Quartz vs marble vs granite A Look At The Differences

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Quartz vs marble vs granite. If you are considering installing new countertops, you need to know the differences among these three types of stone. Hopefully you will soon be sure of the tabletop you choose.

Quartz vs marble vs granite

Quartz vs marble vs granite

Before we compare the different types of stones, we need to describe each type of stone. While there are other types of countertops available such as laminate and concrete, the three we will discuss today are quite similar.

What is quartz?

What is quartz

Quartz is a igneous rock that contains oxygen and silicon atoms. Quartz countertops are made with extracted quartz. After the quartz is extracted, it is crushed and mixed with resin to create a solid surface.

The process is exciting and has been so for over 2000 years with quartz objects dating back to 800-600 BC. Jewelry was one of the first things made with quartz.

What is granite?

What is granite?

Granite is another stone that is hard and magmatic. What few people are aware of is that granite is made from quartz. You can have granite countertops that are also quartz countertops. But granite is not always quartz.

Granite is formed when magma below the earth’s surface crystallizes, solidifies into a crystal form and takes all it can during the process. This explains why granite does not have the same color and why there is a different pattern.

What is marble?

What is marble

Marble is a metamorphic rock that has been transformed over time with heat and pressure. Marble is a stone that was once limestone. The limestone was put under intense pressure and withstood intense heat.

It came out at the other end and looked beautiful. Marble is the butterfly of the stone, which is just another reason why people love it so much. But like the other two stones, it has advantages and disadvantages.

Quartz vs marble vs granite differences

Quartz vs marble vs granite A Look At The Differences

Quartz, marble and granite have important differences that need to be outlined to be understood. Let’s divide these differences into categories to make them easy to filter through. Starting with the most popular category.

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The top priority of one person may not be the same priority as another. But most homeowners agree that cost is important. Therefore, we decided that the price of each stone should be taken up first.

Price: Quartz vs marble vs granite

The price of the tabletop you choose may take precedence over other factors. Cost is the first thing most people consider when choosing something for their home. Let’s look at the average price for these three countertops.

  • Quartz – $ 100 to $ 200 per square foot
  • Marble – $ 50 to $ 300 per square foot
  • Granite – $ 30 to $ 100 per square foot

Durability: Quartz vs marble vs granite

The durability of the tabletop is basic. For the sake of clarity, we refer to how scratch-resistant the table top is and how long it usually lasts. So it’s time to dump her and move on.

  • Quartz Quartz can be scratched and cut, but it is unlikely that any of these things would happen. If you drop a heavy pan on it, you may end up having to repair it, but small scratches will not last.
  • Marble – Marble countertops will scratch. They are bound to scratch because it is not easy to use a kitchen countertop without being rough at some point. These countertops are a luxury. but not practical.
  • Granite Granite is a durable material that does not scratch easily. It is important to reseal your granite countertops every few years. If you use them regularly, reseal them annually.

Water resistance: Quartz vs marble vs granite

We will not classify waterproofing under durability for a few reasons. Waterproofing comes in a can. It does not affect how easy it is to scratch a tabletop and damage it.

  • Quartz Quartz is water-repellent. The reason for this is that it is made with resin that ensures that it can be waterproof when you buy it. You do not need to seal it with the same type of sealer.
  • Marble- Marble is ready to absorb any liquid spilled on it due to the porous surface. Be careful not to spill on it and use a water-repellent protective cover to seal the countertops.
  • Granite- Seal your granite countertops. If the granite countertops are not sealed, water will absorb into the pores. Once the water is absorbed, it will eventually destroy the countertops. If it is sealed, there will be few problems with liquids.

Sustainability: Quartz vs marble vs granite

Sustainability is worth mentioning. The word sustainability means “the ability to be maintained at a certain speed or level”. If the material is not available at all times, then it is not sustainable.

  • Quartz Quartz is a green material that has a long life and is recyclable. These factors make quartz one of the most sustainable tabletop options.
  • Marble- Marble is sustainable. It is not as long lasting as quartz, but it is natural. Quartz is more sustainable than marble, but marble is still sustainable.
  • Granite- Granite is just as sustainable as quartz. In fact, granite is composed of quartz. Most companies extract it without disturbing the ecosystem.
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Heat resistance: quartz vs marble vs granite

Heat resistance is also different from durability. In the kitchen, heat resistance is relevant because there is always heat when cooking. However, each tabletop can only handle a certain amount of heat.

  • Quartz Quartz is a stone that has seen its share of heat. Quartz should not get hotter than 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid placing hot pans on quartz without placing a cutting board under the pan.
  • Marble- Marble is heat resistant and it also undergoes extreme heat when created in nature. It can get about twice as hot as quartz before it cracks.
  • Granite- Of the three types of countertops, granite is the most heat resistant. It can hold to over 500 degrees before it starts to crack. Nothing in the kitchen gets so hot except the broiler.

Installation: Quartz vs marble vs granite

If you can install one type of stone countertop, you will have no trouble installing the others. The difference lies in the intersection. Cutting holes for the sink and smoothing edges vary. Let’s take a closer look at the installation of each type of countertop.

  • Quartz Quartz produces a lot of dust when cut. This is something to note as you should wear goggles and a mask. Use a wet saw with a diamond plate and be ready to polish it.
  • Marble- Marble is easier to cut than quartz because it is more compact, but it is heavier. There is less dust and it works with you when you are halfway through. Cut wet in the same way as quartz and take things slowly.
  • Granite- As with the other two, you should cut wet with a diamond blade. Cutting granite is like cutting quartz. Granite is much lighter than marble, which is difficult to move.

Versatility: Quartz vs marble vs granite

Versatility is important for those who want to let their creative juices flow and make a statement. If creativity is your priority, then you need to know how versatile each type of countertop will be.

  • Quartz Real quartz is white or has at least a white background. You can buy colored quartz in a variety of natural colors, but most of them are white, gray or cream.
  • Marble- There are many natural marble colors. Carrera Marble is a popular dream choice. Others include pink, red, brown, white, cream and green. You may notice that marble comes in most colors.
  • Granite- Granite has the largest selection of natural colors because granite is a blend of stones. Blue Bahia is one of the most beautiful choices, but it is expensive. You can get granite in any color.
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Frequently asked questions about quartz, marble and granite

Frequently asked questions about quartz, marble and granite

If you still have questions regarding stone countertops, then these frequently asked questions can take care of any lingering questions you may have.

How do you see marble, granite and quartz?

Telling the difference between marble, granite and quartz may not be easy. The pattern is the easiest way to tell. Marble has a large layered pattern. Granite has a dense, spotted pattern. Quartz appears to have something embedded in the stone.

Which table top is the best?

There is no “best” countertop. There is a best tabletop for you. Look through the pros and cons of each. If you find a dealbreaker, take this option out of the equation and start over.

How do you clean marble, granite and quartz countertops?

Cleaning marble, granite and quartz is easy. You can use a simple detergent like vinegar. You can also buy a table cleaner that is safe to use. Avoid chemicals as they should not be near food.

Can you paint countertops?

You can paint some countertops. You can paint over countertops with special non-toxic stone paint. Once you have painted them, use a clear, non-toxic sealer. But feel free to use the sealer to preserve the natural look of the stone.

What table tops can you cut?

You can cut any kind of tabletop. Some table tops are easier to cut than others. The hardest part is cutting the washing insert point over without breaking the table top. Become familiar with the saw you choose and test it on plywood.

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