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Summer is typically associated with vacations, spending time with family, relaxing in the pool and playing with the kids. In the midst of all the fun, many homeowners forget the importance of home security.

With the change of season, however, there is also an increased risk of property-related crime, which is why you need some summer home security tips!

Research suggests that more than 2 million homes each year are targeted at burglars and criminals in the United States. According to a special report from the US Bureau of Justice (BJS) compared to summer, home crimes are 7% and 8% lower in winter and spring, respectively. Therefore, you need to pay attention to these useful safety tips for summer homes to protect your property and your family.

Our best summer home safety tips

Door safety tips

Research almost shows it 30% of burglars are directed at open doors and windows. Therefore, take advantage of these quick door security tips to add extra security to your doors.

Most properties that are targeted in the summer are the ones that ignore both front and back door security. Burglars can simply look at your door and tell if it is secured well enough. Therefore, strong, burglar-proof doors are crucial for the security of your home and family.

Follow these door safety tips to make sure all your door safety bases are covered:

Install sturdy door security locks

Door security locks are the simplest door security tool on the market. In fact, the first and most convenient door security measure is against burglars and intruders the deadbolt lock.

Here are some additional tips to ensure that your door security locks are strong and reliable:

  • Choose a strike box instead of a plate; it is safer
  • Make sure the nails that secure the deadbolt are at least three inches long
  • Make sure the bolts are at least an inch long

Secure the locks with extra hardware

Burglars typically use a crowbar or a wrench to select door locks. Therefore, it is a good practice to enforce locks using lock cylinders. You also need to make sure that the locking plate is strong (if you are not using a strike box).

Make sure that sliding doors are secured with key locks

Sliding doors are very vulnerable to burglary. They may look more attractive, but they are weaker than regular doors when it comes to home security. Therefore, if you have a sliding door, install a key lock with both top and bottom closures. It is the simplest and most effective method of securing sliding doors.

Buy stronger doors

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It is not a good idea to be completely dependent on locks; the doors must be the strongest when it comes to door security. Make sure the doors do not contain hollow cores. Get a metal or solid wood door. Steel doors can also be a good choice.

Cover the hinges

Doors with visible hinges are vulnerable to burglary. It is extremely easy for burglars to remove doors with visible hinges. Therefore, either reinstall the door with the hinges facing inward or cover them.

Get a home security system

If children or office work keep you busy, we recommend that you stay smart outdoor security system or a home security system with automation. It can automatically lock your doors using remote functions. Most home security systems also include surveillance cameras that can be installed outside the doors to keep an eye on burglars and uninvited guests.

Do not forget to lock the doors

Lastly, make sure your doors are always locked. Per a YouGov poll23% of Americans rarely lock their doors and 7% do not lock them at all. Make it a habit to keep both the front and back door locked at all times, even when you are inside.

Tips for window safety

One of the most important tips for the security of the summer home is to ensure not only your doors but also your windows are protected. Unlocked or unsecured windows can pave the way for burglars and intruders, and glass windows can shatter and injure children. Therefore, here are some tips for window security that can get you started with window security:

Install pin locks to secure Windows

Never assume that your window is secure; these days, burglars are well equipped to remove even the safest windows. Consider installing upgraded locking systems, such as pin locks. Although slightly expensive, they are extremely effective in preventing burglary.

Get tempered or plexiglass

As already mentioned before, burglars can easily break windows made of plain glass. Therefore, consider installing windows made of tempered or plexiglass.

Tempered glass is more expensive than ordinary glass; however, it is almost four to five times stronger than ordinary glass. On the other hand, plexiglass is not exactly glass; it is made of acrylic. It is almost nine to ten times stronger than ordinary glass; however, it is even more expensive than tempered glass.

Add a protective coating

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If you have a tight budget, you can also consider installing windows made of plain glass with a laminate coating. Even if a burglar breaks the window in the glass, the laminate flooring does not allow them to enter.

Install window sensors

If you are planning to buy a home security system to protect your doors, you can also get window sensors. They trigger an alarm if the windows open unexpectedly and are suitable for scaring burglars and intruders away.

Tips for garage safety

It may happen that your children play in the pool on a hot and sunny day and you decide to give them company by trimming the bushes around. You are so busy that you forget to lock the garage. Wait! This is not an ideal scenario. Burglars always look for such vulnerable moments. They can easily sneak into your garage and steal your tools. That is why garage security is just as important as door or window security.

Here are some quick garage security tips to help you keep burglars out of your garage:

Get a smart garage door opener

Most homes today have garage door openers, making it extremely difficult for burglars to access the garage. Therefore, if you do not have a door opener yet, get one and if you already have a door opener, consider upgrading it.

With most smart garage door openers, you can easily monitor the status of your garage door using your smartphone. These days, you can also find garage door openers powered by “rolling code” technology that generates a new security code every time access to the garage opener. You can even get a smart garage door to interact with your security system.

Install motion detection projectors

Most burglars strike after sunset; therefore, a sudden eruption of floodlights may be a good idea to keep them away. Consider getting solar powered projectors as they do not contain wires and are the easiest to install.

Add a door between your home and your garage

If your garage is directly connected to your home, you may want to consider adding a door in between to improve your home security. Also, make sure that you always lock it. A connecting door that is not locked can be a major security risk. A steel door with a deadbolt lock can be a good choice.

Install security cameras

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Consider pairing security cameras with motion detection projectors to deter burglars and intruders. Also, make sure that the security cameras have night vision to record the activities of the burglars when they strike after sunset.

Yards safety tips

Safety tips for smart homes are incomplete without discussing the yard’s safety tips. No one wants to see their farm looted, especially in the summer when the kids and family are nearby. Follow these quick tips for safety in the yard to secure your garden:

Avoid leaving your valuables unattended

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe, most families spend their summer days at home, especially in their backyard. Therefore, backyards are always filled with valuables such as expensive furniture, tools, bicycles, barbecues, pool supplies and so on. These valuables can attract burglars. Therefore, make sure that you cover them or keep them locked. Out of sight, an opportunistic burglar will be out of mind.

Install high fences

If you do not want to install barbed wire, consider getting high iron fences with pointed ends. They are enough to deter burglars.

Make sure the backyard is well lit.

If you are planning to get motion detection projectors for your garage, you also need to get something for your backyard. They are perfect for protecting your deck, gate, patio, trails and driveway. For added security, install them at an entrance to the backyard.

Get a pool alarm

If you have expensive pool supplies and furniture, consider getting a pool alarm to deter burglars and intruders – or someone who wants to take a dip in your pool when you are not nearby!

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