The 11 best mattress stops for side sleepers from 2021

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We spent more than 40 hours researching mattress covers for those who sleep on their sides and need a little extra support and determined that these are the 11 best mattress covers that can be purchased for side sleepers.

Side sleeping is very popular, yet it can put pressure on the shoulders and hips. Without a good mattress cover, it can translate into an uncomfortable night’s sleep and pain in the morning.

Fortunately, some of the biggest names (and a few new ones) in the bedding industry have improved their game with amazing mattress covers. These are made of materials that are meant to support the body, yet feel super-cozy.

There is much more to a mattress cover than a solid feel. People who are usual side sleepers say they need an even weight distribution to experience maximum comfort. This is where these good choices come in.

We have researched different materials (including foam, polyester and cotton knitwear) plus different thicknesses to uncover some good choices.

Remember: always read customer reviews before buying your mattress cover. We found that small differences can mean a lot when it comes to the best mattress toppers.

Here is our best choice.

11 best mattress stoppers below

Mattress Stoppers for Side Swimmers: Buyer’s Guide

Do you need a special mattress cover just because you are sleeping in a certain position? In fact, customers are resoundingly saying “yes!” and claim that they cannot live without theirs.

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Sleep experts agree. Sleeping in any position other than on your back (with proper neck adjustment) and / or sleeping on a hanging mattress can aggravate nagging pain. Yet side sleeping is so natural for so many people.

The answer is a good mattress tops. But do not think you have to break the bank to experience comfort. Remember the following points when buying a mattress.

The thickness of the mattress tops

We did not include mattress covers that were less than 2 ”thick. The reason: If you have a hanging or lumpy mattress, just an inch may not be supportive enough.

On the other hand, a mattress that is too thick can be a hassle when trying to fit your sheets over it.

We suggest that you look anywhere in 2 ”-4” (combined layers) for comfort plus practical function.

Return policy and warranty

No matter how tempting the price is, we suggest you stay away from a mattress cover that does not offer any kind of satisfaction security.

All of the above options include a warranty, guarantee or both. If you are branching out and examining your own mattress covers for side sleepers, keep this in mind.

Mattress Tops Size

A topper that is too small looks a little weird when the bed is filled up and one that is too large hangs over the edges.

If you have a mattress that is less frequently used, make sure that the tops you choose can accommodate it. We gave a few suggestions above, including the Twin XL, Queen Short and California King.

Reviews of mattress toppers for side sleepers

The best place to get the decline in how a mattress topper really works is from verified customers. Make sure the reviews you trust were not requested (ie a free or reduced price in exchange for a positive review).

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Also, make sure that there is a minimum number of reviews. The more comments from a number of customers, the better. You probably want no less than 50 reviews on a given mattress tops.


If you are sitting on the side and waking up, do not despair. Today’s mattress cover for side sleeper is better than ever. They relieve pressure on sensitive areas, keep your spine adjusted and offer cloud-like sleeping comfort.

The above choices are based on a number of points, including pricing, return policy, verified customer reviews, hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, and general comfort.

With a little research, it’s easy to find a good mattress cover that gives you your most comfortable night’s sleep ever.

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