The 10 best water filters under the sink (January 2021)

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Benefits of having a top quality water filter under the sink

The 10 best water wash filters - sharp and clean drinking water right from your faucet!

A top quality water quality water filter is an excellent choice for your family’s health, no matter where you live. Although the water in most cities and states is clean and filtered by the municipality, a good home water filter can further improve the quality of your tap water by eliminating lots of pollutants that can affect your family’s well-being. In addition to making water safe to drink, these filters also enhance the taste of the water and come with the added benefits of being easy to install. Most of them do not require extra space because you can place them under any countertop.

Features to consider when choosing an under-counter water filter

Under the sink, water filters are more complicated systems than jug filters, and as such, you need to consider several features before making a purchase. From the number of filter steps to the flow rate, from size to warranty, be sure to consider every aspect before deciding which water filter is a good choice for your kitchen.

Filter stages

The 10 best water wash filters - sharp and clean drinking water right from your faucet!

Many of the water filter systems available on the market consist of several water filter cartridges corresponding to a specific filtration step. When you search for a water filter system, you will notice that devices have different steps in filtration, ranging from two-stage filters to 6+ steps. While systems with multiple filter cartridges are believed to do a better job when it comes to removing contaminants, they can reduce flow rates and are generally more expensive. One-step systems are also available and they do a good job of removing taste and order filters, but they may not be as effective at removing chemicals and bacteria from water.

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Flow rate

Some underwater filter systems can interfere with the flow rates of your tap water, so you should always check the system specifications to learn about the expected flow rates. For example, the APEC ROES-PH75 has a flow rate of 75 GPM (gallons per month), while the NOW Aqua Platinum series has a flow rate of 3 GPM.


The life of your water filter is a term that refers to the number of years you can expect the set to work in general.

You will need to replace the filters regularly, many of which are suitable for only one year of use.

However, some of the filters we have reviewed come with sufficient replacements for more than five years of use.

Pollutants eliminated

Different water wash filters remove different types of pollutants, so you need to make sure that the model you choose eliminates everything you find important, whether it is chlorine or fluorides. Remember that not all filters remove all pollutants, as fluorine is an example of a substance that many of them do not remove. However, you should expect most of them to remove dust, rust and the most common contaminants found in tap water.


Young woman drinking glass of water

Many tap water filters use TDS as a quality test method. However, many believe that this is not a completely reliable measure and the benefits of dissolved solids are currently an area of ​​debate. The choice to remove dissolved solids is very individual and it should be based on your preferences. Keep in mind, however, that even RO filters are not capable of removing 100% of dissolved solids, and many believe that water without dissolved solids is considered “dead” water without the nutritional benefits your body needs.

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Specifications for operating water

Consider the temperature of the water you decide to use the filter with before buying, keeping in mind that many of them only work with cold water.

For some filters, the manufacturers specify that they do not work with good water, while others mention that the water must be disinfected before filtration.


The 10 best water wash filters - sharp and clean drinking water right from your faucet!

The size of the filters varies depending on the model, but most of them can be fitted comfortably under any kitchen sink. Check how much space you have available before settling on a model to make sure that your selected filter can be installed without any problems.

What the set includes

Most water filter systems under the sink come with all the parts you need to install them yourself, but some may require extra pipes or fittings depending on your plumbing system. Some models come with accessories such as tanks or lead-free faucets.


The warranty for water filters differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, but as a rule of thumb you can expect to get a one year warranty on parts and repairs.

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