Strand Bamboo Flooring Review (2021)

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Flooring Eco Bamboo
Beautiful floors made of environmentally friendly bamboo with a hand-scraped finish.

If you are looking for the most detailed review of beach bamboo flooring, this article is for you.

This natural flooring material can grow over 3 feet in just 1 day, making it the fastest growing plant in the world. Within 3-5 years it is a mature plant, unlike most hardwoods that can take up to 2 decades.

So if you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, this type of flooring is the perfect choice for you. In this article, I will explain how stranded bamboo floors are made and highlight pros and cons.

Strand is the most popular type of bamboo flooring on the market. Let’s find out why together.

Is stranded bamboo flooring durable?

Beach bamboo floors provide double durability of red oak. However, this is not always the case. Still, it can be injury-free and can handle daily use.

This type of bamboo flooring is prone to damage from heavy or sharp objects and scratches. Despite the extreme durability, the process of dyeing or dyeing can weaken the structure.

Stay away from carbonated beach bamboo as the carbonation darkens the wood but also weakens the entire material. So darker floor tiles are more likely to cut, scratch, bend and develop a lot of other problems compared to lighter counterparts, so choose wisely.

What is Beach Bamboo Flooring?

Beach woven bamboo flooring is a super durable and hard product that is suitable for both commercial and home use. It is one of the strongest flooring products out there.

It is also twice as durable as oak, making it very popular with homeowners. What I like best about this floor is the unique and varied look that is available in both carbonated and natural tones.

You can choose between rich brown tones or light brown tones. Durability and strength mean you can install it over almost any subfloor. It does not need to be fixed in place. Meaning you can lay it loose over a substrate. However, you can also glue, screw or nail it down if necessary for additional stability.

The best part? It is a low maintenance floor that is easy to modernize and you can install it in different areas with fluctuating humidity and temperature. Or over underfloor heating.

You can watch this video to know more:

Watch video: Learn more about Beach Bamboo Flooring

How are beach woven bamboo floors made?

This popular type of bamboo flooring is created by compressing bamboo fibers under extreme pressure and heat. This process increases the durability of this floor.

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After the plant is harvested, it is cut, removed and shredded into fiber threads before being woven together. The fibers remain in the natural state if the result is to be natural string woven bamboo. If the end result is to be carbonized beach woven bamboo flooring, then they are smoked.

The next step in the manufacture includes resin. It is applied to the bamboo and then compressed under extreme pressure and heat to give a solid buck of string-woven bamboo. This block is then machined into planks of floors. As you can see, it is a time consuming and rather complex production process.

Finally, they add protective layers of lacquer and a click or tongue and groove profile adjustment mechanism on the planks. The floor is ready to be packed and shipped.

You can watch this video to know more:

Watch video: More details on the production of beach bamboo floors

Beach bamboo floor review

Variety of bamboo flooring
Lighter and natural-looking variation of bamboo floors.

Beach bamboo flooring comes in almost every shade of wood currently present in the industry. Different styles mimic colors found in natural hardwood, including ash, walnut, oak and cherry.

You can also choose between laminated or not and little or no glare, which affects the level of gloss and gloss on the surface. Some manufacturers also weave designs into the threads so that customers can add a personal touch to their brand new beach bamboo floors and achieve a unique look.

One of the most popular choices offers tiger stripes because they mimic the natural structure and design of bamboo. However, you can also find a more typical string that mimics standard plates.

Remember that due to the string making process you will have a hard time finding 2 boards that look alike. In the end, this is beneficial for you because the flooring should look more natural.

Practically, you have the choice between stand bamboo that looks like itself or something that can be confused with other flooring materials. Let us now learn more about the installation process.

  • Are beach bamboo floors easy to install?

Not everyone has the time or energy to complete the installation of a new floor alone. Therefore, easy installation plays a key role in your final decision.

You can either glue or nail it down to your beach bamboo floor, depending on the type you buy. Still, you can also find tongue and groove planks that can be locked together.

Remember that beach bamboo requires 48-72 hours to get used to the new environment. Also, do not install this type of flooring in a room with too much or too little moisture.

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Some products may even take up to 1 month to acclimatize, so choose wisely. As you can see, beach bamboo requires a lot of consideration. You can use latex or water-based glue because the excess water can chain and split the bamboo planks and choose something more appropriate.

Beach bamboo is also harder than regular hardwood. That means you need a professional nail gun to hold the planks in place. Certain styles may also require annual oiling or waxing.

If you are a DIY enthusiast looking for something easy to install, look elsewhere. Installing beach bamboo floors is not that simple. On the contrary, it is time consuming and difficult.

Regular horizontal (non-stringed) bamboo flooring looks like pressed bamboo despite staining and other surface treatment.

The coloring may say oak or walnut, but the pattern screams bamboo, since the bamboo stalk and unique knots (bones) appear.

Anyone who buys beach-woven bamboo flooring and expects their new flooring to look like bamboo can be very disappointed.

Most hardwoods have a rating of 4,500 according to the Janka test system. Cali Bamboo, one of the most popular suppliers of bamboo flooring, stated that most string-woven bamboo flooring typically tests closer to 3,000 pounds according to third-party testing.

Meaning, beach-woven bamboo flooring is extremely durable. But unless you choose something with an extra layer of laminate on top, you may want to keep your pets and high heels away from your brand new floor. The extra laminate layer increases durability.

Therefore, this type of flooring can handle the daily use of a very active household with large animals or small children. It is scratch resistant and easy to maintain.

  • Strand Vs conventional bamboo

Beach-woven bamboo flooring is 3 times more durable than conventional vertical or horizontal bamboo flooring. Meaning, it is very suitable for rooms with high traffic.

If you have large pets or small children, beach bamboo flooring is a perfect flooring option for your active household because it is stronger than regular options.

Beach bamboo floors are available in different sizes, shapes and of course cost. Total is expected to pay between $ 2-6 per. Square foot with extra cost depending on the construction of the material.

Some developers will make designs that use bamboo and often mimic the plant’s natural patterns or tiger stripes, and they usually cost more than standard wood options that are colored to match a uniform color. Another important thing that affects the overall cost is the warranty coverage.

Many brands provide a 15-year commercial warranty and a limited lifetime warranty, although the cost and length of these generally depend on the total cost of the bamboo flooring.

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You can watch this video to know more:

Watch video: Installation overview and additional information about Strand Bamboo Flooring

What is the best beach bamboo floor?

Installation of bamboo flooring
Bamboo floors installed in a home office.

Beach-woven bamboo flooring provides greater structural integrity and durability than standard bamboo flooring. Consider the next brands when shopping as they have a wide range of bamboo options.

The originator of the movement of bamboo flooring in the United States creates not only home interior floors, but also gym floors, underlays, ornaments and other bamboo items. It is a credible source for beach woven bamboo flooring with their PlyBoo Beach and Stiletto Beach bamboo flooring categories.

The fossilized bamboo products from Cali Bamboo exceed 5,000 Janka hardness levels. They are string-woven options that compress 30% more bamboo in each plank than horizontal bamboo flooring.

Teragren is a brand based in Bainbridge Island, Washington. This brand keeps track of and manipulates the entire manufacturing process of its string-woven bamboo floors, making it a reliable company.

Last but not least, BuildDirect is a modern retailer of home improvement materials. It provides affordable beach-woven bamboo flooring, but you must meet a specific minimum order volume to take advantage of their low prices. So if you have a big project to complete, consider BuildDirect.

Is Strand Bamboo Flooring the right choice for you?

Hopefully this beach bamboo flooring review can help you learn more about this type of flooring. It is a great option for a unique person who wants unique and durable floors.

I like this type of bamboo flooring because it is environmentally friendly, versatile, sustainable and affordable. One of the main ‘disadvantages’ is that you have to be willing to take care of it properly.

Otherwise, your new floor may deteriorate over time. You can also consider hiring a professional to help with the installation as it is easy to make mistakes with this type of flooring.

Do you have any first-hand experience with beach bamboo flooring? If so, share your tips, photos and reviews in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this review online.

What you have experienced with this type of flooring can go a long way in helping a friend, relative or even a stranger find the floor in their dreams or avoid possible purchasing decisions.

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