How to make ice cubes without a tray?

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When we make ice cubes, we generally take an ice tray, fill it with water and keep it in the freezer. Several hours later we have an ice tray at our disposal. But let’s say we do not have an ice tray, or we have damaged it; So what? We need ice cream, what can we do to get it? Well, here are a few methods that can help you in a pinch.

1. Ziploc bags

Okay, you may not have an ice cube tray in your house – but you may have some Ziploc bags lying around. All you have to do is take one, fill it with water and place it in your freezer and leave it there for a few hours until the water freezes.

Keep in mind that you may not want to fill it out until it is about to burst. Otherwise, it can end up being very “blocked” and very difficult to crack. Make sure you place it flat enough to make the ice thin – therefore you can break it.

2. Freezer bags

Ziploc bags are great for use in emergencies, but they don’t exactly give you perfectly shaped cubes – you just crack ice cubes. If you want the ice cream to retain at least some degree of aesthetics, you can use a freezer bag.

They are like Ziploc bags but have some separate lines inside. When the water freezes, it will mostly be cubic (or at least an aesthetic shape) that looks better in a glass. Granted, it will not be perfect and there will still be a few dice that freeze awkwardly, but it will still beat the awkward chunkiness of the Ziploc bag.

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3. Silicone molds

Remember the silicone molds you used to make cookies or to make chocolate? In case of an emergency, you can also use them to make ice cream. These are more convenient compared to the average plastic tray as the ice is much easier to take out of the mold.

The beauty of silicone molds is that, unlike ice trays, they come in different shapes and sizes. Sure, you can get them in standard cubic form, but you can e.g. Also come across circular shapes. If you like pandas, we are sure there are some silicone molds shaped like pandas there somewhere.

Thus, silicone molds are a good option if you are looking for rock-solid ice cream that has little or no flaws. In addition, they are good if you have a theme party and you want some bespoke ice cream.

4. Egg cartons

We know we’re desperate – but as long as it helps us get ice cream eventually, any method should help. Keep in mind that this is an emergency solution and that it should in no way come out as something permanent. It should only be used when you really have no other option and you need some ice cream that day or the next.

So what do you need? Obviously, you can not turn the water directly into the carton – the water simply causes it to fall apart. To prevent this from happening, get some aluminum foil and shape it where the bottom half of the egg should be. Once the foil is in, add some water and place it in the freezer. The cartons must be filled halfway – otherwise the ice may become too large and lumpy.

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You can also use egg cartons made of plastic, for which you do not necessarily need aluminum foil. However, it can help you take the ice cream out much easier – without it getting stuck in the edge of the egg cartons. If you are planning to become foil-free, be sure to clean the egg cartons properly before adding the water. As with regular cartons, do not fill them until they are full – but do so halfway.

5. Nugget Ice Maker

Countertop Ice MakerIce cream makers are a great option if you are planning a big party and need more ice cream on hand. If you had a few trays, it would have been wonderful – but why complicate yourself when you can get a countertop ice maker? Plus, they can also give you access to different types of ice cream, especially if you go for a nugget ice cream machine that can make softer ice cream.

Ice cream makers like these come in different shapes and sizes. A smaller model can earn about 20-26 pounds of ice each day, while a larger one can earn about 28-40 pounds a day. They are the perfect options for family use or large house parties as they can give you access to ice cream quite quickly.

In addition, you can always choose an ice cream machine that is not at hand if you do not want your ice cream machine to sit on the table top. Keep in mind, though, that this type of ice machine is not that portable.

Concluding thoughts

Making ice cream is not that difficult if you are determined enough. You can use Ziploc bags, freezer bags – even egg cartons if you are in an emergency. Anything that has a shape can be used as a temporary ice tray, but you need to avoid glass so it can crack. However, if you need professional ice cream, an ice cream machine is the most suitable solution.

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