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We have all let a few things slip in the staff maintenance this year. Maybe you have packed on “lockdown 15”, or maybe you have developed a caveman-like nonchalance towards all the hair that grows out of your being. We at Wirecutter are here to help, not to judge. If you’re ready for a new you in 2021 – or to return to the previous, more complex you – check out these seven great deals on Wirecutter-approved choices that will help get your grooming routine back on track.

Lower the quarantine beard

Braun Series 7 7071cc ​​electric shaver
Michael Murtagh


This Braun shaving kit comes with everything you need to give yourself a uniform, close and comfortable shave, including a cleaning system that will help you keep your equipment in top shape for years to come. This Series 7 razor has been the best choice in our guide to the best electric razors for almost six years now, so you know you are investing in a high quality razor – and if you need more proof, it also comes with a two year warranty. The street price has dropped slowly over the last few years, but this is a great opportunity to assemble one of these razors at an even better price, similar to the previous lowest.

Read our review of the best electric razor.

First-class manual razors

Gillette Mach3 Turbo razor for men
Photo: Rozette Rago


For many of us, nothing is better than the lightness and maneuverability of a manual razor. Gillette’s Mach3 and Venus Original have repeatedly impressed our testers with their safety, speed and smoothness. They earn high marks because of how well the knife heads rotate on the handle, the effectiveness of the heads ‘lubrication strips to keep your shave comfortable, and a design that prevents heads from getting clogged with hair, shaving cream, and anything else that destroys you’ send better down the drain. Mach3 Turbo offers a slightly different lubrication band than Mach3 (our top choice), but our testers did not notice much difference.

We recommend Mach3 razors for shaving your face, but Gillette Venus Original got the best choice in our guide to the best razors for women, which are also the razors we recommend for body shaving. Then again, if bending the “pink tax” on more expensive, women-marketed products is on your New Year’s list, keep getting Mach3 instead.

An eye mask for super deep sleep

Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask
Photo: Michael Hession

Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask

After a nerve-wracking 2020, getting a closed eye of better quality certainly counts as a goal of personal care. For that, we recommend the light, contoured Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask. The top choice in our guide to the best sleep masks, it provides good light-blocking, a comfortable fit, and deep eyecups that give your peepers room to flutter away during REM sleep. Our testers found it best for people sleeping on their backs. And this deal allows you to rest easy knowing that you have purchased a good sleep mask for almost half the street.

A smart scale for data-driven fitness

Eufy Smart Scale P1
Photo: Rachel Cericola

Eufy Smart Scale P1

Whatever fitness journey you hope to embark on in the coming year, a smart scale can help by providing the weight tracking data you need to make the best diet and exercise choices for yourself. The P1 has a good balance between quality and affordability – especially with this deal – and it boasts Bluetooth capability and a user-friendly app that keeps your goals close at hand.

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