Is it a good knife steel?

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If you are a budding knife enthusiast, chances are you have started learning about premium knives and what materials they are made of.

And boy, do manufacturers use many different and varied materials to construct their knives, which is why it can be quite hard to get into the world of the knife.

To make things easier for you, I researched one of the best knife steels out there today: the CTS 204P.

It is a material used by the best brands on the market like Spyderco and Benchmade and it is also one of the most premium options out there.

And in this CTS204p steel review, we will look at the features and properties of this material to see what makes it such a great option for knives.

Read on to learn more.

What is CTS 204P Steel?

CTS204P Steel review

If you have spent some time on blade forums or knife forums, you will probably know that CTS2014p steel is considered a very premium material.

It is best known for its edge retention properties, which is why many experts consider it a good base material for knives and knives.

The steel has a lot of vanadium, chromium and carbon, all of which are elements that make up a good blade.

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It is made by Carpenter Technology and very similar to CPM-20CV which is made by Crucible Industries.

If you have been looking for a material that has great abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and edge retention for your wings, then this may be the right one for you.

However, be warned that it can be quite difficult to sharpen, but you still do not have to do it too much, so it should not be too much of a problem.

CTS 204P Chemical composition

Carbon – 1.9%

This makes the steel very resistant to corrosion and wear, but having too much of it can make it weak.

Due to its high carbon content, this is not the hardest material out there, but it is ideal for making knives.

2. Molybdenum – 1%

This element makes the steel much lighter for the machine or cut.

It also makes it a little stronger, which is very important as it has so much carbon.

3. Chromium – 20%

Chromium is ideal for tensile strength and edge retention, while at the same time improving the material’s already high wear and corrosion resistance.

4. Silicon – 0.6%

The small amount of silicon in this recipe greatly improves the strength of the material.

5. Manganese – 0.35%

Manganese makes the steel harder, but too much of it can make it brittle.

6. Tungsten – 65%

This is a very present element in the CTS204p and it improves abrasion resistance and hardness.

7. Vanadium – 4%

This element can help improve the wear resistance and make the material harder.

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Features of CTS240P

Corrosion resistance

As mentioned earlier, the way this steel can withstand rust and corrosion is one of its biggest selling points.

This is mainly due to the large amounts of chromium and carbon in the recipe.

Knives and knives made of CTS204p can hold you year after year without succumbing to rust.


As with corrosion, this material can withstand wear and tear very well.

This is what makes it ideal for work knives or blades that can see a lot of use.

The reason for this is the very large amounts of vanadium and chromium in the recipe.


Just ask any knife maker out there what makes a blade sharp and they will tell you that this is how it was forged, shaped, polished and ground, and not the steel used.

That said, the CTS204p can be made into a very sharp blade due to its machinability, but it will not be easy.

This material is very hard, and as they say, the harder it is, the harder it is to sharpen.

Fortunately, this is not steel that is easily blunted, so you do not have to sharpen it too much (but more on that later).


The edge retention capabilities of the CTS204p are one of the main reasons why it is considered as such a premium material.

It has a lot of Vanadium and Carbon, which makes it very hard and provides good edge retention.

So if you make a knife from this material, you can expect it to stay sharp for a very long time, making the hard sharpening very worthwhile.

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One of the most surprising properties of this steel is that it is quite hard.

Although it is a very hard material, it is not brittle, which is why it is in demand by many blacksmiths around the world.

So if you stumble across a model that uses CTS204p, you know it will have a blade that will last you a very long time.

Conclusion – is this a good material for knives?

The short of it?

Yes, CTS204p is a very hard and hard material that gives good knife steel.

In fact, one of the only drawbacks of this material is that it is difficult to sharpen, but since it retains the edge for so long, it does not need to be done often at all!

So if you think this is the right material for your knife needs, be sure to check out the models out there that use the CTS204p and sooner or later you have your dream knife ready to use!

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