How to make a bathroom look and feel like a beautiful spa

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While the bathroom is not really anyone’s favorite room in the house, there are certainly ways to make it feel inviting. Think, for example, of how wonderful it would be to have one bathroom that makes you feel like you are in a spa. Achieving this is not as difficult as you might think and does not necessarily require a lot of space or a huge remodel. We have put together a few ideas and inspiring designs to give you an incentive to start your own makeover project.

Beautiful spa like bathroom decorLook in the gallery

What really helps raise a space is green. This also applies if you want to turn your bathroom into a spa. However, the bathroom is generally not a very good environment for plants given the limited natural light, moisture and temperature fluctuations. You can still add green to it and make it look like a garden by relying on elements like wall decals and various decorations. Check out this beautiful secret garden bathroom designed by ABH Interiors if you need inspiration.

Bathroom like a spa with deckLook in the gallery

This home designed by Rios Clementi Hale Studios also has a beautiful bathroom and although it may not have anything green in it, it looks and feels very inviting and relaxing. The fact that it is so spacious works in its favor, though what really stands out is the range of earth tones and textures used in its design. Jute window treatments and hardwood flooring help add warmth to the space.

Farmhouse inspired bathroom decorLook in the gallery

Speaking of wood, it can be a great material for a bathroom floor and it can be treated to withstand moisture and last for a very long time. Considering that most bathrooms have tiled floors, the ambiance with a different material like wood changes to this right away and makes the room more inviting, comfortable and spa-like. A perfect example is this master bathroom of Michael Dawkins Home.

BaliInteriors bathroom decorLook in the gallery

The beautiful Villa Massilia Retreat from Bali has one of the most magnificent designs when it comes to spa-like bathrooms. Note the oval free-standing vessel in the center that looks like it is carved out of a single piece of stone, the textured ceiling and the small garden that brings green and color into the design as well as natural sunlight. Everything else is simple and the atmosphere created here is very relaxing and soothing.

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Black and white bathroopm floorLook in the gallery

Making a bathroom look and feel like a spa is not just about following a specific theme. It’s more about creating a certain atmosphere in the room, and it can be done in many different ways. For example, you can keep the overall color palette simple and not really change anything about the room except to introduce a few accessories like a comfortable chair that you can put in a corner or a small side table by the tub. A small plant in front of the window can also help change the overall feel of the room.

Modern bathroom spa interior designLook in the gallery

Another strategy is to go to the bottom of the design and choose a palette of materials and finishes that give the bathroom a sophisticated feel. A good combination is white marble and wood, two materials used here by the studio Alwill to inspire a sense of spaciousness and elegance. These are accent materials used in the right amounts in this case.

Freestanding bathtub and leather chairLook in the gallery

Bringing more furniture into the bathroom is actually a great way to make this space more inviting and comfortable as a whole. It is typically nice to introduce pieces that are usually found in a living room such as. A chair or an armchair. You can put it in a corner or by the tub and create a small seating area, though it’s mostly for decor. We love the way this was used here in the studio General Assembly.

beautiful Mediterranean themeLook in the gallery

There is a beautiful Mediterranean theme going on in this bathroom designed by Handler + Khaw and it is greatly enhanced by the arched window and the sculptural sconces on the wall. The view out to the garden is magnificent, and although a large window exposes the space to the exterior, it removes the fact that it faces a high wall of greenery, not its privacy.

Burshed nikel interior bathroom roomLook in the gallery

If you want your bathroom to have a more sumptuous and luxurious feel, it may be helpful to use a specific set of materials and finishes. Usually, a more retro design can more easily help achieve such a look. Especially claw foot baths are good hubs, and fixtures with copper finish in metal are just as effective in giving you the desired look.

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Black tub and spa feeling bathroomLook in the gallery

Although the panorama from this bathroom is designed by Hugh-Jones Mackintosh. is absolutely amazing, that’s not everything that makes us love this space. We love the simplicity of the design and especially the black tub. Its oval shape and soft curves fit really well with the light gray stone tiles on the floor. As a whole, this really looks like a spa, and it’s the simplicity and lack of detail that helps emphasize it.

Wood accents bathroom decorLook in the gallery

Here is a nice little bathroom with a rustic and cabin-like feel to it. It looks like such a soothing and inviting space, and it’s thanks to details like the jute-colored curtain that hangs in front of the window and the wooden shelves that are very solid and thick, but which also have a very authentic structure that highlights the natural beauty in this material.

Beautiful bathroom decor with spa feelingLook in the gallery

Here is another really peaceful and inviting bathroom, this time with a rather eclectic design. It has stone colored tiles on the floor and only one of the walls is tiled, which helps to give it a warmer look. The vanity of the wood is a good point of contact, and the vibrant edge accent table with hairpin legs is a perfect accessory for the oval vessel. Check out @kristin_kgdesigns for more details on it.

Bathroom featuring a build in bath tubLook in the gallery

The colors of this bathroom designed by Wade Design Architects is really nice and soothing. We have gray tiles on the floor and the shades get warmer from there with medium colored wood cabinets and this beige pattern on the accent wall. The window is a good central hub that ties it all together.

Master bathroom with walk in shower and bathtubLook in the gallery

Sometimes just the feeling of being in a spacious and airy space can help give it a relaxing, spa-like character. The way to do that in a bathroom given that there is a limited amount of space to work with is by using bright colors and trying not to make it feel very split. That is why glass partitions and cabinets are so wonderful and popular, especially in modern interiors. A good example is this master bathroom designed by studio HOMEREDI.

Modern bathroom decor with spa feelingLook in the gallery

Creating an accent wall is usually a good piece of advice for different types of spaces, including the bathroom. In this particular case, you can use a specific type of tile to add design or color or create an interesting mural. The effect of the accent wall on the room as a whole can be further emphasized by mirrors. This bathroom is designed by Fine design interiors combines these two elements together quite effortlessly.

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Big bathroom decor with two vanities and led lightsLook in the gallery

Accent lighting is also very useful for changing the mood of a room. It is not difficult to integrate this kind of detail into the design of a bathroom. If you are dealing with wall-mounted or floating shelves or a vanity, you can add LED strips to the underside, which could actually be done for regular cabinets as well. Lamps are also good accessories in this case. A little bit of diversity when it comes to lighting is always welcome. Check out this elegant design CHD Interiors as a reference.

Rustic bathroom decor with spa feeling and window seatLook in the gallery

Then it is also possible to install wallpaper on the walls. This is not a very common practice for bathrooms, simply because tile is usually preferred. However, some wallpapers can really change the way these rooms look and feel, and can give it a warm and inviting feel like a spa. There is much more to appreciate about this particular design of Chestnut Design Studio and the birch wallpaper is one of the details that stands out the most.

Minimalist modern bathroom decorLook in the gallery

In the case of a modern bathroom, the emphasis is usually not so much on the details but on the larger elements that stand at the bottom of the design, as the materials used, the textures and the overall layout of the room. With that in mind, if you ant a spa-inspired bathroom consider introducing some natural wood in designs, stones and simple and soothing colors like white, gray and beige.

Master bathroom decor with spa feelingLook in the gallery

Strong contrasts can also work in some cases. In this master bathroom you can see that the limestone tiles and walls have very similar and neutral colors. This creates a nice backdrop for the dark-colored wooden elements such as door and window frames, vanities, shelves, the mirror and the ceiling. This kind of design is a little more on the traditional side, but can be customized to suit a variety of styles, including modern and contemporary.

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