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Smart home security cameras all come in different shapes and sizes – from wired and battery-powered, to those that support night vision and others that allow two-way communication. But there are a few questions before you buy a security camera, and some key questions include knowing where you plan to position the camera and whether that location has good Wi-Fi and access to a power outlet. current if necessary.

Many people forget to check these items before buying a camera – and find an unpleasant surprise when they get home. We recently tested the Nooie outdoor smart camera on a real home that had both electrical access and a very good Wi-Fi signal at the installation site. Here’s how the camera performed in our tests.


Unpacked Nooie outdoor camera.GearBrain

What is the Nooie outdoor camera?

The Nooie Outdoor Security Camera is a Wi-Fi, 1080p Full HD outdoor security camera with a high quality sensor that can detect motion or sound. It comes with two-way sound, weather protection (IP66 rated) and UV resistance. The camera has a 107-degree field of view (FOV) and an anti-theft alarm that can help prevent unwanted guests from moving outside your home.

A key feature of the Nooie Outdoor Security Camera is its twelve infrared lights which are used to provide crisp night vision up to 49 feet or 15 meters. We haven’t come across a smart security camera with so many infrared LEDs.

Finally, the Nooie outdoor security camera comes with an adjustable base that can rotate the camera 101 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. This rotation, combined with the camera’s 107-degree field of view, provides wide-angle coverage.


Make sure you select the Nooie app and not the Nooie Cam app in the App Store or Google Play. The Nooie app is the most recent app to use.GearBrain

Installation of the Nooie Outdoor Cam is quick and easy. Simply download the Nooie Cam app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Once you download the app, create an account and tap the “+” sign to add a camera. Then follow the app’s setup instructions, which is easy if you have a good Wi-Fi signal where you plan to install your Nooie Outdoor Cam.

Once the camera is connected, you will need to access the app and configure the motion and sound detection functions. There are three levels of sensitivity: low, medium and high. You can also program up to three periods per day during which you want this sensitivity to be active. There is an “all the time” option, or you can choose a start and end time for motion and / or sound detection. When sensitivity is active, you will receive alerts whenever motion and / or sound is detected. This ability, to be customized when you want motion and sound detection to work or not, is a good feature for a security camera, helping to avoid false alarms when you know the person around your house, like the gardener or the gardener. your children playing in a backyard.

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There are two ways to store your videos and photos in the Nooie Outdoor security camera. You can either store them locally using a MicroSD card or in the cloud. Nooie supports several monthly and annual plans, but there are only two types if you are only recording events: 7-day history ($ 1 per month or $ 10 per year per device) and History of 30 days ($ 3 per month or $ 30 per year per device.). If you want continuous recording, Nooie has a choice of three packages: 3 days ($ 3 per month or $ 33 per year per device), 7 days ($ 5 per month or $ 55 per year per device), 15 days ( $ 10 per device) month or $ 99 per year per device) and 30 days ($ 19 per month or $ 188 per year per device).

All plans will start recording for 60 seconds when motion is detected and storage will be supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The captured videos can also be shared with friends and family.


Cloud plans offered by Nooie in their application

Smart home integrations

Nooie cameras are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatible devices. You can use voice commands to control Nooie, for example asking her to start recording or making the video appear on your Google Assistant or your Alexa smart screen. To set up these integrations, you need to go to the Alexa or Google Home apps and add Nooie cam and link the two systems to it.


Nooie Outdoor Cam costs $ 59.99 and is available for purchase on the company’s website as well as on Amazon.


The camera has exceptional daytime video resolution. We found the images to appear clearly and the video to be crisp. Night video is very powerful and you can clearly see objects 15 meters away. However, if there are any objects near the camera, the 12 infrared LEDs will shine strongly on it and we have found that it might create glare. We had a shed 10 feet from the camera and part of the shed was very bright.

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Setting up Nooie was easy, as we mentioned, and we had no issues connecting the camera to Wi-Fi. We placed the camera outside of the room where our home router was. and the signal was strong. Nooie also comes with a versatile mounting bracket. And the camera itself is well built and seems to be able to withstand harsh winters and hot summers. The housing is secure and we felt we could easily move the camera to the position we wanted.

Day view


Here is a daytime photo of the Nooie outdoor camera


Here is a day view of the Nooie outdoor camera in the app. Users can take a photo or video clip using the buttons in the app. You can also click the microphone icon to speak to visitors.

Night view


Here is a night photo of Nooie Outdooe Camera


Here is a night view of the Nooie outdoor camera in the app. Notice how the LEDs shine on the hangar. In addition, you can clearly see the house in the distance, more than 15 meters away.

Buy Nooie Outdoor Camera on Amazon

During our testing, we found that motion and sound detection was very sensitive when the setting was high. You can schedule when these features will be broadcast during the day and / or night, and for anyone with a lot of activity in their yard, they will appreciate it. You can also just use a lower setting.

What surprised us with the Nooie, however, happened after we received our first alert from the app. We walked in and found that in order to view the footage we had to either sign up for one of the company’s cloud plans or insert a MicroSD card. If you don’t select either, the app won’t show you the video. It surprised us. Many security cameras only require a plan if you store video for more than 24 hours. Nooie is the first security camera we’ve come across that requires you to store the videos locally or sign up for one of their plans in order to see what triggered the sound and / or motion detection.

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Nooie needs a Micro SD card or a cloud plan so that you can view videos triggered by motion or sound detection.GearBrain


GearBrain has tested many types of security cameras over the years. We looked at wired and battery powered cameras as well as indoor security cameras and outdoor security cameras. Nooie is one of the best smart security cameras we’ve tested for video resolution. It reminded us of the Kami Outdoor Security Camera (which we just reviewed). Both are well constructed and weather resistant, but Nooie has some features that separate them.

When you combine Nooie’s 1080p HD video resolution with motion detection and long-range night vision, it forms a nice security device for the outside of your home. We also love how you can store videos locally for just the cost of a MicroSD card. However, we don’t like how you have to have a MicroSD card or cloud plan to view footage, and that Nooie doesn’t even allow you to access the video around the clock without selecting one of these. options.

Who should buy this security camera? The Nooie Outdoor Security Camera is perfect for buyers who need a good outdoor security camera for night time surveillance. Its 12 infrared LEDs provide a long-range night vision capability that we rarely see in outdoor security cameras. If you have a large backyard or front yard that you want to look out for, Nooie is a perfect solution. Just make sure you place it where the lights can shine something close to the camera.

And if you are using an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant smart display as your home security controller, Nooie is a good security camera that you can integrate to help protect your home.

In short, Nooie offers a good solution for the person looking for an attractively priced smart home outdoor security camera, and a solid option for anyone who needs a strong night vision solution.


  • Price
  • Long range night vision
  • Custom sound and motion detection

The inconvenients:

  • Need a cloud plan or a MicroSD card to see which alerts triggered
  • Small field of view
  • Does not support 5 GHz. Only 2.4 GHz networks.


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