Ninja Air Fryer Review – What Users Like and Dislike

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The Ninja Air Fryer is a multi-function air fryer with a range of interesting and useful features. It’s a four-liter unit that has enough cooking space to cook a meal for the whole family. The air fryer works with 1500 watts of power to cook food quickly, whether it is chicken, fish, steak, vegetables or fries. The air fryer is also easy to use as the touch screen controls are simple one touch buttons with the button operation mentioned above.

You can also roast, dehydrate and reheat food in this air fryer with air frying. The wide temperature range of this air fryer is ideal for cooking different types of food. You can find recipes created for air fryers and cook a variety of exciting dishes in this air fryer.

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The Ninja Air Fryer is also useful for creating dehydrated fruits, vegetables or meat products as you need. The powerful fan of this air fryer, when combined with the heating element, dries up the moisture in the food to give you delicious dehydrated food that you can store and eat later.

In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at the Ninja Air Fryer. We’ll also take a look at features, specifications, and frequently asked questions.



Product Name Ninja Air Fryer
Dimensions (inch) 13.6 x 11 x 13.3
Weight (lbs) 4.9
Temperature range (F) 105-400
Basket capacity (pints) 4
Dishwasher Yes
Power (watts) 1700
Voltage (V) 120
Warranty (years) 1
Editor’s Note 4.7
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What comes with it?

Here are the items included with this product.

1. Four-liter basket

2. Accessory for vegetable crisper to prepare crispy food

3. Inspiration guide for air fryer recipes

4. Multi-layer backing to add to the dehydration capacity

What users like about the product:

Here are some of the things users love about the Ninja Air Fryer:

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Light unit – The air fryer is a lightweight unit that does not take up too much space on the kitchen shelf. The small footprint also means that it is easy to store away when not in use and can take it out of storage without any difficulty. If you have less space in your kitchen, it makes sense to go for a small air fryer that won’t make your kitchen cluttered.

Easy to clean – The air fryer is easy to clean because the basket is dishwasher safe. Both the frying basket and the pan are covered with a non-stick material that prevents food from sticking to surfaces. Most of the time, a simple rinse with water and wiping with a damp cloth is enough to make the basket like new.

Cooks quickly – The air fryer has a power of 1500 watts to cook food and with a preheating time of three minutes, it can cook food faster than an oven. Whether it’s fries, steak or chicken, you can cook all of those meals in the air fryer and do so much more.

Large basket – The large basket of this air fryer is ideal when you want to cook food for two or more people. The basket can hold up to two pounds of fries or tofu. The large basket size allows for even cooking of the ingredients and the food does not spill either.

Easy to program – The functions of the air fryer are clearly printed on the panel. Whether you want to fry, roast or dehydrate food in the open air, you can do it all with just the push of a button. The duration and temperature of the dishes are also easy to control.

What people don’t like about the product

Here are some of the things users don’t like about the Ninja Air Fryer

  1. Noise – The air fryer tends to make noise during use. The sound may be due to a faulty fan or if the basket does not fit properly inside the air fryer
  2. Plastic smell – Foods cooked for the first time inside the air fryer may have a plastic smell. The smell often disappears after a few cooking cycles.
  3. Non-stick peels – The non-stick coating on the basket tends to peel off after a few uses. This may be due to the use of abrasive cleaning agents. It is recommended to gently clean the basket so that the non-stick coating stays in place.
  4. No inner basket – If there is no inner basket, turning food over in the middle of the cooking cycle may cause oil to splash or food to fall out of the basket.
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Product video review:

Here is a video review of the Ninja air fryer that mentions the pros and cons of using this air fryer.

Ninja Air Fryer Product Manual

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Official Product Manual Page URL:

Ninja Air Fryer FAQ

Buyers often have questions about the products they have purchased or the products that interest them. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Ninja Air Fryer

Q1: Should I apply oil to the basket before I start cooking?

Years. No, you do not need to cover the basket with oil as the air fryer works by cooking food in superheated air. Before the first cooking, you should clean the basket of the air fryer with hot soapy water, rinse it and let it dry. This will prevent residual odors from the basket during cooking.

Q2: I tried to cook light foods in the air fryer, but they keep flying in the basket. How can I stop this?

Answer: If you cook light food, you can secure the food with a slice of bread or use toothpicks to pin the food so that it does not fly in the basket when you cook.

Q3: I want to use the air fryer to dehydrate meat. How much meat can I dehydrate in one sitting?

Years. You can put up to two pounds of meat in one sitting in the air fryer if you are dehydrating chicken or fish. Choose the dehydration settings and the air fryer will do the rest.

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Q4: What is the difference between the air fry and roast settings of this air fryer?

Years. If you are looking for crunchy and crispy foods, you should go for the air fry option. But if you want to cook meat or bake desserts, you have to choose the roast option.

Q5: Should I cut thick or thin fries to get faster cooking time?

Years. The time it takes to cook the fries does not depend on their thickness, but on the amount of fries you put in the air fryer. It takes about 20 to 25 minutes for a pound of French fries to cook. For two pounds of fries, the cooking time is 28 to 32 minutes.


The Ninja Air Fryer comes with a range of features that will make cooking food in the kitchen a total joy for you. This is a heavy duty air fryer that can handle different types of cooking, whether you are cooking french fries, steak, chicken or fish. The multitude of options means you can also dehydrate and roast foods in this air fryer.

The basket and crisper are covered with ceramic which adds to their durability and makes them easy to use with different types of dishes. The options are easy to understand and the presets mean you don’t need to change the time and temperature to roast or dehydrate foods.

This air fryer will also help you add a healthy facet to your daily meals. If you are looking for an air fryer that does it all, then get the Ninja Air Fryer today.

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