Small bathroom renovation ideas and inspiring designs

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Small rooms have their own charm because they pose a challenge. Given the limited amount of space, you need to make smart choices when furnishing and decorating such an area.

Ideas for remodeling small bathrooms

With that in mind, we are checking some today ideas for remodeling small bathrooms to see what can be done to get the most out of a small area.

12 ideas for remodeling bathrooms with a small layout

Modern with a touch of rustic remodeling

Modern with a hint of rustic remodel beforeSee in gallery

ideas for remodeling small bathroomsSee in gallery

What makes a room seem big or small is not just the size alone. Many elements influence how a room looks and feels, and often you need to use a combination of them to achieve the desired result. This small bathroom makeover from design fixation reveals how a bright and neutral color palette combined with geometric prints and wood accents can make a room like this look airy and very inviting.

A small bathroom renovation design with depth and character

Modern Farmhouse Small Bathroom Remodel beforeSee in gallery

A small bathroom renovation design with depth and characterSee in gallery

Surprisingly, black is a nice color for a small bathroom, as long as it does not overwhelm the whole room. This stylish conversion on lelaburris makes use of black as an accent color in combination with white. It adds a lot of depth to the space along with all the carefully placed accessories like the floating shelf above the toilet, the mirror and the gingerbread-inspired decorative panels.

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A simplified remodeling design

A simplified remodel design beforeSee in gallery

A simplified remodeling designSee in gallery

Another quite common design strategy when it comes to small bathrooms is to simplify the space and the design as a whole. Take this inspiring before and after transformation shown on mademois-elle as an example. The shower cubicle was reduced to just a clear glass partition, vanity was replaced with one that is more open and with clean and straight lines, and the rectangular mirror was replaced with a circular one.

Light and airy remodeling of the bathroom

Light and airy bathroom remodelSee in gallery

Light and airy remodeling of the bathroomSee in gallery

Colors such as white, beige, light gray and pastels are generally perfect for making small spaces appear larger, brighter and more airy. In the case of a small bathroom, you can pair these with some smart fixtures with a gold finish, which is actually a beautifully defining feature of this remodel from stylebyemilyhenderson. We love the mix of patterns used here. They add lots of character to this small room.

Fresh and nice

Fresh and cozy beforeSee in gallery

Fresh and niceSee in gallery

Making a small bathroom look cozy should not really be difficult. The key is not to make it seem cluttered and keep the design simple, but just the right amount of texture and detail. A nice and very inspiring bathroom renovation project can be found on domesticblonde. We especially love the retro rug that fits really well with the hardwood floor.

Bold pattern

Before and After Bathroom makeover revealSee in gallery

Bold patternsSee in gallery

Do not think that you should always avoid bold colors or patterns when decorating a small bathroom. In fact, instead of keeping the design super simple and neutral, you could go the opposite way and give it a very vibrant look. It can still be a relaxing and soothing space. Check out this little bathroom renovation from inmyownstyle for a little inspiration in this regard.

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A classic aesthetic

A classic aesthetic beforeSee in gallery

A classic aestheticSee in gallery

It is quite common to think that when you remodel and renovate a room, it should look more modern than before. But that’s just one of the many possibilities. When you look at this little bathroom renovation found in this game book, you can see that the new design has a classic feel. The white underground tiles are perfect for this type of aesthetic.

A changed layout

A change of layout beforeSee in gallery

A change of layoutSee in gallery

It can be difficult to change the layout of the bathroom because most fixtures and furniture depend on the location of the pipes. However, such a change may prove to be beneficial and worth the extra effort. It may make more sense to get the vanity and the sink moved if you feel they are not positioned optimally right now. A good example is a project found on oldbrandnew.

Elegant and on a budget

Elegant and on a budgetSee in gallery

Renovations of bathrooms do not have to cost a fortune and you can actually achieve a really beautiful and elegant design without going too far with the cost. This little bathroom renovation on a budget from pinklittlenotebook is very inspiring in this sense. The vanity is actually the same, but with a new black finish and a white marble top. The rest of the decor was designed to match this kind of aesthetic.

A nice floor design

Creative relocation beforeSee in gallery

small bathroom designSee in gallery

Is not this bathroom adorable? It is small and the sloping ceiling is usually not a desirable feature, but it looks so fresh and airy despite all the drawbacks. Our preferred feature is the floor tile design. The mix of white, blue and light gray shades really suits the space and the pattern has a floral vibe without being too specific about it. Check out the cutest digs for more details on this remodeling project.

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Creative relocation

Creative relocation before 1See in gallery

Creative relocationSee in gallery

You can also be creative with the layout and placement of spaces next to the bathroom, not just the bathroom itself. For example, this whole remodeling project from boxwoodavenue revolves around a narrow hallway that made transitions unnecessarily difficult and awkward. The room has since been reused and rebalanced, and part of the former hallway was transformed into this stylish little bathroom.

Mediterranean vibes

Mediterranean vibes beforeSee in gallery

Mediterranean vibesSee in gallery

There are plenty of colors and chromatic palettes to choose from for your new little bathroom design, and there is one that stands out: white and blue. It is a beautiful and versatile combination that gives off Mediterranean moods. The patterns on thezhush are interesting and daring, but do not go so far as to overcome this small space.

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