How to use blue bathroom tiles in a way that does not get boring

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That bathroom and the tiles go hand in hand and some will say that one is not complete without the other. Most often this is true as there are tiles in most bathrooms in different shapes and proportions. In each case, a decision must be made about the type of tiles, the color and the pattern in which they are laid.

Bathroom tiles

Tile patterns such as herringbone, chevron, grids, diamond or basket weaving help us with visual interest and character to the bathroom. The same can be said about the color of the tiles. Colors are very powerful and they are essential in the world of decor. Especially blue is a beautiful tile color which suits the bathroom more than any other shade.

13 interior design ideas with blue bathroom tiles

Blue and yellow bold colors and patterns

Bold colors and patterns Bathroom tilesSee in gallery

The blue tiles are just part of what makes this bathroom stand out. The rich color, high-gloss finish and lattice and diagonal patterns in which the tiles are placed are displayed in a rather unexpected way. There is much more to explore in this bold bathroom designed by Studio Ezra.

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A classic design with accents in blue tiles

A classic bathroom design with cheerful tile accentsSee in gallery

That blue-green tiles was used in this case by studio Landed Interiors to add a cheerful and pleasing twist to what is otherwise a very simple and classic bathroom design. The vertical pattern of the tiles emphasizes the height of the walls, which helps to make the elongated bathroom feel larger.

A fascinating color for tiles

Bathroom with a fascinating color - Shower Enclosure - Full wall tiled - Black sash windowSee in gallery

There are lots of color variations to take with you equation if you want a blue bathroom aand some of these nuances are nothing short of fascinating. Cyan is a perfect example. It’s bold, bright and breathtaking in the right context. Here it is shown on the underground tiles in this smart bathroom shower made by studio Ellen Hanson Designs.

Beauty in diversity

Beauty in diversitySee in gallery

This dark and toned shade of blue is a perfect color to highlight all these mind-bending tile patterns in the bathroom designed by Redmond Aldrich. The white joint lines help to differentiate an accent wall, the beauty of which is enhanced by this large gold-trimmed mirror.

Bold and glamorous

Bold and glamorousSee in gallery

There are several ways to emphasize a color in the decor. In the case of this bathroom, the team at STUDIO / LIFESTYLE went all out and covered the walls of these rich blue tiles from top to bottom. Their color is complemented by glamorous golden accents and by elegance and eternal beauty in marble.

Light and darkness in harmony

Light and darkness in harmonySee in gallery

In addition to showcasing a beautiful color palette centered around blue and gray tones, this modern bathroom by studio Briony Fitzgerald Design also plays with the concepts of light and dark. The dark colors of the walls make the window a mysterious and almost dazzling visual element when it is sunny outside.

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Classic with a twist

Classic with a twistSee in gallery

At first glance, this may seem like yet another classic and average bathroom, but a closer look reveals subtle details that make this space transformed by studio AP Design House quite special. The stone tiles in a light gray and blue checkered pattern give the room a heavy and authentic atmosphere.

A striking accent wall

A striking accent wallSee in gallery

Adopting a minimalist style often means that color is concentrated in certain parts and features of a room like this bold and eye-catching accent wall in the bathroom designed by Rina Lovko. The wall actually makes the bathroom the most colorful room in the entire apartment.

Walls that tell a story

Blue tiles Walls that tell a storySee in gallery

In decor, every detail is conscious. Designers tell stories and create unique experiences by carefully choosing the materials, textures and colors that go into a room. Some elements make this quite clear, like this magnificent blue tile painting created by studio tnp arquitectura as part of the reconstruction of the Palacete de Santa Catarina in Lisbon.

To make a statement

Making a statementSee in gallery

A small bathroom or a powder room may seem like a disadvantage at first, but in fact these would be the perfect spaces where you can make a statement through color, pattern or other interesting design choices. Blue tiles mixed with stylish gold fixtures and accessories look exquisite as demonstrated here by studio @sisalla_interior_design.

Vintage accents

Vintage accentsSee in gallery

Blue bathroom tiles can also be strategically used to give this space a vintage vibe or to complement a retro decor. In this design, shared by @thebrightonbathco, the vibrant color of the wall tiles gives this bathroom a modern look and acts as a bridge between two contrasting styles.

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Blue and gold combinations

Blue and gold combinationsSee in gallery

If you want to add a touch of glamor and style to your bathroom, a good way to do that is by incorporating blue and gold accents into the design. These two complement each other beautifully and there are lots of interesting variations that can be created based on it, like what you see in this bathroom shared by @periodpropertystore.

Hassle-free transition between wall and floor

Hassle-free transition between wall and floorSee in gallery

In this beautiful bathroom designed by Lewis / Schoeplein Architects, what stands out from the magnificent geometric patterns of the blue tiles is the seamless transition between the accent wall and the floor. By using the same tiles and pattern for these surfaces, the designer managed to create a very immersive decor.

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