Lemon Coffee: Health Benefits & Weight Loss

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Many Americans and people around the world start the day with a hot cup of coffee. The scent alone is enough to wake some people.

It is well known that the caffeine in coffee fights adenosine in the brain and makes you feel more energetic after consuming it.

This is the main reason why many people drink coffee in the morning.

There are also people who swear by drinking a refreshing glass of lemon water in the morning to start their days well.

What would happen if we combined these two delicious morning drinks to create an ultimate morning drink? This is where the trend of lemon coffee started.

Let us understand this drink and how it can have huge health benefits for you according to nutritionists and science.

What is lemon coffee and why do people drink it

Well, lemon coffee is as simple as it sounds. You just mix coffee and lemon together and that’s it. So what is all the shit about?

Lemon in coffee actually has a lot of history and may even be the original iced coffee!

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Lemon Coffee: Health Benefits & Weight Loss 68

There is a European coffee drink called Mazagran with coffee (usually espresso), lemon and sugar.

This drink comes from Algeria and is very popular in Portugal and is believed to be the original iced coffee. According to Wikipedia, the history of this drink dates back to the 1830s during the French invasion of Algeria.

There are many health benefits attributed to coffee and lemons.

People believe that by adding lemon to their coffee, they can receive health benefits, lose weight and be healthier.

While it is true that both coffee and lemon are known for their high amounts of antioxidants, which can help the body, there are too many health benefits attributed to this drink to just be antioxidants.

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Coffee also contains vitamins such as B12, B5, manganese, potassium, magnesium and niacin.

Keep reading to find out if lemon coffee can actually help you lose weight and be healthier!

Lemon coffee weight loss, health benefits and side effects

While there are many claims that coffee and lemons are healthy separately, there are many unsubstantiated claims about lemon coffee that can make you scratch your head.

To be honest, many of these claims do not hold up and are actually untrue.

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Does Lemon Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

No, drinking lemon coffee can not actually help you lose weight.

However, coffee can actually help you lose weight and you do not need to add lemon to get this benefit.

So it is not lemon coffee that helps you lose weight, but only the coffee. This is because the caffeine in the coffee increases your metabolic rate and helps you burn more calories during the day.

Coffee also has appetite suppressant effects, which can help you become calorie deficient. This combined with the increase in metabolism can make you lose weight.

This is because you will be eating fewer calories than what your body needs to function, so it will break down some of your body’s stored fats over time to create energy. If this sounds scary, do not worry, it’s a natural process and is part of losing weight!

Does lemon coffee give you better skin?

This may be true. Coffee and lemon both have several factors that can contribute to better skin.

There are no documented medical studies that prove that drinking lemon coffee will improve your skin, but individually there are things that can help with your beauty routine.

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First, lemon can improve collagen production in your skin due to its vitamin C content. Citrus fruits usually contain vitamin C and can give you many benefits.

One of the benefits of vitamin C is improved skin health. Your skin becomes more elastic and tight, something everyone should try to achieve.

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Coffee can also help because of the caffeine inside the beans. Caffeine improves circulation and is often used as a scrub for this reason. Drinking coffee can improve blood flow, improve skin health and promote new skin growth.

There are also anti-aging effects that can be attributed to coffee. This study shows how coffee is a great source of polyphenols that supply antioxidants to the body. This has been shown to mediate skin photography, which is when your skin forms pigmented spots and wrinkles.

With these two proofs, it would be easy to assume that by drinking lemon and coffee together you should get the benefits of both of these beverages.

Does Lemon Coffee Help With Migraines?

Have you ever heard of proverbs:

“Coffee makes the headache go away”.

Well, there may be some science behind this saying!

Coffee combined with lemon has a mild analgesic effect that can help relieve headaches and even migraines.

From a scientific point of view, caffeine and citric juice, especially citric acid, are a winning combination.

The caffeine in coffee causes a vasoconstrictive effect that tightens blood vessels, and this can reverse the dilation of blood vessels, which is usually the cause of migraines. Citric acid turns caffeine into a salt that is easily absorbed from the gut and into the bloodstream.

This combination can relieve headaches and can even help with migraines.

Side effects of drinking lemon coffee

While there are no real side effects to drinking lemon coffee, there are a few things to keep in mind when consuming this drink.

Lemon juice and coffee are both really sour drinks, so if you continue to drink lemon coffee, you may suffer from acidity.

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A side effect of acidic beverages is generally tooth damage. Many acidic beverages can damage the teeth over time. Keep an eye on these things:

Enamel Erosion

Enamel is the hard outer layer of your teeth and does not grow back. Acid can slowly remove tooth enamel and can make your teeth look discolored or even have dimples.

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Dentin exposure

When the enamel on your teeth erodes, there is the dentin that is exposed. This makes your teeth look yellow and can be unattractive.

Sensitive teeth

When your dentin is exposed, your teeth become more sensitive to heat, cold and even candy. This is extremely unpleasant, so be sure to stop drinking acidic beverages as often if you see the past side effects.

How to make lemon coffee?

This drink is extremely simple to make and I highly encourage anyone reading this article to try this at home. You do not need any special ingredients and you will be left with a tasty drink that is healthy and has lots of history.

What you need to make lemon coffee

  • Ice
  • 1 cup of black coffee brewed as you prefer
  • 1 lemon freshly squeezed lemon juice, or to taste
  • A sweetener such as Sugar, syrup or honey
  • 1 lemon slice (optional)
  • Cinnamon or vanilla (optional)

How to make lemon coffee at home

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  1. Fill a glass with ice, larger pieces of ice are preferred because they will melt more slowly and make your drink less diluted. The best ice cream to use would be a large piece of ice cream made in a special ice tray.
  2. Brew a cup of black coffee in your preferred method. I love using espresso coffee on the stove with this recipe because it is simple, quick and perfect for making lemon coffee.
  3. Pour the hot coffee over the ice and let it cool
  4. Prepare your lemon juice by juicing 1 whole lemon
  5. Mix your lemon juice and sweeteners to taste
  6. Garnish the cup with a slice of lemon or a little lemon zest (optional)


That’s all you need to know about this amazing drink. The only thing left to do now is to make this tasty drink at home.

I enjoy this drink in the morning with a lightly roasted coffee because the lemon cuts the bitterness in the coffee and lets the light flavors come through. It also makes the coffee lighter, which is a good fit in the morning when you want something fresh to pick you up.


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