Ikea and Sonos reportedly working on murals

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2021-04-07 09:05:37

Ikea and Sonos received a lot of praise when they revealed their first collaboration products in 2019 – a pair of Sonos smart speakers that doubled as Ikea table lamps and wall shelves.

Now, it looks like the two companies are planning to launch a new set of collaborative products. The first was teased earlier this week in an Instagram story from Sonos, which has since expired because it’s over 24 hours old. The five-part story ended with the name Symfonisk and the Sonos and Ikea logos. Considering that the current lineup is now a few years old, seeing an update in 2021 seems fair.

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Sonos acknowledged the teaser campaign and said Plush pocket: “The partnership is stronger than ever and we are excited about the products we are working on together. We look forward to sharing more when the time comes.”

It is likely that one of the new Sonos / Ikea products is detailed in this FCC filing by Ikea for a “wireless product” and granted just a few days ago, in the first week of April 2021.

Rumors of a new Ikea lamp with Sonos technology were corroborated by this early March Reddit post, which states: “The speaker of the lamp is moving to a modular solution with different shade options, and the Interchangeable lamp speaker covers are on the way out. fine. “

The Reddit user goes on to say, “There’s a photo frame speaker coming up, as well as a stand for the bookshelf speaker.”

Product photo of Ikea Sonos Symphony Speaker
Ikea and Sonos are currently offering a speaker that doubles as a bookshelf

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This information was then also corroborated by The edge, who claimed this week that Ikea and Sonos are working on a brand new product for 2021 that looks like a piece of wall art with a built-in speaker. Dubbed Titan, few details are known about the device as of yet, but the possibilities here are certainly interesting.

The owners of the Sonos Beam and Arc sound bars used the Symfonisk speakers in the back of their room to create a surround sound system – but in this case, the rear speakers also serve as shelves or lamps. of table. Rather, we like the idea that the rear speakers look like wall art, helping to integrate an audio system perfectly into the living room.

As manufacturers continue to make the technology, and audio products in particular, smoother and more aesthetic – Amazon and Google love to put cloth on their smart speakers – we can see that Ikea and Sonos are doing well. here, especially if the technology (and the power cable) perfectly hidden, but powerful enough to replace a pair of regular speakers. We hope to see more later in 2021.


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