Organize bathroom drawers and smart storage ideas

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A lot of different things are stored inside ours bathroom drawers, hidden away but still easily accessible. The contents are often intertwined and cluttered, which can make drawers seem like an inefficient and impractical storage solution. The problem can be easily solved with some bathroom drawer organizers. Here are a few options to choose from.

Cool bathroom drawer organizer ideas

Simple craft table organizer

bathroom drawer organizer

What can help keep the contents of a bathroom drawer organized is to divide the interior into smaller sections. You can do it with just some craft board and wood glue. The drawer organizer can be customized based on the things you store there and your own needs.

Can be adapted to DIY organizer

Can be adapted to DIY organizerLook in the gallery

Bathroom drawers are quite large if you know how to organize them. Dividing them into smaller sections helps keep the content separate and organizes them into different categories. For example, toothbrush and toothpaste can remain separate from your hair bands and from makeup. Check out this simple guide from hazelandgolddesigns to find out how you can customize this type of organizer.

Detachable drawer organizer

Detachable drawer organizerLook in the gallery

It is very useful to clean that the drawer organizer is removable. It will also mean that you can take it out and replace it or make adjustments with ease if or when needed. You can find useful tips and detailed instructions on how to make a removable drawer organizer from scratch on divaofdiy.

Modular ground organizer

Modular ground organizerLook in the gallery

There are also many drawer organizers and other accessories that you can find in the stores and that can help you keep the mess in check. For example, this set of 9 trays from Kootek is very versatile and modular. You can arrange the trays, however you want, to organize your bathroom drawers, and they are sleek and transparent so they do not stand out or take up much space themselves.

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How to organize drawers with containers

How to organize drawers with containersLook in the gallery

It is helpful to know a few helpful tips before you start organizing and all your drawers in the bathroom. This way, you can avoid buying the wrong organizers or end up having to make changes. For example, it helps to empty all the contents of the drawers and go through them and get rid of everything that does not belong there. Then you have a minor mess to deal with when you put all the organizers in. Check out smallstuffcounts for some more tips.

16-piece drawer set

16-piece drawer setLook in the gallery

If you have a large drawer, or if you want to divide into many small sections, get a set with many pieces. The Kootek 16-piece drawer organization set has a lot of trays in different shapes and sizes that you can arrange and combine as you like. They are clear and made of plastic, and you can use not only for drawers for the bathroom, but also for the kitchen or for your office supplies.

A number of options

A number of optionsLook in the gallery

Not all drawers are the same, so they may not all be organized the same way. Therefore, it is good to have a number of options and accessories to choose from such as plastic trays, split organizers, separate organizers, different boxes and so on. In addition, each of these can be used in a variety of ways. Check out the tidbits cami for more details and ideas on this.

Clear rectangular slopes

Clear rectangular slopesLook in the gallery

Rectangular trays like these from STORi are really good for drawers in the bathroom because they fit right into things like toothbrushes, hairbrushes and various makeup products. They are also made of clear plastic that does not visually clutter the drawer and keeps it neat and clean. A set of 6 may be enough for all your needs.

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Dollar store organizers

Dollar store organizersLook in the gallery

Keeping your home clean and organized should not be expensive. Things like bathroom drawers do not have to be complicated. A few small containers from the dollar store would definitely do the trick. Choose and select, and create your own custom organizational system with containers in different shapes and sizes. Check out the summer umbrella for more useful and inspiring ideas.

Bamboo organizer set

Bamboo organizer setLook in the gallery

Sure, plastic containers and trays are also very practical and quite inexpensive, but they are not always the best option. If you want a set of drawer organizers that look a little more elegant, check out this lovely set of bamboo trays from Pipishell. It is stylish enough to look good in your office, in the kitchen and of course in the bathroom.

Adjustable aluminum organizers

Adjustable aluminum organizersLook in the gallery

As with most things, it requires some trial and error because you can figure out exactly what the best configuration for your bathroom drawer holder is. Fortunately, adjustable organizer like this aluminum allows you to experiment with different options and make adjustments without having to replace the organizer. Check it out on Amazon for more details.

Drawer partitions of lathes

Drawer partitions of lathesLook in the gallery

At your local hardware store, you should be able to find these thin pieces of wood that are super cheap and easy to cut. You can use a few of these to make some partitions for your bathroom drawers and other drawers to be organized. You can sand them down and stain or paint them if you want to customize them even more. There is a detailed guide on organized mother giving you all the details.

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Reorganized silverware organizer

Reorganized silverware organizerLook in the gallery

Although made for kitchen drawers, silverware organizers can also prove to be excellent for bathroom drawers. It turns out that the rooms are just right for toothbrushes, toothpaste and other such things. See if you can find one that fits in your bathroom drawer and try this idea. More info and useful tips can be found at littlepenelopelane.

Organization of makeup drawers


You can dedicate an entire drawer to all your makeup products and accessories. It does not have to be a large drawer and you can divide it into sections using different trays or trash cans. Then you can fill them all in and save things in small groups based on the rules you prefer. Check out the shutterbean to see how easy and convenient this method is.

Simple ideas for organizing


You do not have to worry about organizing what fits perfectly. If you use a lot of plastic trays or trays, this is likely to be the case. Still, one section of the drawer can be left open and you can only split the rest. Just customize according to your needs. You can find a lot of tips and ideas in this video tutorial by Tara Henderson.

Symmetrical partitions

organized bathroom drawerLook in the gallery

A simple symmetrical grid can fit you really well if you want to divide a bathroom drawer into smaller sections. It would also be easier to build if you make a custom one from scratch. There is a tutorial on simplepracticalbeautiful that can guide you through the entire process and that is focused exactly on this type of design.

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