How to use a wet dry vacuum: Excellent guideline in 2021

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If you know how to use a wet dry vacuum properly, you will find that cleaning becomes easier and more comfortable because it is a great tool for cleaning dirt or stains caused by oil spills, milk, coffee. It comes in a variety of designs to suit many spaces and often comes with various attachments for specific uses.

In this article, you will find more useful information about the wet dry vacuum cleaner, such as its structure, style and way of using it properly.

I will also give you the steps to clean the carpet stains and deal with liquid spills with this amazing tool.

What is a wet dry vacuum?

A wet-dry vacuum is a useful tool that makes cleaning convenient and easier. It is specially designed to clean up spilled liquid as well as remove dust and other solid pollutants. It is often used to clean floors in shopping malls or commercial buildings with heavy workloads. Currently, it has improvements in size and function to suit customer needs, such as lightweight vacuum cleaners that are easy to move and easy to store, or you can refer to wet-dry stores for various uses.

The advantage that enables the wet dry vacuum to clean liquid impurities is that the electrical components inside it are well insulated with various settings to avoid the risk of electric shock to the user. In addition, it is suitable for operation both indoors and outdoors.

Vacuum cleaner
“A wet dry vacuum.”

What is the design for the wet-dry vacuum?

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner consists of 2 different containers to separate liquids such as oil, water and solids, such as broken glass fragments, nails and screws.

After being sucked into the vacuum cleaner, dirty liquids and grime move along the pipe. During movement through the vanes, the air flow gradually decreases, resulting in dirty liquid and heavy dust falling into the tank and air being sucked out through the exhaust port.

The design advantage of wet dry vacuum cleaners compared to conventional vacuum cleaners is that the air outlet has less dirt because dirt dissolves in the tank water.

To make it easier for various applications, the wet vacuum cleaner can be supplied with supporting functions or tools such as a fan function for pushing blades, a brush, a wooden floor polishing accessory and accessories for narrow slots.

Types of wet dry vacuum

The wet dry vacuum cleaners are produced in different sizes and capacities to meet the customer’s needs.

  • Big: It has a great capacity, get the job done quickly and thoroughly. However, it is quite voluminous, heavy and not ideal for narrow spaces.
Vacuum cleaner construction

“A big wet dry vacuum.”
  • Medium: This type is a sensible choice as it both does a clean job with moderate performance and has a compact design that is quite practical on the go.
Vacuum cleaner construction

“Medium type wet dry vacuum.”
  • Little: The advantage of this type is its portability and you will see its perfection when working in small spaces. However, its capacity will be weaker than the medium and large.
Wet dry vacuum cleaner

“Small size wet vacuum cleaner.”
  • Mini: In return for weaker performance, the mini wet dry vacuum cleaner is easy to store and convenient to carry and move.
Modern vacuum cleaner function Dry

“Mini wet dry vacuum cleaner.”

How to use a wet, dry vacuum cleaner properly?

As the wet dry vacuum cleaner has a simple design, its use is not too complicated. However, to use it properly and effectively, you need to pay attention to the following important steps.

  • Clear the hose

First, remove any remaining water in the vacuum cleaner by placing the hose in a bucket and turning on the vacuum cleaner. Then place the drum in a dry place.

  • Select a filter

The next important thing to do is choose the right filter. For example, choose a foam filter to clean spilled liquid and a paper filter to clean dust and dirt particles.

  • Select tool attachment

The wet dry vacuum often comes with a number of useful tools that make your cleaning more convenient and efficient. And depending on the task, you need to choose the right attachment. After setting up the filter and selecting accessories, you can start cleaning dirt stains. Make sure nooks and crannies in the area are covered to make your cleaning more perfect.

  • Clean the tub

Finally, clean the tub after use to avoid stains that are difficult to clean when needed. To clean it, remove the pins attached to the tub lid to the bottom, then empty everything inside.

How is the wet dry vacuum cleaner used for cleaning carpets?

If you want to remove dirt, stains from beer or coffee on the carpet but have not found the right equipment, the wet dry vacuum is the perfect choice for you. It gives your rug a new look without stains or dust. Follow the steps below to see how it works!

Before after clean carpet

“Dirt on the carpet by pouring coffee.”

Step 1: Prepare the rug

Move furniture off the carpet and large debris, clean corner areas that are hard to reach. Removing furniture helps you clean more easily and prevents the furniture from becoming moldy, leading to damage.

Step 2: Remove dust and stains

Next, clean the carpet in a dry state to remove solid dust and make the cleaning process much easier. In this step you can use conventional vacuum cleaners.

Then you need stain remover to remove old stains on the carpet and you can find many products in the market; remember to read the instructions before using them.

Step 3: Use carpet cleaner

You need to mix the detergent with water according to the precautions of the package and then apply the solution evenly on the carpet. You will need carpet cleaner spray to make the carpet wet enough to remove stains without flooding it. After adding detergent, you usually have to wait for the recommended time.

Step 4: Scrub the rug

A stiff-brushed foam brush or a cover brush will be a useful tool for you in this step of spreading the detergent on the carpet evenly. In addition, it helps you to remove some stains.

Women clean rug

“Use a brush to remove stains on the carpet.”

Step 5: Clean the carpet with a wet-dry vacuum

Once you have set and selected the right filter, place the cleaning equipment in the position where you want to remove the stain, press firmly and hold for a while to ensure that dirt deep in the carpet is removed, and then slowly pull backwards. Do this for each section, and repeat this step a few times for a clean rug.

You can watch a video on cleaning a carpet with the wet-dry vacuum for more information.

Watch video: Ridgid WD1450 Wet / Dry Vac and Carpet

How is the wet dry used for water discharge?

A wet-dry vacuum is a very useful and practical device that helps you solve some common situations in everyday life, such as pouring coffee, milk on the floor, spilling oil into the garage or water pipes broken or easily flooded by the rain. This machine helps you to clean up that mess easily.

Oil leak drop motor car

“Leakage oil from engine.”

Step 1: Empty the collection tank

You must empty the tank to store the liquid to be cleaned. If the wet dry vacuum cleaner you are using has a dust bag, remove it.

Step 2: Remove the filter

Remove it to prevent the liquid from overflowing and getting the air filter wet and causing mold. However, if the amount of fluid intake is low, you may not need to do so.

Step 3: Attach the hose

Then attach the hose to the vacuum cleaner and attach the water suction device.

Step 4: Turn on Wet Dry Vac Vac and start collecting water

The next step is to turn on the machine and start vacuuming the water. When the tank reaches maximum capacity, it automatically shuts off and produces a loud sound. When you hear this sound, stop sucking water and turning off the device.

Step 5: Pour the water from the tank

Switch off the device when you have finished working, otherwise the tank is full. Then remove and empty the tank.

Step 6: Wash the tank with warm water and mild detergent

Clean the tank with warm water and mild soap to remove any stains that may be stuck around it.

Frequently asked questions

Continue reading these FAQs and their answers for more information on effectively using a wet dry vacuum. Let’s start together!

Should I remove the filter when using a wet, dry vacuum?

If you use a wet, dry vacuum on a dry surface, it is not necessary to remove the filter, but check that it is in place. As for the wet surface, remove it so as not to make it moldy.

How much water can the tank hold in the wet-dry vacuum?

The capacity of wet vacuum cleaners varies from 1 to 20 gallons, and most machines can hold between 4 and 10 gallons.

Why should I not let the wet dry vacuum cleaner filter get wet?

Because starting the machine with a wet filter can damage the engine. In addition, the wet filter will attract mold and it will likely fly all over your house when you use it.

Do I need a dryer to dry the filter?

You should let the filter dry completely naturally instead of using a dryer or other heat source to dry the filter. It takes about 24 hours for the filter to dry naturally in the air.

How often should I clean the vacuum filter?

About 3 months you need to clean the filter once. You can clean it more often if you use it more regularly. And after approx. 1 year, if the filter has non-washable pleats, replace it with a new one.

What are the other uses of Wet Dry Vac Vac?

In addition to being used to collect dirt or spilled liquids, the wet dry vacuum cleaner with the included accessories is also capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Clean the sink or tub
  • Clean and polish wooden floors
  • Clean the curtains
  • Soak up the cold ashes in the fireplace
  • Blows away snow or leaves
  • Can absorb water, nails, screws and chips

Bonus tip

This section gives you some helpful tips to help you use the wet vacuum cleaner more efficiently and extend its life.

It is very important to clean the wet dry vacuum cleaner to protect the air filter from mold and to prevent dirt from sticking to it. You will need to clean it after use and you can use dishwashing detergent to clean every corner of a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.

  • Proper use of features and accessories

Carefully check the setting steps before use to ensure that it does not cause clutter and damage the machine. In addition, you also need to pay attention to choosing the right accessories for each specific use.

  • Keep it dry when not in use

Always let the vacuum cleaner dry when not in operation to avoid standing water that causes mold or unpleasant odors.

To keep the running and extend its life, avoid mechanical impact on it and move it carefully.

Expectations vs. reality

The wet dry vacuum cleaner is a great tool that helps you clean dust and other stubborn stains on floors, carpets or sofas. You can use it for various cleaning purposes with the included detergent or accessories. Used properly for each specific object, you can easily keep items in your house clean and look new.

I think these instructions for using the wet-dry vacuum are not too difficult for you to do, so give it a try.

Do you have good tips when using a wet, dry vacuum? How do you usually clean carpet stains? Do you have any questions you would like me to answer? Leave your comments below and let’s share this post with your friends to get out of the hassle of cleaning the house!

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