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Are you looking for a mattress pad that does more than just cushion your mattress? Try one that also helps you stay cool.

After over 55 hours of research, our team has concluded that these are the 9 best cooling mattresses currently available on the market. We checked out dozens of mattress pads to find out which are the best options to keep you cool, feel soft and cozy and have a reasonable price.

With all these factors in mind, we are happy to introduce you to the 9 best mattress pads and we have stated why each is a great buy.

In this review, we give you everything you need to know when shopping for a best rated cooling pad that best suits your needs.

Experts agree that it is important to stay cool at night for a healthy night’s sleep. Keeping the temperature down in your room can help. However, studies show that the contact area between your body and the bedding can still be prone to getting too hot or humid.

You can minimize this problem by making sure your bedding stays on the cool side.

We carefully selected these top rated mattress pads that help keep your temperature straight while you sleep. Read on below to see what we found out!

See the 9 best mattress pads below

Cooling Mattress Cushions: Bonus Buyer’s Guide

During our research, we discovered that some mattress pads automatically dissipate heat, while others have a technological boost and temperature control. We also investigated the reasons why buyers like certain mattress pads more than others.

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Here’s what we recommend you look for if you are buying a cooling pad:

How cool is your mattress pad really?

Many materials cool naturally, at least to some extent. However, some individuals need a small boost.

If you tend to overheat at night, look for a temperature-controlled mattress pad. Otherwise, check cotton and other fibers that naturally moisten moisture away and help dissipate heat.

How much do you need?

There is a lot of variation in what manufacturers charge for cooling mattress pads. In general, if they directly say they are self-cooling, they will be a little more expensive than standard mattress covers. However, this difference should not be a big jump in price unless mechanical features are added.

We found that $ 35 was the approximate lower limit for high quality mattress pads. If you’ve never used one, we suggest you stay within the $ 35-200 range for your first purchase. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but no matter what choice you make, make sure there is a return policy in case your purchase just isn’t quite right for you.

Hypoallergenic v. Non-Hypoallergenic Cooling Mattress Pads

Certain synthetic materials like Rayon and some natural materials like cotton should generally be hypoallergenic. If you have allergies or asthma, make sure that the mattress pad you buy indicates that it is hypoallergenic.

There are also some wonderful synthetic down materials that are not irritating to the skin or lungs. These feel incredible as the right thing to do.

If you are not sensitive to allergens, you can go with pretty much any safety-rated fabric for your cooling pad. However, we found that many customers wanted a non-irritating mattress pad anyway.

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The meaning of Really Reading customer reviews

We have made the play work for you by reading through hundreds of customer reviews so you can feel more comfortable starting with our choices above than saying through reviews yourself.

Otherwise, be sure to read customer reviews carefully. This is where you will find out how people really feel about their purchase. It’s hard to beat the authenticity of real opinions about a product, so start there.


A good night’s sleep is invaluable. But we know you have a budget. (So ​​do we.) So we figured out the best and most economical choices, just for you.

Pay attention to the points in the Buyer’s guide above when choosing your mattress pad. A little homework can go a long way toward loving your purchase.

Remember, it’s healthier to be in a slightly cool sleeping environment than one too hot. Choose the best cooling mattress pillow so that every night is a dream come true.

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