Our demonstration of the Breville Dose-Control Pro conical burr mill.

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Over the past few years, we’ve looked at a number of coffee makers, but not a lot of coffee grinders.

I guess when a coffee grinder works, it works … and there’s not much incentive to try something new.

So I was happy when the folks at Breville were kind enough to send us a Dose-Control Pro.

As the name suggests, this grinder aims to give you a controlled dose of ground coffee, every time, without any hassle.

Here is how it works.

First, turn the collar just below the bean hopper to select the fineness or coarseness of the coffee. Great for Turkish coffee to coarse enough for a press pot or a French press, and anything in between.

This machine has 60 different settings between the two extremes. This allows you to experiment with a whole range of grinds when grinding for your own brewing system, whatever it is. For comparison, our last mill only had 16 options, compared to 60.

Then there is a dial around the button on the front of the machine. This sets the time.

If you always grind coffee for a single coffeemaker, you can keep these settings indefinitely. Every morning, just press the button on the front and the grinder will always deliver the same amount of coffee with the exact same size.

If, like us, you are grinding for both a drip coffee machine and an espresso machine, you have to remember two different sets of numbers.

Now a few things we really love about this coffee grinder …

First of all, it has a wide and open space under the spout of the grinder. This means that you can grind directly into the coffee filter of your drip coffee maker. Super-fast and easy.

Second, the grinder comes with an attachment allowing you to grind directly into the filter holder of your espresso machine.

Third, by pressing the button during grinding, the grinder stops. Perfect when you want to adjust the grind in your portafilter at mid-grind. Press the button again to finish grinding for the set number of seconds.

Fourth, I really like solid engineering. When I removed the hopper and reassembled the top half of the burr crusher assembly, it was good to feel the weight and weight of the components. The solid construction gives me confidence that the machine will last.

Finally, I really hope this grinder will help me improve my espresso. I find making an espresso extremely ruthless if the coffee grind isn’t right for your espresso machine and the filter in the portafilter.

With luck, this grinder will help make perfect espressos more consistently.

Overall, we really love this machine, and it will now be our favorite grinder for our drip coffee maker and espresso machine.

If you can’t find one locally, you can get the Breville Dose-Control Pro from Amazon.comir?t=coffeedetecti 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00RLXPHJ8.

If it’s a hand grinder you want …

For travel or for those times when you want the full hands-on experience, our favorite hand held coffee grinder is the VSSL JAVA.

Breville Dose Control Pro Coffee Grinder.The Breville Dose Control Conical Burr Coffee Grinder grinds directly into the drip brew filter or portafilter of your espresso machine.
Coffee grinder coffee.The Breville Dose-Control Pro is essentially a smaller version of the coffee grinders you see in gourmet cafes, like the one you see in this photo.

How to choose the best coffee grinder

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NOTE: This product was sent to us free of charge in exchange for a review. (That said, we still reserve the right to NOT rate a free product if we don’t like it or think you won’t like it.)

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