Make Sure to Use the Best Caulk for Showers

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If you are not familiar with the term caulk, you should know that this is a product that was probably used in your bathroom / kitchen when it was last renovated. It is a sealant used on joints and seams and it helps prevent leaks in pipes and other structures. After evolving a lot from what it was before, caulk is today made with flexible sealing connections and has various uses in the construction industry. So what can caulk do for your shower and what products are worth the money right now? Wear it for a while and listen!

Caulk for Showers

Types of showers

There are many different types of showers, so it is important to know what they are if you want to make the best possible purchase. When researching the shower market, there are the common types that you will come across:

Acrylic latex caulk

Also known as “painters caulk”, this particular type of product is the kind you can paint on. People prefer it for projects that require the attachment of small holes, and work really well with wood.

Vinyl latex caulk

While it looks like acrylic latex caulk, this vinyl version is not that easy to wash off with soap and water. It has a longer service life and is therefore more suitable for those who want to perform long-term repairs. However, it is not as flexible as acrylic latex caulk and it is prone to cracking when subjected to contraction and expansion.

Silicone caulk

Pure silicone caulk has now become increasingly difficult to find as manufacturers now manufacture formulas that combine silicone with other ingredients to enhance features such as moisture resistance or durability. Silicone caulk is characterized as sticky and flexible, which means you have to find it in most caulk products out there.

How to choose Shower Caulk

If you have never had to use a shower before, we assume you are not sure how to choose one of the many different brands and types available. No worries, we have put together a list that brings together the features and characteristics of a good shower so you know what to look for when making a purchase.

One of the most important missions that the shower caulk must perform is that resist mold and mildew, two things that are likely to appear in an environment like damp as the bathroom. The surface of the caulk had to be smooth to prevent water from sticking to it and cause the mold to grow. Even if you do not use caulk in the bathroom and decide that you need it for external applications, it should still withstand mold and mildew, although mold growth may be slower than in the bathroom.

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The next important feature on the list is water repellent. Note that almost every caulk product on the market is waterproof, but you need to double check to make sure that is really the case. If you choose caulk that does not have the waterproof seal, it is very likely that mold will grow, which means you will need to clean it and apply a new layer of caulk constantly.

When choosing to buy caulk from a particular brand, make sure it is heat and cold proof. This means that it can withstand both high and low temperatures. If the selected product does not meet the criteria, it will come out of the surface when exposed to these temperatures, which means that the seal is not strong. This feature is becoming increasingly important if you also want to use this caulk for outdoor applications.

That the elasticity of the caulk determines whether it can withstand movement or not. This is not a mandatory feature if you choose to place this caulk between things that are permanently attached, such as ceramic floor tiles, but if you e.g. Need it for shower doors, it is best to choose elastic caulk. This will help the caulk survive expansions and contractions.

It may be a good idea to check how long it takes so that the caulk also dries. Otherwise, you can not use the shower or parts of the bathroom for a long time. There are lots of products out there that dry out faster than an hour.

That the color of the caulk also plays an important role part in certain situations, especially if you want to make small repairs and you want the color of the new caulk to match that of the old caulk. There are typically two-tone options when it comes to caulk: white and clear. Some caulk is stained, while others can be painted when dry.

What is Shower Caulk good for?

There are many different things that you can use caulk for, but we wanted to show you two common bathroom projects that cannot be completed properly without the use of caulk.

The first project is tiling a bathtub surround.

How to caulk around the bathtubLook in the gallery

This project teaches you how to apply grout so that everything can be arranged in place, but it also elaborates on how caulk is used to finish the project. Once you have added the grout and it is completely dry, grouting is the last step to turn to. You will need to choose a caulk that is suitable for use in the bathroom, one that is waterproof, resistant to mold and mildew.

When applying caulk, start by doing it in a straight line, starting with one corner and ending with the next. Then continue to wet your finger with water and gently smooth the surface of the caulk out. You want the tile and grout ends to be connected for a full waterproof seal, so the caulk should be smooth and evenly distributed to cover the hole.

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You can also use caulk to raise and install bathtub shower fixtures as this guide will teach you.

Caulk around the showerLook in the gallery

The project is focused on showing you how to install shower fittings correctly and adding grout, sealant and sealant before that. Only when the surround is ready for the shower can you continue to install the luminaires. It is recommended that you start with the shower head. This part is pretty simple to do as you mostly need Teflon tape, a pair of gloves.

Top Caulk product suggestions

It’s time to take things to the next level and look at some product suggestions that you will be impressed with. Without further ado, here are the top six shower recommendations we have in store for you today.

Gorilla Clear 100 percent silicone sealant

Gorilla Clear 100 Percent Silicone Sealant CaulkLook in the gallery

That Gorilla Clear silicone sealant is a fantastic product that is not only suitable for showers, but for plumbing, windows, kitchen repairs and many others. It has a waterproof formula that allows it to work just fine even in environments with high humidity levels, so you can use it for showers with no problems at all. Just let it dry for 30 minutes and you are ready. Due to its waterproof formula, it can also be used for a variety of outdoor projects. It does not turn yellow over time and has a mold and mildew resistant combination of ingredients that are bound to keep the joint intact.

2. Red Devil Duraguard Kitchen & Bath Silicone acrylic sink

Red Devil 0405 Duraguard Kitchen Bath Siliconized Acrylic CaulkLook in the gallery

That Red Devil 0405 Duraguard caulk Available in three color options (white, cream and clear), and you can purchase it as a single tube or a pack of 12, which is more convenient if you are working on larger projects or want lots of backups. It is designed to be resistant to mold and mildew, creating a waterproof seal that prevents leaks. It is a paintable caulk, so if you are remodeling your bathroom in very specific colors, you will be happy to know that you have this option at your disposal. It is compatible with several kitchen and bathroom surfaces, and it can be cleaned with soap and water.

3. GE sealants and adhesives for kitchen and bath

GE Sealants Adhesives GE286 Advanced Silicone 2 Kitchen Bath Sealant 2.8oz AlmondLook in the gallery

This is yet another good product it is suitable for use as a shower. It has a waterproof silicone-based formula that protects your shower from water damage, but also prevents leaks that would otherwise cause more problems in areas exposed to water. It takes as little as 30 minutes for the product to dry and be ready for water exposure, which is always a plus. The formula is designed to be safe when in contact with metal and avoids stains on surfaces made of nickel, chrome and bronze. It offers a 10-year protection against mold and mildew growth. It is available in almond and a white color.

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4. Dap 18110 Acrylic Latex Caulk with silicone

Dap 18110 Acrylic Latex Caulk With SiliconeLook in the gallery

That Dap 18110 Acrylic Latex Caulk is a product that is suitable for use in the bathroom, but ready to use on other surfaces in other rooms in your home. It can work safely both inside and out, so if you are looking for caulk for outdoor projects, this is the right product to buy. It offers a 35-year warranty, which is more than we can say for other good caulk wannabee products. It can be painted over and only takes 30 minutes to dry. It is a flexible and durable product with light water purification properties. It is available in many colors to choose from, including slate gray, dark bronze and cedar tuna.

5. Sashco 10016 10.5 oz 10016 Big Stretch Caulk

Sashco 10016 10.5oz 10016 Big Stretch CaulkLook in the gallery

That Large stretch tube of caulk is an affordable product that, as the name suggests, extends to avoid cracks and promises a longer life compared to some of the other similar prices on the market. It can be successfully used for indoor and outdoor projects thanks to its temperature-resistant formula that can withstand anything from rain to higher-than-average temperatures. There are several properties of this particular product that are worth mentioning: it is high elasticity, its lacqueability, its freeze-thaw stability, but also the fact that it is applicable in so many scenarios, from shower-based needs to sound insulation of inner walls.

6. Instatrim caulk and trim strips for floors

Caulk and Trim Strips for FloorsLook in the gallery

Self-adhesive caulk is basically an alternative to the pipe-like products we have seen so far. It is a strips of caulk that can be used to seal your shower, but also serves a wide variety of other applications. It has a peel-and-stick application that virtually eliminates waste and the need for later cleanup. It has a flexible trim and is easy to shape for different situations. It is available in various colors including white, brown and black. After application, all you have to do is trim it to the length you choose. You can also paint over it if needed. You can choose from several widths and lengths, and you do not need additional sealing tools to apply it.

Bottom line

Every time you renovate your bathroom, you may find that a new layer of caulk is needed. However, if you have never had to do this before, you may not be sure how to choose the right product. Do not worry, our article has you covered with the information you need before spending money on shower.

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