How to Live in a Shoebox

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Last month some friends and I rented a 30 inch RV and drove to an area of ​​Angeles National Forest known as Devil’s Punchbowl.

We met up on Friday night after everyone had gotten out of work, loaded up the camper and we were on our way. It was a fairly smooth ride until we hit the slopes of Highway 14 where our huge RV struggled to maintain a 30mph pace.


The day after our arrival, we made coffee and breakfast inside the motorhome before setting off to explore the area. It was great to be in the RV and have a nice and comfortable place to hang out, cook and eat before we started our hike along the Punchbowl Loop trail.


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Towards the end of the day a thunderstorm started to fall, so after having dinner in the camper van (spaghetti bolognese!), We decided to get a bit closer to the house so that we could cut down on driving the next day. We pulled into a town with a Walmart and asked if we could park overnight there. After parking we realized our gray water tank was overflowing and water was flowing back into the sink (not cool). We headed to a local dump station and figured out how to dump gray and black water from the motorhome before spending the night playing games and hanging out in the Walmart parking lot.

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It was great fun hanging out in the RV with everyone and getting out into the wilderness to take pictures!

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