Interiors inspired by geometry

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Geometric patterns have always been a part of our everyday lives. The symmetry of petals in a flower, the perfection of the hexagonal patterns in a honeycomb and the placement of seeds in the core of an apple are just a few examples of the magical ways in which shapes and forms are found in nature. Throughout the ages, architects and designers have drawn inspiration from nature to use these patterns to design buildings.

We can also introduce geometric shapes into our home decor to create a sense of rhythm and balance that feels wonderfully natural. The geometric trend is bold, dramatic and very modern and is a trend that never goes out of style. Want to try this in your home? Here are some ideas to inspire you!

Get bold with rectangles

The shapes and patterns used in the interior should highlight your basic geometry. An ordinary wall characterized by rectangular niches in a vibrant solid color is the highlight of this modern living room. The boxy sofa follows the same straight lines and lush colors to tie the look together.geometric patterns

Doctors with triangles

Pay attention to the interplay between shapes in the room and make sure that they harmonize well with each other. This interesting space uses a mix of triangles to create visual interest. The background uses button-up triangles in light gray to set the trend. The geometry is also repeated in triangular pendant lights and the folded origami table with spread legs in the shape of triangles.geometric pattern design

Bold defined stripes

When using geometry in interior design, you can play with lines to add character and define a space. In this children’s room, the bed is defined by posts that have the shape of a triangle on top of a square, where the striped bed covers play a strong role in the spatial aesthetics of the room. The black and white theme is carried on in the wall stencils and the dotted sheets in the background.geometric pattern design

Balancing shapes on the shelves

The relationship between the figures plays an important function in determining the visual balance of the room. In this living room, for example, the designer has juxtaposed horizontal and vertical rectangles and squares to create an interesting composition of shelves. The shapes are highlighted due to the open layout as they stand out in relief against the background of the gray textured wall. A clever repetition of the figures on the plain wall next to it helps to complement the look.geometric patterns

Creating a declaration wall

Here, the designer has put together a composition of circular, square and rectangular elements on the wall to create a stunning art exhibition. Fraud simple, this clever arrangement creates visual continuity through the use of circular and curved lines within rectangular frames. The geometric patterns in the black and white carpet contribute to the visual poetry of the space.geometric patterns

Expressions with hexagons

One of the most interesting geometric shapes, hexagons can be stacked efficiently together, making them the perfect shape for packaging and bubble wrapping. This kitchen backsplash is made in closely linked hexagonal wall tiles that follow a random arrangement. Hexagons pack a punch in terms of personality and create a sense of liveliness as they appear to be in perpetual motion.geometric pattern design

Less is more

You do not need more than a single, pure geometric shape to add focus and create a unique effect. The bare curved niche of this kitchen wall draws the eye towards it and allows the viewer to appreciate the simplicity of the rest of the elements of the room. The three semicircular pendant lights expand the geometric play by repeating the circular theme.geometric patterns

Perfection in symmetry

You can contrast the softness in circles with the stronger squares to add interest to your decor. The stunning frame of this eye-catching wall mirror mimics the symmetrical patterns of a flower’s swirls. But it is the multicolored carpet that is the undisputed hero in this interior with neat squares of warm, vibrant color that match the golden-colored color palette.geometric pattern design

Square tiles

This floor uses a mish-mash of colors to highlight the square patterns of the tiles. Covered with dark spacers that act as a defined edge, the floor sets the tone for the rest of the room. While the squares are perfectly sized, the colors do not match any pattern, giving a deliberately relaxed feel to the interior.geometric patterns

Patterned rugs

This boldly patterned Art Deco rug gets its moment in the spotlight, as it gives the otherwise simple space a wonderful, modern taste. Black and white is a perennial favorite among designers, and there is no better way to make a statement than by leaving this eye-catching rug in the center! Did you know that characters could be such a powerful game changer?geometric pattern design

Do you want to try injecting a dose of geometry into your interior? To create visual harmony in your home, you need the help of our talented team of interior designers. We can not wait to get started. Get in touch with our experts at HomeLane!

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