Kitchen Island Dimensions With Inspiring DIY

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We all want to make our houses the best they can be. But did you know that homeowners spend an average of two hours a day or almost 800 hours each year in the kitchen? Yes, even if they do not cook.

This may not be as much as say the bedroom or living room, but it’s still a lot of time. Not to mention that remodeling your kitchen provides the greatest amount of added value to your home for resale. So it’s always the first place people see.

What is a kitchen island?

kitchen island dimensionsSee in gallery
image from: Lizzie O’Brien

A kitchen island is a free-standing cabinet that is usually placed in the center of your kitchen. You should be able to walk all the way around the closet and use it for various purposes related to the kitchen.

Some people use the kitchen island for extra seating, some for cooking, some for storing dishes. Some people even install hobs on their kitchen island for extra appliance space and it works well.

Average kitchen island dimensions

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image from: Calvis Wyant Luxury Homes

The most important part of a kitchen island side is the relativity to your kitchen. You need at least 36 inches distance for a comfortable kitchen, where 42 inches is recommended for a comfortable kitchen.

Kitchen island height

The standard height for most kitchen islands is 36 inches. This is a good height because it is the same height as most countertops. Kitchen islands often look best when they are at the same height as the table top.

Although the height varies depending on what the use for the island is. For example, if you want to stand by it more often, a little higher is good. To add bar stools, allow two meters distance between the two.

Kitchen Ø Width

Most kitchen islands are two to four feet wide or deep. Two is a good minimum because less than that and the island no longer serves a purpose. If you have a narrow island, you can add it.

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In this case, you raise the short area to be used for eating and add another area that is 36 inches high. They do not even need to be attached or built-in, they can be separate areas that are pushed together.

Kitchen island length

The length of the kitchen island is very important in relation to the other measurements because it does not affect the quality of life as much. However, a minimum of four feet is usually the standard for kitchen islands.

If you want a long kitchen island, you should probably walk six feet or more. Any less than four feet and you have a three foot island that is the same length as your stove, which can look weird.

Kitchen islands for dining

Farmhouse KitchenSee in gallery

There are two types of kitchen islands. There are those designed for bars that will be used for displays and cooking activities, then there are those that will be a specific eatery for the family.

Kitchen island with room for two

This is a regular island size if you want a small kitchen island. It can accommodate two people comfortably by adding two bar stools. This is the minimum size for a kitchen island and is certainly not a long kitchen island.

The kitchen island with room for only two people will be four meters long. This is a standard kitchen island for small kitchens and works fine if you only have two people who want to sit on the island at a time.

Kitchen island with room for three

You can manage with a kitchen island with seating for three people that is five meters long, but it just gets a little curly. This is often the standard for kitchen island sets, which, however, are not built-in.

For built-in sets, you can expect about six feet long, which is considered a long kitchen island. But you can not stay much longer than that, otherwise the seats will look strange with one foot apart or more.

Kitchen island with room for four

If you now have a very long or large kitchen and have a kitchen island, your island is probably at least six feet long, probably more likely seven or eight feet long. It is standard for each person to have at least 20 inches of space.

This is for narrow stools. For wider stool or actual chairs, more space is needed. If you are lucky enough to fit an eight foot long kitchen island in your home, then you are lucky and should take advantage of it.

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Kitchen Island projects that inspire you

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image from: Traditions in tile

If you want a completely different kitchen island, then you can see it in every store out there, so you may need to design your own. You might want to build it from scratch and you might want to transform your old one.

Fully adapted kitchen island

Completely Custom Kitchen IslandSee in gallery

Now this kitchen island inspired me! Jen Woodhouse used 2x4s and 2x6s for the main frame before adding small slats to support shelves. This alone gave a beautiful kitchen island, but it does not stop there.

She then added a 2 × 6 tabletop and painted it all. The end result is absolutely fantastic with the dark shelves that stand in contrast to the kitchen island’s light legs. They could make a fortune making these.

Transformation of an old school desk

Transforming An Old School DeskSee in gallery

Have you ever thought about taking a piece of furniture made for one thing and using it for something else? Most people do not think about something so drastic when they imagine recycling something.

But that was exactly what the Old Country House did. They took an old desk and decided to turn it into a kitchen island in marble with a beautiful blue bottom. The transformation is so remarkable that you would never know where it came from.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Farmhouse Kitchen IslandSee in gallery

Golden Boys And Me has really inspired us with this farm queue. They started with a simple IKEA bookshelf and ended with a living room kitchen island that everyone would be envious of.

The best part is that it was a simple project that anyone can do too. All you need is a drill and you can also get this exact island. Or use this as inspiration and transform your own furniture.

Craigslist Kitchen Island Makeover

Craigslist Kitchen Island MakeoverSee in gallery

There is not much that is more satisfying than finding a Craigslist item and turning it into something ten times larger than you bought it for. This is just proof that you do not need money to make your house look like a million dollars.

All Fresh Mommy did was give this island a new coat of paint and add a new countertop. Pro tip? You can also buy tabletops on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for almost nothing.

Sarah’s Endless Island Project

Sarahs Endless Island ProjectSee in gallery

Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick really lived up to her name with this kitchen island project. Or should I say, these kitchen island projects. She is known for transforming kitchen islands over and over again.

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She does it so often that it can be impossible to pick a favorite. The girl works with any kind of decor and can make everything look good. If you’re looking for general inspiration, look no further than this frugal chicken.

Cabinet for the island

Cabinet To IslandSee in gallery

Did you know that you can take kitchen cabinets and turn them into a kitchen island? Most did not! Classy Clutter does a great job of taking standard kitchen cabinets and creating a great island.

Once finished, it’s hard to believe that what looks like an expensive Wayfair find is actually kitchen cabinets that have saved them a lot of money. Who will not try this as soon as possible now?

Small bookshelf

Tiny Bookshelf IslandSee in gallery

Who said high-end islands should be big and flashy? Nevertheless, they were wrong. Ashley of Little Glass Jar turned a small bookcase into an adorable kitchen island that we all need in our kitchen.

The best thing about small kitchen islands like this is that they work for small or large kitchens. You can put it in the corner and use it as a cart, or you can just get a taller one and put it in the middle.

Classic kitchen island

Classic Kitchen IslandSee in gallery

This classic kitchen island is amazing! Shades Of Blue really surpassed itself with this one. On their island, they made half of the island open shelves with attractive teak-like slats with the other half a trash can.

No one likes their trash can out in the open, but it often seems like everything else is not an option. This team figured it out by adding a space that can safely hold their trash without being seen.

Paint Can Transform Island

DIY Kitchen Island Big Box Store CabinetsSee in gallery

You may not think that paint has enough power to transform a kitchen island. But it really does. The primary thing that Artsy Chick Rules did against this island is painted it. The difference it made is astounding.

This just shows you that you do not need much experience or great ideas to make a huge difference. You can start small and think outside the box, and you can turn any kitchen island into something special.

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