Scanpan vs Tefal – Which brand is the best?

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Are you also looking for the best nonstick pan for your cooking needs? It will certainly not be easy! The variants and options for the best pans can be endless in the market. Therefore, it may be the biggest struggle today to find the best nonstick pan brand.

In addition, nonstick pans have become very popular and demanded in every household. That’s why all new and old cookware brands are introducing nonstick pans because of this popularity.

Scanpan vs Tefal

If we talk about the most famous brands in this race, they are undoubtedly Scanpan and Tefal. It would not be difficult to find these brands’ nonstick pans as they are prevalent everywhere.

Either because of their many years of service or their advanced quality for the production of pots; Both Tefal and Scanpan have taken a firm place in the kitchen utensils market.

Scanpan against Tefal

Before we move on to a detailed discussion of both of these brands, let’s take a closer look at the essential details of these brands. From the type of nonstick coating to the manufacturing product, everything relevant matters when you buy a nonstick pan for your cooking needs.

Since each brand has a different process of making their nonstick pots to make them different, you can not expect the same product and the same quality from all of them.

So it is very important to learn about Scanpan and Tefal’s pan criteria to get the best idea of ​​what to buy. In addition, the manufacture of a pot affects its cooking performance. So no matter how classic it looks, quality production is also necessary.

Let us now highlight some such necessary pan-making details for these brands.

Scanpan Tefal
Made at Denmark France
Made with Titanium and ceramics Aluminum
Non-Stick coating type Stratanium + PTFE
Price Check out the Amazon Store Check out the Amazon Store

GreenPan cookware

Do you now want to find out more about the most exciting kitchen utensil brands, ie. GreenPan Cookware?

This Belgian-based cookware brand has successfully made its mark in the top brands of the cookware industry.

The brand’s uniqueness is not limited to its advanced production of kitchen utensils. Instead, it also offers innovation of healthy and safe nonstick coating alternatives.

According to this concept, GreenPan was the first kitchen utensil brand to implement safe and healthy nonstick coating alternatives. This innovative production has resulted in making GreenPan one of the most reliable and dependable brands of cookware.

Along with making healthy cookware, GreenPan is also using the technology under development. With this technology, they have introduced more ceramic cookware nonstick category. GreenPan also has design and functionality at the next level of cookware that makes it a famous brand.

In addition, GreenPan cookware aims to introduce innovative categories of cookware to cooking enthusiasts continuously. In this way, GreenPan cookware serves almost every household with new cookware innovations. So these pans are made with Thermolon to give the best performance and durability.

But that’s not all that makes GreenPan a distinctive cookware brand. Do you know why? It’s only because this ceramic based cookware can also handle extreme heat levels. In addition, these pans have 842 degrees heat certification for guaranteed results.

Qualities of GreenPans pans and cookware

Completely non-toxic

The materials used to make GreenPan cookware are completely non-toxic. They have no traces of cadmium, PFAS, PFOA and PTFE. So this cookware is exceptionally safe and reliable for long-term and daily cooking needs.

Recycled aluminum and stainless steel

The primary goal of GreenPan Cookware is to work on recycling during the manufacture of cookware. Therefore, most of these kitchen utensils are made from recycled aluminum and stainless steel. GreenPan cookware also focuses on the use of the Thermolon coating. This coating reduces CO2 emissions to 60%.

Alternatively, the traditional nonstick pans and cookware coatings emit much more CO2 in the process.

Environmentally friendly production

To ensure that the quality or durability of the pots and utensils is not compromised, GreenPan uses only safer and more environmentally friendly materials. In addition, the manufacturing environment for GreenPan cookware is also certified with various ISO certificates.

After these features and GreenPan cookware’s goal of offering varieties that can meet all kitchen needs, GreenPan cookware has increased drastically. With every type of this brand, safe, high-quality cooking is also guaranteed.

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Tefal cookware

The other famous brand with nonstick pan and cookware is Tefal. Tefal is also one of the most trusted and dependable brands in kitchenware stores. It is known not only in France but also the worldwide kitchen utensils and household stores.

This brand has 60 years of service in the manufacture of pots and pans. In these years, Tefal has secured the trust of thousands of its customers around the world.

Tefal cookware was the first manufacturers of cookware to remove PFOA from its nonstick coating. This discovery was praised decades ago when Tefal became the first manufacturer of kitchen utensils to produce nonstick pans. It would not even be wrong to say that Tefal’s journey of recognition began after this discovery.

Another unique detail of Tefal cookware in the manufacturing process is the regular analysis and examination processes. These tests are performed by reliable laboratories on all their nonstick kitchen utensils. This routine check has successfully guaranteed the absence of PFOA in Tefal’s manufactured kitchen utensils. Therefore, all its products are PFOA-free.

Going forward, we can also not ignore the unique concept of Tefal’s innovation of nonstick frying pans, which started in 1954. This refers to the manufacture of nonstick cookware with the use of PTFE on aluminum counters.

This way, there is no doubt that Tefal pans are completely nonstick. So you can enjoy an exciting high quality dining experience with these pans.

Features of Tefal cookware / pans

Inert coating

This cookware has a safe PTFE inert coating that guarantees a safer cooking experience for everyone.

Low fat coating

The innovative and reliable low-fat coating of Tefal pans and cookware ensures that you can enjoy a low-fat cooking experience. So you can meet your low fat cooking needs with these modern nonstick pans.

Environmentally friendly production

With guaranteed ISO 14001 environmental locations at all factories in Tefal, this brand’s kitchen utensils are manufactured with an environmentally friendly concept.

In addition, Tefal’s manufacturing processes also follow strict environmentally friendly rules that value the environment during manufacturing. So these pans and cookware are also earth friendly.

Reduced pollution

To reduce pollution by 90% in the manufacturing process of Tefal cookware, all Tefal cookware is made from recycled aluminum.

With this 100% recycled aluminum, the use of recycled aluminum is increased, while the need to produce new aluminum is reduced in the process. As a result, the idea of ​​reducing pollution is focused on Tefal.

According to the brand’s idea, all Tefal pans and kitchen utensils are designed and manufactured according to your daily cooking needs. To promote kitchen utensils that can adapt to different lifestyles, Tefal Cookware offers excellent black facilities for everyone.

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GreenPan Vs. Tefal – What is the difference?

With this discussion of the basic production of these brands, we are sure that you have taken advantage of all the insights into their production difference. But is that all? Of course not! Since both brands have several differences in their forehead outlook and performance, you should also learn about it.

In addition, these are the two most crucial aspects of any cookware brand that either elevate or reduce your cooking quality. So why compromise on that at all?

Let us discuss these differences below in detail to make the best decision for your kitchen setting.


The very first and most crucial difference in any cookware is the design of such pots. Most of the cookware is quite similar in design, but some advanced brands may vary in design.

Similarly, both of these premium brands also have a noticeable difference in their pan design.

First, if we are talking about GreenPan, these pans are designed with a completely different idea. Some of the GreenPan models may have a basic handle / lid design, but the Rotterdam model offers pans with stainless steel handle designs.

This design has a stainless steel handle that consists of a removable rubber cover for a firm grip. This practical design ensures that you can easily hold the handle, even when the pot is hot.

On the other hand, the design of Tefal pans and cookware handles / lids is lightweight. These pans have a stainless steel handle that has a strong and secure grip.

However, this design does not mean that you may face eating problems with your Tefal pans, as these pans have a special heat-resistant coat. So you can enjoy a shiny design with a safe cooking experience.


Not all nonstick brands manufacture pans and cookware that last longer than usual. These pans have a limited nonstick and healthy cooking time. So it is crucial to learn the durability criteria of the pans you buy.

Here, GreenPan offers efficient use and performance for 1 year. However, you can increase the efficiency and healthy performance of these pans by often avoiding using them at high heat levels.

So you can use these pans on low to medium heat to make them last longer. If you avoid the frequent washing of these pans, you can preserve their properties for several years.

On the other hand, Tefal uses a 3x longer-lasting coating on tier pans and kitchen utensils. This coat not only offers durability but also adds unsurpassed quality of pans that least affect the environment.

Cleaning and scratch resistance

When we talk about non-stick pans, you usually do not face many cleaning applications. Since these pans are nonstick and they can handle cooking hard and crispy foods easily. However, not all nonstick pans offer users the same ease of cleaning.

Similarly, it is also important to have a scratch-resistant pan to maintain its nonstick properties.

If we talk about the GreenPan cookware, these have a ceramic nonstick manufacturing process. So you can easily enjoy a regular cleaning.

These pans also guarantee a scratch-resistant coat. So you can constantly use and clean these pans is more convenient.

On the other hand, Tefal kitchen pots also have the same approach to offering quality to their customers.

These pans include 100% recycled aluminum, which also makes these pans super smooth to clean. Their hydrophobic material properties also make them easier to clean. In addition, the scratch-resistant coats on these pans also guarantee long-term effective use.

Summary: Greenpan vs. Tefal

Now that we are all done with the detailed insights and differences in GreenPan and Tefal pans, it is time to summarize the various beneficial factors in the pans from both of these brands.

GreenPan Tefal
Scratch-resistant steel and aluminum pots Scratch-resistant aluminum bucket
Better handle design Reliable inert PTFE coating
Offers great value Lasts longer

First of all, we have discussed that we can clearly say that both brands are tough competition for each other with only a small difference. However, you can still choose the better option according to your pan requirements.

If you need a more significant casserole that offers healthy and safe cooking, then GreenPan is the answer. But if you need long-lasting and environmentally friendly pans, buy Tefal pans.

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