How to Remove Odors from Carpet easily all best home

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The rug is soft and cozy and can instantly make a room more warm and inviting. But as nice as the rug can be, it is also very susceptible to holding on to bad smells.

Whether your rug has gotten a little wet and musty, has undergone its fair share of pet accidents, or you have just moved into a new home with not the best odor, it is necessary to rid the rug of its bad odor.

How to Remove Odors from Carpet easily all best home


If you are ready to get rid of the bad odors, here are five proven methods on how to remove odors from the carpet.

What is the best way to remove a bad odor from the carpet?

The best way to remove a bad odor from the rug is to sprinkle baking soda all over the rug and let it sit overnight. The following morning, vacuum the rug thoroughly. Baking soda absorbs the bad odor. Repeat if necessary.


5 ways to deodorize carpet

1. Sprinkle the rug with baking powder

Baking soda is excellent for removing odors because it absorbs them instead of masking them. You can even add a few drops of essential oils to help deodorize or use a purchased baking soda-based carpet powder for extra fragrance.

To use baking soda to deodorize your rug:

  • Vacuum your rug
  • Gently sprinkle baking soda all over the rug
  • Let sit overnight
  • Vacuum the next morning

If your rug still has a lingering odor, you can repeat this process or try one of the methods below.

2. Use vinegar

Vinegar is another product that is great for absorbing odors. You can leave bowls of vinegar in the room to draw bad odors from the air. You can also use vinegar to deodorize your carpets.

Here’s how you do it:

Fill a spray bottle with one part white distilled vinegar to two parts water. Easy spray the carpet with vinegar. (Do not over saturate your carpet with this mixture – if you do, you will only create a mildew odor.) Sprinkle baking soda over the areas you sprayed. Let the mixture sit overnight and vacuum the entire rug the following day.

3. Shampoo the rug

If you are not too keen on using household products like baking soda and vinegar to deodorize your rug, try giving the rug a good shampooing.

Carpet shampoos deposit some water and cleaning solution in the rug, then soak it up again along with any dirt that mixes in.

5. Treat smelly stains with detergent

You may not know it, but detergent is a good carpet cleaner. Laundry detergent is formulated to clean all kinds of fabrics and can work excellently on carpets.

There are a few different ways you can use detergent to clean your carpet. Before attempting any of these methods, perform a spot test in a non-conspicuous place.

Method 1: Add a cup (or less) of detergent to your steam cleaner’s liquid container, filling the rest of the way with water. Steam clean your carpet with this solution.

Method 2: Mix detergent with 1 tablespoon detergent to 1 liter of water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the rug lightly and then scrub with a soft brush suitable for rugs. Let the rug dry and vacuum.

6. Vodka

Vodka is not only capable of making delicious cosmopolitan cocktails, but it is also one excellent stain remover. After treating a spot, you can spray a little vodka on it to further remove color and odor.

Let the vodka work for up to 15 minutes. Wipe it off with paper towels – you can also use a little baking powder to help get the moisture out. Vacuum the carpet When you are finished.

7. Baking soda and essential oil

If you have tried the baking powder only method but want to add a fresh scent, you can mix in a little essential oil. Essential oils are a concentrated liquid extracted from certain plants. The scent of these oils is strong and therefore excellent for deodorizing.

For this method, you can choose one of your favorite oils. However, it is important to consider how the smell affects your house and family members. For example, strong odors like cinnamon and peppermint can be unpleasant for dogs. On the other hand, citrus scents are toxic to cats .

Lemon, grapefruit and lavender are some of our favorite oils to bring a fresh scent to the rug and the house. Combine two cups of baking soda with 15 drops of essential oil in a container. Give it a good shake to mix everything thoroughly.

Then sprinkle a generous amount to cover the entire rug. Again, if the smell is only mild, leave the powder for an hour. If the scent is strong, you can leave it overnight.

If you have an empty powdered sugar powder, it would be good for this. You can also use a mason jar and punch a few holes in the lid so you can sprinkle the mixture.

Vacuum the rug thoroughly when it is finished.


8. Borax, baking powder and essential oil

We know it again – baking powder is definitely our go-to product for deodorizing carpet. However, this method is not only effective in removing odors; It is also very useful for removing bacteria, mold or mildew.

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The addition of borax is what makes this mixture so effective. Borax is an acid that is often used for cleaning, pesticides and for kills mold. Mold can cause a musty odor in a rug, so if you notice this, it’s time to step in.

Combine half a cup of borax with a cup of baking soda in a container. Add 15 to 20 drops of essential oil – lemon is excellent for this job. Sprinkle the mixture on the rug and let it stand for an hour – vacuum thoroughly to remove the powder.

9. Baking soda and dried herbs

This method is a little more down to earth, but it works effectively and adds a nice scent of your choice. All you need is half a cup of baking soda and a teaspoon of your favorite dried herbs. Rosemary or cinnamon is very popular for this recipe, but you can also go with a dried flower like lavender.

You do not have to buy any particular herb; if you have one you like in the pantry, use it. If you want, you can also create a more fine-grained one by crushing the herb in a food processor. This can help disperse the scent better as many herbs and spices release their scent when cut.

Combine the mixture in a small container, such as a shaker. Sprinkle it over the rug, but avoid creating piles. If you put the powder on the rug, it will not be more efficient, you just waste the goods.

How to prevent a foul-smelling carpet

To avoid having to deodorize your carpet every few weeks, prevent odors from settling. The thing is, a rug acts like a sponge, absorbing liquids as well as odors. Everything can affect your plush rug, from smoking to high humidity.

Here are a few things you can do to avoid a foul smell:

1. Clean regularly

Cleaning not only your carpet but your entire house can regularly keep the odor to a minimum. First, try vacuuming the rug weekly to get rid of bacteria and dirt. You can also work on deodorizing your vacuum by adding some laundry crystals to the bag. This spreads a fresh scent when you vacuum.

2. Create ventilation

Keeping a carpeted room well ventilated can help get rid of odors before they settle in your carpet fibers. You can easily do this by opening a window and letting fresh air in.

If you have two openings facing each other, you can create crosswinds that will be more efficient. Open one of the two easily and the other all the way. The wind is forced through and you will definitely feel a fresh breeze.

This also helps keep the indoor humidity down. Low humidity keeps mold and mildew at bay.

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3. Clean up spills when they occur

One of the biggest culprits in carpet odor is waste. If you have children or pets in the house, you may have seen your fair share of accidents and mystery spots.

Remove spills as soon as you notice them. Some will leave a difficult stain, while others may seep into the padding. To become a real waste ninja, we recommend having a stain cleaner in a spray bottle ready for use at all times.

Ditch the Stink

Bad carpet odor can be frustrating. But luckily, there are many easy ways to get rid of that unpleasant stench.

How deodorizes a rug depends on what caused the odor and what method you want to use. Baking soda is one of the best products used to deodorize a rug – that’s what we always grab.

Each product will have slightly different directions, so just follow the instructions on the bottle.

Frequently asked questions about removing odor from the carpet

frequently asked questions about how to remove carpet odor

How do I keep odors from settling in my rug?

The best way to prevent odors from settling in your carpet is to deal with spills and clutter for pets as quickly as possible. To do this, hold a carpet paint remover spray around and immediately remove moisture from the carpet.

Also, do not allow smoking in your home as the rug absorbs the smoke air.

What gets rid of the smell of dog urine?

The best way to get rid of the smell of dog urine is not to let the urine fall into the blanket. You have to deal with it quickly. First soak the urine with a paper towel and sprinkle baking soda over it to absorb the odor. Let the baking powder sit for a few hours, then vacuum it up.

You can also use pet spray deodorizers to remove odors.

Can I use vinegar in my carpet cleaner?

Yes, you can use vinegar in your carpet cleaner – just replace the cleaning solution you normally use with vinegar. Be sure to spot tests before cleaning your entire carpet if vinegar causes a side effect.

Get rid of the bad smells in your rug

If you are wondering how to remove odors from your carpet, then do not wonder anymore. There are many ways to deal with bad odor, and no matter what method you use, the faster you are at tackling the problem, the more successful you will be with deodorizing your carpet.

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