How to organize Kitchen Counter best Tips and tricks

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Out of each room in the house, the kitchen can be most difficult to keep clean. Even people who almost never use their kitchen need to clean it regularly, but it can be quite time-consuming.

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Nor is it just about washing up. This is about keeping your kitchen clean by keeping it organized. There are many ways to do this and we will review them all today as well as offer products that can help you do that.

Tips for kitchen table organization

Now let’s start with some general tips for organizing the kitchen table that will hold your kitchen tables clean and organized. Because the kitchen tables are the most messy part of having a kitchen.

Keep clutter to a minimum

Keep clutter to a minimumSee in gallery

This is the first rule of minimalism and organization. Keep the clutter to a minimum as much as possible. That means trying does not own a bunch of knickknacks and things you do not want to use to display on your tabletop.

The more things that are gathered on your countertop, the harder it is to keep clean. Not only does it collect grease and dust on it, but it also looks cluttered. So if you want a good kitchen table organization, you need to clean up your counters.

Get magnets

Magnets can be wonderful. Do not hang lots of magnets on your fridge as it may look cluttered, but invest in some hanging magnets to keep you organized. Such as a knife or tool magnet.

If you like fridge magnets, you can hang a few, but focus on calendars, to-do lists, and other similar magnets that help keep you organized instead of being counterproductive. There is too much of the good.

Use vertical spacing

Many people completely forget vertical space in their rooms, especially in the kitchen due to the cupboards being in the way. But there are still many ways you can use vertical space in the kitchen.

Keep your counters organized by hanging racks over them, putting racks on the counters and using as much of the wall space as you can. With the expectation of closing the walls instead of just the counters.

Pull your eyes away

Draw Eyes AwaySee in gallery

Pull your eyes away from the cluttered counters by offering some eye-catching pieces. Feature pieces can transform any room. The feature can be wall art, a ceramic figure or even a beautiful backsplash.

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Although you need to be careful when adding function pieces on or near the tabletops as this can also draw the eye to the cluttered counter. The point is to control the eyes of those who enter the kitchen. That’s the magic of design.

Keep everything out of sight

Marble kitchen storage and organization

Do you have a lot of things you would like to keep but do not necessarily want to keep out? It is fantastic! Save everything you may be out of sight. That does not mean leaving everything on the disk.

If you have pots that you think are attractive, do not leave them on the counter, leave them on the stove or a hanging rack. Similar to the first rule, do not leave a lot of unwanted on the disk. This is the basic step in the organization.

Clean as you go

When cooking or using your kitchen, clean along the way. This is one of the best ways to stay organized. Do not leave the spoon on the counter and do not let the orange juice splash stay there for more than a minute.

Ask any proper person and they will agree that this is one of the best tips to stay clean and organized. It’s not about being a good cleaner or organizer, it’s about staying, even if you feel you do not have time.

Hang hooks

Hang hooks

We mentioned hooks before, but they certainly deserve their own line. Hooks can really make a huge difference in a kitchen. You can get large ones for bathtubs or small ones for utensils. As long as it keeps the goods away from the counters.

Tabletops are easy to clutter because it is easy to place everything on them. But both shelving and hooks can prevent this from happening. The counters do not have to be just, but sparingly adding things is key.

Take advantage of the island

Get an island and use it. There is nothing wrong with islands without storage, but if you struggle with the organization of the kitchen table, then an island can be the key. However, do not overload the island’s counter.

Reserve it for kitchen island storage. Many islands have drawers, cabinets, and shelves. So choose and work with it. Just do not forget to scale the island to the size of your counters and kitchen.

Cabinet Door Storage

Hardly anyone thinks of this and few of these people use it. But did you know that you can get magnets and hooks going in the back of your closet doors? Yes, some are made for your closets.

They usually stick to the closet door, hang over the door or suck on. It depends on how heavy the items you want to store are. If you do not know what to store, consider a spice organizer for cabinet doors.

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Put together

Make them grouping

If you have plates or kitchen decor, group them together when decorating. This makes your kitchen tables look less cluttered and more organized. Imagine that it looks like an art gallery instead of a flea market.

You can also manage to show only part of the set. For example, if you Have a set of dishes of sixteen pieces, showing only one of each item. A cup, saucer, plate, and bowl instead of all sixteen pieces.

Close the pantry

Do not try to get a pantry that is fully visible in the kitchen. If you do not have a door to your pantry, you can either get one or use a curtain to hang over it. Hiding the pantry is one of the best things you can do for your kitchen.

Once you have hidden it, you can store everything that was on your countertops in it. Pantries are usually quite spacious and can store both food and other things, so work with your contractor to build a neat one.

Get a pot row

Pot row is still in and you can even build your very own. We have built a very nice row of pots that are absolutely fantastic. But you can also buy a range of pots from most furniture or home improvement stores.

If you have an island, this is the perfect place to hang one up. But if you do not, you can still hang one in the middle, just be careful, because you may end up hitting your head! Take this into account when choosing a height.

Use flat spaces

If you have cake trays or butcher blocks, you can use them to store a few things. Your tabletop is not the only place to show what you have. There are plenty of other places you might overlook.

The top of the fridge for one. The top of the fridge is a wonderful place to store things that you do not necessarily want to show, but things that have nowhere else to go. Most people will not notice what is up there.

Products for kitchen table organization

If you are struggling to organize with the setup you currently have, then you might want to consider investing in a few kitchen table organization tools. Check out these items that are available on Amazon!

Over the sink Rack

Over the sink Rack

Now, this is a useful tool to have with you. Not only does it work as a drying rack, but you can also store your dishes there when not in use and it will look neat because it is also a drying rack.

It looks great even though there are no dishes on it either. The main purpose is to clean up some table space and this stand does it well. If you only get one item, this is a good choice, especially if you do not have a dishwasher.

Kitchen Table Basket

Kitchen Counter Basket

This multifunctional basket has more uses than you can imagine. You can use it for fruit, bread or other fruits. Or you can get creative and use it for non-food items like mail or something else.

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But one use that frees up a lot of counter space is the stray shopping cart. This is how it works that when someone finds something that they cannot put away or something that belongs to someone else, they put it in the basket.

Corner shelf for counters

Corner Shelf For Counters

This corner table shelf is adorable and flexible. This shelf is designed to go in the corner, but it can also twist to be placed along. It is made of bamboo, affordable and versatile for any room.

But it really shines in the kitchen like a coffee station or general storage. The best part is that it can match any design style at all. Isn’t it just adorable? Who could not use another layer of shelving on the counter?

Freestanding stand

Free Standing RackSee in gallery

This free-standing fruit holder can be used for almost anything, despite the fact that it is made for fruit. There are two baskets that add two more places to organize things. It can hold twice as many things as a standard fruit bowl.

Because it is black, metal and lightweight, it can also match almost any style. Although you usually use lighter shades, the basket works pretty well with them because it is thin and not flashy at all.

Tabletop spice rack

Countertop Spice Rack

Do you need a good spice rack at a good price? This thing can definitely be placed in the cabinet, but it looks so good that it will be hard not to place it right on the tabletop. Or of course on the wall! Yes, it can be wall-mounted.

Although the spice holder does not come with the added spice jars, you can buy any set of spice jars and they will look amazing in this rack. The stand can also be reformulated to work for any purpose in the house.

Kitchen soap holder

Kitchen Soap Holder

Finally something not so fun, but still very practical. Not everyone thinks about the practical side of decorating or organizing, but it is just as important as the fun and exciting side of things. Take a look at this.

It is a kitchen soap and sponge holder! It may sound boring, but you’re probably just as tired of handling soap on the countertops as everyone else. So take care of that problem with something like that.

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