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Using candles to enhance the beauty of a room with its soothing, mysterious light or to put a scented candle to maintain a fresh atmosphere around the house is nothing new. Thus, wax occurs over the floor, the furniture, the carpet and any possible surface situation. You may use different holders that effectively handle wax from reaching the surfaces, but every day is not the same and one day or another the danger happens.

Situations when you panic

You blow the candle and the molten wax sprays. You stumbled with a handle and destroyed the surface you were standing on, as well as the furniture near you. Most of the time you have wax everywhere and you do not know how to remove wax. The more unfavorable thing you would do is to randomly scrape wax off the surface and damage it with scratches everywhere.

You may be faced with different situations where the first situation may be that you have seen the adult melt on the surface and could not do anything. You have melted hot wax and you do not know what to do except you see it getting cold and hard right on that surface. Second, you may have missed the melting of the candle, and now that you’ve seen it, you panicked and wondered how you could get rid of the thick, hard wax.

Wax on vinyl siding

In both situations, such as For both the molten and hardened wax, there is nothing to panic about. Instead, you need to know how to clean the wax. Each surface is different, so you will need to use different products and methods on different surfaces. Here we will tell you how to remove wax from vinyl siding. Vinyl material is one of the easiest to clean vinyl floors among all floors available. So removing stearin from vinyl siding will also be convenient and quick.

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Vinyl siding, it can not be a slippery journey

The thing with vinyl siding is that it is quite difficult to clean due to curves, cracks and grooves. You need to make sure that you reach these difficult stains to clean wax. It is also much easier to clean wax from a flat floor than to clean the siding with texture or curves on them. So the journey of cleaning wax from vinyl siding will require care and patience, a lot in both cases.

Remove wax from vinyl cladding with ice method – the safer approach

The method we prefer to use to clean wax from the vinyl siding is the ice cube method. Although applying heat is also a good way to clean wax, we prefer to avoid the heating method. Instead, we propose to use the safer approach.

Step # 1 – Cure wax

You will basically need to harden the wax on the vinyl siding for good so it is easy to scrape away from the surface. You need to treat the siding carefully because it is a hard surface, but not as hard as, let’s say, a wall.

Step # 2 – Ice cubes and bag

Take a few ice cubes in a plastic bag. You can use regular bags with zippers or sandwich bags. Place the ice cubes and zipper the bag. Do not use the ice cubes directly on the vinyl siding. If you do not have the bag, use a paper towel. The purpose is to have something between the ice and the vinyl siding.

Step # 3 – Keep the bag on wax

Now hold the bag or paper towel with ice cubes on wax. Do not rub the ice pack on wax. Just hold it in place so the wax hardens further. The wax must be completely hardened so that you can comfortably remove it from the siding without extra effort and leave scratches on it. Continue to hold the bag of ice cubes for 5-10 minutes, depending on your all-encompassing expertise in whether wax is completely cured or not.

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Step # 4 – Be picky with your scraper tool

Take a butter knife or a plastic scraper. Avoid using the metal scraper on your vinyl siding. It will definitely be too hard on the siding and leave scratches, no matter how stable your hands are or how careful you are while scraping the light wax off. A simple card or a plastic or knife does this to gently scrape off the hardened wax. Be very picky while choosing your wax removal tool because we do not want to undo our actions later.

Step # 5 – Scrape off and vacuum

Start scraping light wax off right from the corner, one small portion at a time. Do not pull your knife too hard. Rather be gentle and slow. It is not a problem if you live a thin layer while scraping wax off. But make sure the layer is not too thick. It should leave no other layer than minor debris or, as we said, an ultra-thin layer if you do it the right way. As an extra step, clean the side grooves with a clean cloth or just vacuum it to continue working on a clean surface without bits and pieces of hard wax.

Step # 6 – Isopropyl alcohol

Once you have scraped, vacuumed and cleaned all the fully cured wax from your vinyl siding, time to clean the residue with some detergent, dish soap, vodka, plain, of course rubbing alcohol or the most effective and safe Isopropyl alcohol. Instead of using cotton pads or similar things, use a simple cotton cloth.

Step # 7 – Soft and squeezing

Soak it well in isopropyl alcohol and squeeze the cloth well. There should be enough isopropyl alcohol, but the cloth should not drip alcohol, which further increases your work to clean the rest of the siding, even though it mostly evaporates and dries. Still, we will be very careful and do not want to waste the product with too much.

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Step # 8 – Rub and clean

Dip, squeeze, rub and see how well the isopropyl alcohol removes the remaining layer or remnants of light wax. If you do not have isopropyl alcohol, spray a little dishwashing liquid or detergent and wipe it off. If you use soap, be sure to remove the soap residue and dry the surface well.

Struggling to rub alcohol

We actually prefer not to use alcohol as they have coloring properties in them, but other cleaning agents that have spirits alcohol as one of the many ingredients can work well for cleaning waxy residues without stains or damaging the vinyl edges.

Therefore, with simple products and a lot of care and patience, you can now get rid of the pile of wax that has been collected day after day on your vinyl siding.

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