Standard height of shower valve- easy guides

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Do you want to learn about Standard height of shower valve? Most modern homes have showers, often they have over one. Not so long ago, bathtubs were very popular than showers. In modern age showers are at the top of adults, where bathtubs are a common.

shower valve height

Most of the time, you will hire a professional to install your shower valve, but sometimes you can do it yourself. You can use this shower installation guide to find out how to move or install your own shower head and shower valve.

A shower valve is a button that controls the water flow. This controls the heat and water pressure in the shower. If your shower valve is outdated, any problems with these two aspects may be because of the shower valve.

It may be necessary to hire an expert to replace fixture. If you do a total makeover on your shower, as it will be taken apart, anyway. Start with the shower floor and work your way up from there.

Right heights for your shower faucets ensure that it is easy to use your bathroom faucet, regardless of your height and activity, in the bathroom. Height of the shower valve from the floor must be such that the shortest and tallest person can use it without fighting. The same applies to the other furniture in the bathroom and the home. The heights of the wrong fixtures make it difficult to use your bathroom.

The professional people always tell about the standard shower valve height for shower enclosures is 28 inches. The height of the shower valve is 48 inches when showers set in bathtubs. We set the shower head to at least 70 inches high. We measured these distances from bathroom floor or shower and upwards.

If you are replacing or installing a new shower valve, In-line remote pressure balance valve is the best on the market. It is suitable for bathrooms with very low water pressure and is a 5-point changeover valve.

Heights for shower fittings

Luminaire Height from shower (inches)
Shower valve In the bathtub – 28
In the shower – 48
Shower head 72 or more
Shower handle 36 to 42
Brusehane 20

Shower valve Height

The shower valve rough in height depends on whether we placed the shower in the bath or in the shower cubicle.

1. Showers put in bathtubs

The height of the shower valve is 28 inches (2 feet 4 inches) from the floor for showers set in bathtubs. For this type of valves, the height is often low, as we connect them to both the tap and the shower. You must also reach the valve when you are in the bathtub and thus the low height.

The height of the tub spout should be 4 inches above the top edge of the tub surface. This allows for a 2-ich air gap over the overflow edge of the tub when it is filled.

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Shower in a shower cubicle

The standard shower valve height for a shower set in a shower stall is 48 inches (4 feet). This shower handle height is good for users, whether they are standing or sitting in a chair.

Height-adjustable shower valve

Installing a shower valve with adjustable height ensures that you can use the shower for all parts of the body without having to engage the shower too much with your hands. These methods to use when making an adjustable height shower valve:

  1. Screw height change

The screws shower valve is used to hold the new adjustable valve. Sand the existing valve down, then you insert a valve with the correct replacement screws. Replace the plate on which the current valve is located with a height-adjustable plate designed for your shower head or faucet. From here, you can make height change as you wish.


  • Manually operated mechanism

For the manually operated mechanism shower valve, a mechanical inverter or a hand tool is used to raise or lower the valve to a suitable height, as desired by the user.

  • Commercial adjustable valves

Some commercial shower valves allow for the installation of the adjustable valve on the wall, overcoming the problem of manual installations on the current setup.

A professional plumber can only instal most of these adjustments, as they involve delicate details.

Shower tap height

Shower taps should be 20 inches from the shower. Often they are the lowest of the fixtures in the bathroom.

Shower head Height

The minimum height of shower heads is 72 inches from the shower. You can set it higher if there is someone higher in the family. To get the maximum height for your shower head, use a rain shower head, which is installed in the bathroom’s ceiling.

You also have the choice of installing over one shower head or using a handheld shower head for people of different heights.

Shower handle Height

We mounted horizontal shower handles at a height of between 36 and 42 inches from the shower tray for the disabled. We mounted support brackets in the shower at an angle of between 30 and 45 degrees of safety reasons.

Distance between shower fittings

The distance between luminaires in the shower depends on the use of the luminaire. This distance determines the length of the pipes to be used between the luminaires.

When the shower head is 72 inches high and the valve 48 inches high, the pipe between them will be 24 inches (2 feet). When the shower head is 72 inches high and the valve 28 inches high, the pipe distance will be 44 inches (3 feet 8 inches).

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The hot and cold water handles should be 8 inches apart so that one is 4 inches to the right of the valve while the other is also 4 inches to the left of the valve.

There should be 6 inches between the center of the spout and the lower end of the valve body.

Each time you move the shower head or other fixtures, the distance between the fixtures also changes.

What determines the distance between shower fixtures?

The factors that determine the distance between shower fixtures include:

Local codes

Plumbing codes differ from one area of ​​jurisdiction to the next. For example, some areas require the shower head to be 72 inches high, while others require it to be 76 inches from the shower. Some codes are more flexible, allowing for different heights and distances between the fixtures in the bathroom.

Personal choices

Besides the plumbing codes in an area, your situation and choice can also determine how much distance you provide between bathroom fixtures. Shower valve height codes such as ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Requirements for shower valve measurements also come into play in this situation.

For example, if local codes require the shower head to be set to 72 inches but a person in the family is taller than 72 inches, you can adjust the height to accommodate the tallest person in the family.

Whatever adjustments you make to your plumbing system, consider the local regulations to ensure you comply with them at all levels. Failure to do so will be catastrophic for your plumbing and may even give you problems with the authorities.

Once you have your shower valve and other bathroom fixtures installed, you can learn how to clean a shower stall to keep the entire bathroom clean at all times.

What is a shower head?

What is a shower head?

Many people confuse shower valves and shower heads. But the shower head is the part of the hardware that the water comes from. It’s not a plumbing piece, but a piece of hardware. It goes on top of the pipe the water comes from.

There are many types of shower heads. Some cost only a few dollars, while others can cost hundreds or even thousands. While valves do not vary as much and there will always be standards.

Fortunately, shower heads are easy to replace. The instructions are often even on the box, so if you do not know where to start, you can start there. Most shower heads are compatible with most bases.

Standard shower head height

what is the height of shower valves

Standard height of the shower head is approx. 80 ″, as this has proven to be the safest and most comfortable. This is with a ceiling of about 90 ″, but the ceiling height is usually not considered.

The minimum height of a shower head is usually 72 ″ and should not be shorter than that unless you know the family personally. We’ll talk more about personal shower heights later, but 72 ″ is a good minimum.

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Standard height of shower valve

bathtub shower valve rough in height

Shower valve heights may vary more, as they are not relevant while showering, just before and after. The average height of a shower valve is 30-50 inches above the floor, although this is a general range.

For bathtub shower units, the height can only be a few inches around the tub or directly on the tub as part of the faucet. You can get hybrid valves that work with the tub, or get one completely separate for control at a higher location.

Shower head and shower height distance

shower valve rough in height

Now, if you have a bathtub-shower, then the rules are different and are more about the tub than the height of the shower head. But for other showers, you can measure the distance from your shower head to the valve.

If the shower head is 80 ″, a good height is approximately 45 ″ above the ground. To make things easier, you can always walk exactly halfway between the floor and the shower head. Here, it will be 40 ″ between the two.

Taking your family’s height into account

Cool shower valve height

Now this may be more important than the average shower valve height or the standard shower head. If you have a family of people that are over 6 feet tall, the minimum of 72 will not be ideal for your family.

Types of showers

When we now say types of showers, we do not mean shower / tub or tiled shower; we mean the type of shower head and shower valve. This affects the shower experience.


  • Mixer – a mixing valve is the classic type of shower valve. It has two valves, hot and a cold one. Each one controls different temperatures. This type of valve is becoming extinct for the benefit of others.
  • Pressure balance This type of shower valve is easy to use and the most common type. It has a button that you can adjust to be the right temperature with a mix of hot and cold, depending on where you land.
  • Thermostatic – this is usually digital, but may be in other ways. This type of valve has the temperature of a meter. So you know the temperature based on the number. It is usually a knob that controls it.

Shower heads

  • Single spray – this is a typical shower head that is quiet, mounted on the wall and is the cheapest kind you can get. It is a single spray and does not have extra holes at different levels as others do.
  • Detachable – Detachable shower heads can be used to wash your whole body more easily. It can function like a normal shower head, but contains a hose that makes it easy to move around and down.
  • Rain shower heads with rain are mounted in the ceiling or at least come out of the wall with the shower head pointing downwards, as if we mounted them in the ceiling. We consider them a luxurious shower head.
  • LED shower head – LED shower heads have lights on them that are waterproof. They give a new atmosphere and are perfect for showers that do not have light inside and are closed in, thus naturally dark.
There are many good things you can add to your bathroom to make the shower even better. To get a nice bathroom floor, upgrade your toilet, find a vanity with a marble countertop.
Here are some things you can do to upgrade your shower. Some are expensive, while others are more affordable. Find what works for your budget and should not only update your shower but also update it.

Shower temperature gauge

A shower temperature gauge makes your shower safer, more customizable, and advanced. We can place most meters on the outside of your shower and tell you the temperature of the water in your shower.

You can then find the perfect frame for yourself and set the same one every time. Each family member can have their own environment, so you can have the perfect temperature ready every time you take a bath.

Perfect shower curtain

Good shower curtains are so underrated. However, if you can find a good shower curtain, it can transform your bathroom, not just your shower experience. It all starts with finding the right size for your shower.

You want the shower curtain to be an anti-mildew material, but you also want it to just brush the floor, not the pool on the floor. Find out more about the perfect shower curtain with this size guide for shower curtains.

Floor in teak shower

If there is a way to make your shower look like a spa shower, it adds to a teak shower floor. While it has its pros and cons, it is more useful than it is hassle. Teak is a wonderful tree to be valued.

There are other options than teak, but in moisture resistance and attractiveness, teak is the best choice for shower floors. Use them in slats for a drainage shower floor that looks like a million dollars.

Standard height of shower valve- easy guides

Shower filter

Some homes have hard water that creates chaos in their showers. But a good shower filter can help with this. It can adjust the water pressure and filter out harmful minerals.

As great as shower filters can be, it can be a glorious trip to shop for the right shower filter. Check out this shower filter guide for tips, tricks, pros and cons that can help you along the way.

Corner shelf

Every shower you watch on TV has some sort of shelf for shampoo. It makes a shower look neat and tidy while giving users convenience. But in real life, you would be amazed at how few people have them.

Get yourself a corner shelf if you do not have one because there is nothing more useful. Just make sure to clean regularly under it so that mold and mildew do not build up under it where you cannot see.


No, not the types of shower you use instead of a wall. This is a shower panel that has both a valve and a shower head on. These things can come with so many amenities that it is insane. You need nothing else.

However, they can be expensive, so be sure to buy the best guides on shower panels to get the best deal. This thing will change your life as it has so many others who have found out about them.

Creating your port

Modern bathroom with walk in shower

It is very important that your bathroom, especially your shower, is a place where you can relax at the end of the day. Making your shower or bathtub for the spa for you is a great way to relieve stress and find a place to have well-deserved time alone.

So you make your bathroom everything you need. You focus on you and your family with your home, not to impress or please anyone else. This is your special place that should be all your own.

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