an accent color or also add a pattern in the room. This small bathroom designed by Willowbee Tiny Homes for a mobile home it has all figured out. The floor has a beautiful black and white pattern that fits really well with the walls and the simple furniture.

HAUSLEIN little sojourner tiny house showerLook in the gallery

Thoughtful planning can reveal ingenious ways to take full advantage of a small space and to include as many useful elements and features in it as possible. A good example is a small bathroom designed by Homemade Tiny House Company to one of their high-end homes on wheels. By choosing a corner shower design, we managed to place the toilet next to it and to provide space for the washing machine and also plenty of storage inside.

Bathroom with small space and organizarion shelfsLook in the gallery

It is not mandatory for a small bathroom to be completely white to feel airy and inviting. Other colors, even darker, can also look beautiful. In this bathroom, by Small heirloom you can see an interesting mix of shades of gray, blue and metallic accents that give the room a distinctive character. The shower has an outdoor-inspired feel, and the corner of the vanity has a fresh coastal atmosphere thanks to the choice of colors and finishes included in the design.

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Modern tiny white bathroom decorLook in the gallery

The color palette in this bathroom created by studio Design of people is simple, but the space acquires character in other ways. More specifically, the floor has an eye-catching geometric pattern, and all fixtures and visible hardware have a golden finish. Vanity also has an elegant table top in marble waterfalls that looks perfect in this context and adds even more glamor to this small space.

Sleek and sunny tiny house with small bathroomLook in the gallery

The best material for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in a room is wood. When combined with a small room like this bathroom, the result is very favorable. This is part of a house on wheels designed by the studio Tumbleweed and the whole interior is designed and decorated in a similar way. This gives it a very homely and inviting feel, which is always important but not always easy to achieve.

Tiny project on wheels bathroomLook in the gallery

What really elevates a room and makes it feel spacious and airy is natural light. Therefore, this small bathroom has a large window in relation to its overall size. It allows the user to feel more relaxed and less framed, and it also adds a fresh atmosphere to the space. As you can see, only the very basic elements can fit in here, but it still makes room for a few custom details like some shelves and accessories. This is part of the Tiny Project.

The Tiny Tack House BathroomLook in the gallery

A similar small and basic bathroom is the one found inside the Tiny Tack House, which is a mobile home built by the owners themselves. This time that stands out is the small custom shower that was able to fit into the room. There are also several cool details in here like the way the toilet area is decorated and the storage system without the door with pockets for all the little things.

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Country tiny home bathroomLook in the gallery

Here is another small but well-planned bathroom, this time with a walk-in shower in one corner and a vanity in the other. The toilet sits between them and has a marble shelf that acts as a shelf just above the water tank. It also acts as a cute window sill. The wooden floor is a lovely detail that adds warmth and texture to the room, and the navy blue on the vanity stands out in an elegant and modern way. Check out the rest of this home small houses.

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