Save space and energy with a bathroom LED mirror

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Thinking of buying one LED mirror for your bathroom? LED bathroom mirrors is a good addition as they help provide some much needed light when getting ready in the morning. When buying a mirror, you need to consider a few things before proceeding with your purchase.

Bathroom Wall LED mirror

The first thing you need to consider is the dimensions of your wall. Not only do you want your mirror to fit, but choosing a larger mirror for smaller bathrooms helps make your room look bigger. Then you will think about the design of the mirror as it should effortlessly fit into your bathroom aesthetic.

How to choose a mirror in the bathroom

You might think “meh, it’s just a mirror”, but it’s important to like what you see every morning when you go into the bathroom. And it’s not just what you want to invest in quality products for your home. So what do you need to know before spending money on a bathroom mirror?

  • If you want a balanced look in your bathroom, it is important to dimension the mirror. Vanity mirrors should not be wider than vanity (there are, of course, a few exceptions to this rule), so it is safer if you just choose mirrors that are as wide as vanity. In terms of height, the mirror should reach about one foot above your eye level.
  • Those of you who have multiple sinks should consider purchasing two separate mirrors for a much nicer visual effect. Alternatively, you can choose a mirror that is as wide as both sinks.
  • If you plan to place sconces on the sides of the mirror, you will want to choose a smaller one. This adds style and functionality to the wall right in front of the sink.
  • If you want a mirror that can double storage space, why not invest in a medicine cabinet? These are usually inserted into the wall, and the mirror hides storage that may be at your service.
  • Round mirrors give your bathroom a certain appeal that rectangular mirrors do not seem to replicate. It can become a focal point in a bathroom filled with straight lines, and they work really well with plinth sinks.

Types of mirrors in the bathroom

You think that bathroom mirrors are only available in a few options, but there are lots of different types to choose from, and knowing all about them puts you in the right bath to choose a product that suits your bathroom:

  • Framed mirrors are available in many different styles, and the frames can be simple or ornate.
  • On the other hand, frameless mirrors have padded edges and they are better for a modern bathroom.
  • Illuminated mirrors have a built-in light that makes it really easy to put on make-up or just concentrate the light around the mirror so you can get a better overview of what you are doing.
  • Vanity mirrors are designed to sit directly on the vanity and they usually have two sides where one is enlarged.
  • Venetian mirrors have a glass-etched design that also acts as the edge of the mirror. They are really elegant.
  • Medicine cabinet mirrors are mirrors that hide shelves and they help get the essentials out of the way. They are excellent for small bathrooms.
  • Swivel mirrors are mounted on the wall using two hinged points so you can tilt the mirror to the angle that suits you.
  • Extension mirrors have arms that can be swung or extended with an accordion bracket.
  • LED mirrors have ledges that can be used to store bathroom products or decorative items, such as small plants that can find their way into the bathroom.
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Are LED bathroom mirrors good?

Yes, they are, especially if you perform tasks in front of your vanity in the bathroom that require light concentrated around the mirror. Although they are a little more expensive compared to other models, they are perfect for those of you who e.g. Like to make up or for those of you who are passionate about skin care routines in the morning and evening.

Do LED mirrors need electricity?

Although there are some models that do not, the general answer is yes, LED mirrors require electricity to work. However, one of the biggest advantages of LED bulbs is that they are far more energy efficient compared to other types of bulbs out there, so they are really worth investing.

What is a backlit mirror in the bathroom?

A backlit bathroom mirror is pretty much the same as an LED mirror, only it is not limited to using only LED bulbs. The idea behind the product is the same: You have a mirror with integrated bulbs that uses electricity to turn them on.

Top bathroom wall LED mirror ideas

If you get an LED bathroom mirror, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options out there. To help, we went ahead and provided details on 9 of some of best LED bathroom mirrors in the market that will hopefully help you make your decision.

1. Modern frameless illuminated bathroom mirror with shelves

Modern Frameless Lighted Bathroom Mirror with ShelvesLook in the gallery

This modern hardwired LED illuminated wall mirror is both versatile and aesthetically pleasing. It diffuses a white warm glow behind frosted glass and even has a touch sensor function with two different color settings that can be optimized according to your mood. You can choose whether you want to mount this mirror either vertically or horizontally and is perfect over any vanity in the bathroom.

The mirror is copper-free, environmentally friendly and has less chance of corroding compared to its silver models. It has an excellent LED backlight and provides good lighting for your bathroom. With this mirror, you do not even need additional lighting as it gives you everything you need. In addition, the mirror also has an anti-fog function, a dimmable function that can be controlled by a touch button and is both waterproof and moisture resistant.

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2. Albinson LED bathroom / vanity mirror

Albinson LED Bathroom Vanity MirrorLook in the gallery

This LED bathroom mirror will add a modern aesthetic to your bathroom while illuminating the space. The good thing about this mirror is that it has a magnifying glass that is great for those who need a closer look while putting on their makeup or getting ready in the morning. It is also a larger rectangle horizontal mirror that is perfect for larger bathrooms.

This lovely mirror also comes with a touch sensor switch along with hot / cold color changeable lights. The colors of the light are yellowish white if they are warm and have more of a bluish white color if they are cold. With an acrylic light diffuser on top of the mirror, this really is a perfect purchase that makes you put your best face forward every morning.

3. Severn Modern & Contemporary Lighted Bathroom / Vanity Mirror

Severn Modern Contemporary Lighted BathroomLook in the gallery

For a beautiful lighting every morning, this illuminated mirror in the bathroom has got you covered. It is quick to install and the hanging hooks mean installation is a breeze. The mirror is also equipped with LED lights that have a lifespan of about 40 years, and the super white light gives you all the brightness you need.

Another unique feature of this mirror is its super-sensitive touch button, which you can press to turn on / off the light. There is no flicker with this mirror light, no UV and is also mercury free. With optimum brightness, accurate color and remarkable clarity, this really is a great mirror if you want to start the day in a better light.

4. Ketron Modern and modern dimmable accent mirror

Ketron Modern Contemporary Dimmable Accent MirrorLook in the gallery

You are sure to get ready every morning with this Dimmable accent mirror. It has a modern and contemporary look to suit any bathroom aesthetic, and the mirror in the backlight adds an extra touch of shine and style to any bathroom decor. Feel free to place the mirror vertically or horizontally and it is great for all your needs, from makeup, blow drying your hair and more.

Need to add this to your restaurant or hotel? No worries, this mirror is also perfect for these spaces. Installing the mirror requires hard wires so you can get a professional electrician for the job. The mirror also has magnification properties and it can be dimmed and fits all your needs well.

5. Pigg Glam Frameless Lighted Bathroom Mirror

Pigg Glam Frameless Lighted Bathroom MirrorLook in the gallery

This beautifully framelessly lit bathroom mirror has all the features you need. It has a sensor touch that has memory controllers along with color change and attenuation functions. All you have to do is place your finger on the sensor key and the mirror turns on / off automatically. Do you need your mirror to be a little brighter? You just have to adjust it to your needs.

If you are not a fan of mirrors that mist, you will be happy to know that this mirror comes with an anti-fog feature. It is also designed with copper-free silver for a reduced corrosion rate, is environmentally friendly and also energy-saving.

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6. Casperson LED angular illuminated with Bluetooth speakers bathroom

Casperson LED Bordered Illuminated with Bluetooth Speakers BathroomLook in the gallery

If you’ve always been someone who enjoys playing music while getting ready, this LED bathroom mirror is perfect for you. It has Bluetooth speakers that border the mirror along with a continuous white LED light to take your bathroom to greater heights. The bathroom speakers have high-quality built-in sound, and you can control the volume from your Bluetooth device or even directly from the mirror.

With a large pairing function, the demister function also ensures that your mirror stays lit at all times. With its bright white lights, this is a great mirror to add to any bathroom. Due to the high quality construction, you also do not have to worry about the bathroom rusting and the coating helps with fog – especially in climates with high humidity.

7. Alcalde Mordern & Contemporary Frameless Lighted Bathroom – Vanity Mirror

Alcalde Mordern Contemporary Frameless Lighted Bathroom Vanity MirrorLook in the gallery

For a modern mirror with a clean design, this frameless illuminated mirror is the perfect addition. It has a modern look that adds brightness to any bathroom. As it is slightly wider than most mirrors, it is great for larger bathrooms and is incredibly easy to install. All you have to do to turn the mirror on / off is by tilting your hand in front of the sensor.

It also has a nice matte pattern on four sides of the mirror along with an acrylic light diffuser on the back of the mirror. Since it needs to be wired, it would probably be best to have an electrician help you professionally install the mirror.

8. Moores Reflection dimmable LED-lit frosted edge bathroom / vanity mirror

Moores Reflection Dimmable LED Lighted Frosted Edge Bathroom MirrorLook in the gallery

This frosted edge mirror is the perfect addition to your bathroom as it comes with various features that give you everything you need. Its touch sensor means that all that is needed is a wave of the hand so that the mirror can turn on and off. It also gives a cool color when turned on and goes well with a modern bathroom.

People who have bought the mirror have given it fantastic reviews and mentioned that the damping function is also good. If you have always wanted to have a snazzy mirror, this mirror will have you covered and ready to start the day every morning.

9. Leopoulos Modern & Contemporary Lighted Bathroom / Vanity Mirror

Leopoulos Modern Contemporary Lighted Bathroom Vanity MirrorLook in the gallery

To one elongated LED mirror that creates a natural look, this is the mirror you need to buy. It is also long lasting, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. There are three soft touch switches that you can easily turn on / off and use to adjust the brightness or change the color temperature. The frames help give the mirror some extra protection while sprinkling an elegant design.

Other features of the mirror include a de-fogger that keeps your mirror fog-free along with the ability to adjust your brightness settings according to your needs. The mirror also produces high-quality task lights that are perfect for putting on your makeup, while the smart memory function remembers your favorite setting.

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