How to use and setup your iPhone’s secret Back Tap

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2021-05-27 13:40:30

Did you know that you can control certain aspects of your iPhone by pressing the Apple logo on its back? The feature is called Back Tap and has been available since the arrival of iOS 14 in fall 2020.

Back Tap is one of many iPhone accessibility tools used to help users get the most out of their handsets. Any iPhone user can turn on accessibility features, including Back Tap.

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Back Tap can be configured to recognize a double or a triple tap on the back of the iPhone. This is most easily done by tapping the back with your index finger when holding the phone in one hand.

Taps can be configured to trigger a wide range of functions, such as returning to the home screen, locking iPhone, opening notification center, turning off notifications, taking a call. screenshot, opening Spotlight, summoning Siri, and adjusting the volume. The gesture can also be used to perform smart home automation created with Apple’s Shortcuts app.

Touch can also be used to activate other accessibility features, such as opening the magnifying glass, activating the VoiceOver tool, or zooming in to get a better view of a map, location. photo or website.

You can choose to have Back Tap respond to a double-tap, a triple-tap, or both. The latter means that you can configure two commands for Back Tap; for example, selecting Siri to be summoned with two taps and a screenshot taken with three taps.

As with other iPhone accessibility tools, Back Tap is somewhat hidden in the Settings menu. To configure everything, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down and tap Accessibility
  3. Scroll down to the Physics and Engine section and press Touch
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press Return Press
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How to activate the iPhone’s Back Tap functionGearBrain

On the next page, you can choose which of the Back Tap gestures you want to use – two or three taps – and tapping on one of those opens up a long list of actions waiting to be assigned to it.

In addition to the previously mentioned system tools like navigating to the home screen, locking the phone, and taking a screenshot, Back Tap gestures can be assigned to scroll the screen up and down. down or to activate a shortcut. These are taken from Apple’s Shortcuts app, where you can create more shortcuts yourself, which work much like the routines and automations in the Google Home and Alexa ecosystems.

List of functions that the Back Tap function can perform

List of functions that the Back Tap function can performGearBrain

You can now go to the Shortcuts app, create an automation and assign it with a double click. Automation can be calling a certain contact, recording a new voice memo, playing a certain podcast or radio station, or opening a new message to someone.

There is also a certain degree of smart home integration. You can create a shortcut automation that adjusts your Philips Hue smart lights, for example, or triggers an automation in the Apple Home app. Then this smart home instruction can be activated with two or three taps on the back of your iPhone. With all this setup, you can double-tap the back of your iPhone to change the smart lighting in a room or turn off all your lights and other connected devices when you leave the house.

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