How To Take Apart A Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner?

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Vacuum cleaners are designed to clean up your house, but how about cleaning your vacuum cleaners?

Over time, your vacuum cleaners accumulate dust and dirt in their critical components, which can hamper functionality and features such as suction in the long run.

If you are a fan of the dirt devil vacuum cleaner, you know how expensive these vacuum cleaners are and it is just as important to keep them in their optimal shape!

In this guide we will talk about the right way to disassemble a dirt devil vacuum cleaner without causing any unfortunate error.

What are Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaners?

The Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners come from a brand of the same name and are versatile machines that help deal with cluttered rooms and involve top quality suction intended for carpet, wood floors, ceilings and any place that is difficult to reach.

Their ability for multiple floors makes them wonderful machines for daily cleaning needs. Apart from that, all the cleaning machines from this manufacturer have a longer battery life with a shorter charging time. The easy to empty dust cup helps you get rid of dirt in a faster way without causing any clutter.

But even with so many amazing features, cleaning machines certainly accumulate dust and dirt in their components over time. So it is important to disassemble the vacuum cleaner and clean it thoroughly to ensure better functionality.

Important safety instructions to consider

  • Always read the operating instructions before using the appliance.
  • Follow the safety instructions carefully and do not rely on random practices.
  • Never leave your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner unattended when it is plugged in.
  • Keep checking your filters regularly to clean and replace them when needed.
  • Do not use sharp objects to clean the hose, as they can cause damage.
  • Regularly remove the cleaning brush and dust of dirt from the end caps to ensure even rotation.

Compliance Warnings When Using or Cleaning the Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner (Avoid Electric Shock)

  • When cleaning or disassembling the Dirt Devil, be sure to unplug the machine.
  • Do not store the machine on a wet surface or outdoors when disassembling or storing after use.
  • Do not use the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner if the cord or plug is damaged and seek professional help as soon as possible.
  • Do not handle the separated parts with wet hands as it may lead to electric shock after assembly due to a short circuit.
  • In case of tangled hair, be sure not to pull at the same, rather cut through it with sharp scissors or loosen it slowly with your fingers. Failure to do so may result in damaged parts and ultimately electric shock or short circuit.
  • Avoid vacuuming, smoking or burning objects such as matches, cigarettes or hot ashes.
  • Do not use the vacuum cleaner without a filter or dirt container in place.

Before you go any further and disassemble Dirt Devil, make sure you know the parts involved. Let’s see more about them.

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Front parts of the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner

  • Handle Grip
  • Snake
  • Power brush tool
  • Cracking tool
  • Dirt container
  • Extension rod
  • Clean Shutter (Clear Button)
  • Middle dirt path
  • Headlight
  • Brush roller (Off / On grip)
  • Headlight
  • Height adjustment button
  • Air directors
  • Bumper
  • Release button for dirt container

Back parts of the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner

  • Snake guide
  • Wire clamp
  • Long power cord
  • Cord Wrap + Quick Release cord
  • Wheel
  • Off / on pedal
  • Carrying handle
  • Pedal for releasing the handle
  • Dust brush

Now that you know the basics of your vacuum cleaner, let’s dive deeper into the proper way to disassemble the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.

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Dirt Devil Disassembly: How To Do It The Right Way?

Separates modern cyclone

Before you start disassembling the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, you need some tools to ensure an easy disassembly process. The first thing you need to have is a good screwdriver along with a sturdy glove that ensures you do not cut yourself on any metal or pointed end.

Once you have finished finding the screwdriver and glove, you can get started on the disassembly process. In addition, you can spread a sheet on the ground to ensure that water does not seep into the machine if the room is wet. Either way, it is advisable that you do. It helps you keep the screws in one place while ensuring that dirt or dust does not spread around.

Now, here are the processes to get things done.

Step 1: Start by removing the external battery

Depending on the type of Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner you have, the first step in any case will be to remove the power supply. Most of the models made by this manufacturer come with an externally located battery. This type of battery is called the power block. So you can easily find the same on the sides of the vacuum cleaner.

Now, before putting the battery away from you anywhere you want, make sure there is space away from any water area to ensure that moisture does not seep into the same. In addition, you can store it in a bag or purse for safety reasons.

Step 2: Disconnect the handle

When considering ways to disassemble the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, understand that getting to the primary step can get a bit messy. Before removing the handle, cover the entire floor area as indicated in steps before this.

The reason behind this is that dirt and dust can jump off when you open the handle. Then place your Dirt Devil on one of its sides to ensure that the handle attachment keeps turning in an upward direction. Now turn this collar counterclockwise and pull out this handle.

Step 3: Unscrew each section one by one

When you turn this lever to the side, you will see a screw. Using your screwdriver, take it out and place the screw in a box or bag that is not lost. Additionally, it is also recommended that you take a picture before unscrewing all the parts to help you remember what to do when reassembling the same thing.

Now disconnect the 2 sections of the vacuum cleaner by gently pulling them apart.

Step 4: Release the container

Each Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner comes with a specially designed button before the release of your dirt cup. First, hold your vacuum container with one hand and press the shutter button with the other hand.

Doing this ensures a quick release of the vacuum cleaner. Now go ahead and pull out its filter and take the vacuum container to the trash can to be emptied.

When you have finished cleaning the contents of the cup, rinse the same with cold water completely until you feel it is clean.

Step 5: Remove the metal plate

When you have finished cleaning the container, place your Dirt Devil back on the floor while making sure that the end with the brush head is facing up. Now grab the screwdriver and simply unscrew the necessary sections planted on two sides of the roller. When you have finished removing these screws, place the same over the container or any other object you used to store the screws on the handle.

Now that you have managed to unscrew the head, pull its metal plate straight from its brushes.

Step 6: Pull off the brush head

To completely remove your Dirt Devil’s brush head, remove any screws that are screwed into the frame. Similar to the above steps, store these screws securely to ensure that you do not have to buy new ones if any of them are lost.

Then you can pull each section one by one while cleaning each of them using a dry cloth and setting aside on top of a clean towel. If you use a wet towel to clean the parts, be sure to air dry the components completely before screwing them back together.

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How to check if your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner needs cleaning?

If you are planning to disassemble your Dirt Devil, there must be a reason for you to do so. Whether it is regular cleaning sessions or prolonged maintenance, the separation of your vacuum cleaner stems from certain signs and symptoms that something is wrong with the machine.

Generally, your vacuum cleaner should be cleaned every few weeks, depending on usage. However, at times, this cleaning may be necessary much earlier than expected. So how exactly would you know it’s time to cleanse your devil?

Here are some signs that you need to be aware of before you suspect that cleaning is urgent.

Sign 1: Strange noises from your vacuum cleaner

Your vacuum cries out for help when there is obstruction due to dust and dirt accumulating in the parts. If your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner has been making strange noises lately, it may be dust that has accumulated on the parts over time. Simply put, this means that the vacuum cleaner has worked far too hard to get the job done, given the fact that the parts have been blocked due to dirt.

In addition, it can also point to any damaged parts in your vacuum cleaner that need to be repaired immediately, and the cost can sometimes be too high, sometimes close to the price of a new one. Therefore, it is recommended that you clean the parts regularly to avoid such circumstances. If you do not have time for that, you can always call a professional to help you.

Sign 2: Suction reduction

Do you remember the last time your Dirt Devil cleaned up a big pile of bread crumbs or dust rabbit with ease? If things have not been the same for your cleaning machine, it may be due to a massive reduction in suction power. Moreover, when your vacuum cleaner does not pick up even the small dirt particles, it can point to a significant reduction in suction power.

If your machine is out of repair range, it is recommended that you start looking for the best vacuum cleaners soon.

To get rid of this problem, regular cleaning is a must. Doing this on a scheduled basis will ensure that you save a lot on the need for repairs that may arise when you keep the vacuum cleaner dirty.

With these factors in mind, you can delineate the time when your Dirt Devil needs a quick disassembly and proper cleaning in and out.

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Apart from all these things you need to remember, be sure to change the filter on your vacuum cleaner as recommended by the manufacturer. With an average vacuum cleaner, the filter should be replaced every 6 or so vacuum bag changes, depending on the usage factor.

Is it time to upgrade?

Vacuum cleaners today are designed to work better with a minimalist design with better features. The designs today ensure that they can be easily bent around the corners and make them fit under the furniture. Most of the vacuum cleaners made by Dirt Devil are pocket-friendly and sturdy while lasting.

So with regular maintenance and proper cleaning, you may not need to replace it with a new one too soon. However, each machine comes with a limited life. With proper management, you can definitely extend it to a few more years. But in the end, you may have to replace it with newer and fresher technologies.

Frequently asked questions

Is it difficult to disassemble a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner?

It is not that difficult to disassemble these vacuum cleaners. Just follow the simple steps I have given in today’s article. See the manual and this FAQ sheet for more details.

Do I need to disassemble a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner to clean it?

You will need to disassemble a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean it. Otherwise, too much dirt and grime inside your vacuum cleaner can clog it, rendering it unusable.

How do I reset a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner?

Press the button on the top left of the device to reset it. If your vacuum cleaner does not turn on, check the switch on your electrical panel and reset if necessary.


When choosing to disassemble a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, be sure to observe all warnings and keep yourself safe.

In any case, having someone to help you would be a wise decision. You can also seek professional help to ensure that there is no damage to the product.

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